Social Media For The Disabled: Ways Of Connecting

Technology and social media have a huge impact on a person’s ability to connect with others.  It provides us the opportunity to connect with more people who have the similar viewpoint, passion and even issues and concerns regarding things that matter to us. More importantly, it has provided people with disabilities a platform to display their presence and inform others about what affects their quality of life wherever they are in the world.

Social Media for the Disabled

Through the Internet, people with disability have an opportunity to be connected in a way that we have not seen before. It gives them the opportunity to be associated not just with other disabled users, but also with family, friends, employers, co-workers and even schools. This is a great opportunity for them to be part of a wider community as a whole whilst interacting on what in theory should be a level playing field.

People with disabilities of all ages, are using social media as a means to connect with people who share their life experiences. These platforms also provide them the opportunity to spread awareness about the issues they face every day and what life is like with a disability. Although social networking is usually associated with interacting with others and searching for information, it’s no longer just a web of data, but a web of people with shared thoughts, interests and needs.

With the worldwide adoption of the mobile phone as the preferred device for accessing the Internet, social networking has become much more personal especially to people with various limitation levels. Users with disabilities also have multiple devices and connect to their social networks of choice across these devices. These advancements have broken down barriers and have opened doors when it comes to communication, therapeutic progress and educational enhancement for children and adults with disabilities.

For instance, the creation of mobile apps on tablets and smartphones has offered a way for those who are not able to use their voice to use touch-and-speech technology. Individuals who are hard of hearing can also download applications which are designed to increase the volume for easier listening.

Physical therapists and teachers from companies offering disability services in South-West Sydney are also using inventive ways to integrate the use of technology and applications into their communications to those with physical, cognitive, and learning disabilities. These techniques have increased an individual’s ability to improve and develop fine motor skills.

With the advances in the tools we use to communicate and interact, social media aids in bridging the gap between those with disabilities and those who are able-bodied, in addition to allowing people with disabilities to connect with others who share their conditions.

Despite the fact that the accessibility of social media tools still require upgrading, it’s very encouraging that it will improve for individuals with disabilities so that they can still participate in social media and connect with others.

Seven International Companies Using Social Media

It is reported that almost half of the world’s entire population, that is 7.395 billion as of January 2016, are Internet users. From this number, 2.3 billion are active social media users with the Asia-Pacific region leading the pack. This does not come as a shock since more and more companies around the world are using social media as their number one marketing tool. You can see popular brands constantly using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube, in attracting more consumers and widening their reach. Here are 7 international companies/brands that are active on social media:

Mondelez International

Mondelez International is an American company based in Chicago, Illinois. Among its popular products are Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Belvita, Toblerone and Cadbury. No wonder that this empire of sweets has over 660,000 followers on their Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Most of the content they share on social media are marketing videos, which are nicely done, company activities and of course, their delectable product offerings.


The company is very popular among tourists, backpackers and adrenaline junkies. These people usually capture their once-in-a-lifetime moments using GoPro’s action cameras. Most of the photos and videos they share on their social media accounts are from the company’s 26 million followers. See some of the user-generated content here and here.

ACM Group Limited

ACM Group Limited is an Australian company that is engaged in acquisition of debts of financial institutions and companies in Australia. Their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will give you updates on the company’s activities. If you like to read interesting stuff about finance, banking, economy and almost anything under the sun, you should follow them and be a part of the company’s growing online community.

The Coca-Cola Company

This cola company is the manufacturer of one of the world’s most popular beverage — Coke. The Coca-Cola Company’s 3 million followers on their social media accounts are treated with daily videos and photos of the company’s product lines and sponsored events. On their Youtube page, you can watch their viral marketing campaigns and CSR programs and initiatives.


The world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants is also active on social media. McDonald’s has a whopping 66 million plus followers on Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Who wouldn’t want regular updates from the maker of the world-famous fries and hash brown? Their news feeds are packed with marketing images and videos, company announcements, promos, events and a whole lot more.


This American coffee company and café is home to the most delicious hot and cold drinks in the world. With almost 50 million followers worldwide, Starbucks brings its customer base up to date with everything about the company and its causes.

Nike, Inc.

Nike is an American company based in Oregon that is engaged in design, manufacturing and marketing of footwear, apparel and accessories, among other things. The company has the biggest online community on our list — with almost 81 million subscribers who regularly gets update from company events and causes, promos and discounts, and marketing campaigns. You can watch their produced videos on Youtube here.

Social Media Lead Generation: Does It Work?


Traditional ways of lead generation consist of surveys in the mail or filling out a form in newspapers or magazine. But the internet changed the way businesses get leads. The recent reported number of internet users worldwide was 3.17 billion. People are spending more time online compared to 10 years ago; this is fueled by the increasing use of smart devices like mobile phones and tablets. The average adult internet user spends more than 20 hours online per week. Just imagine this incredibly large market. Business owners can tap this very huge global market through online lead generation.

Lead generation is the heart of doing business and it applies to traditional and online methods of generating leads and converting them into paying customers. There are so many ways a business can generate leads to increase sales and revenues. Company website optimisation, search engine optimisation, content marketing, pay-per-click, email marketing and social media are just some of the tactics that can be used for online lead generation.

Social media lead generation, does it work? The answer to this question depends on who you ask. A growing number of companies are using social media to build their brands and promote their products, but a recent study shows that it isn’t very effective at generating leads. According to BrightTalk report social media ranked the lowest on 15 different lead generation tactics while email marketing was cited as the top tool. Chief Marketer’s data also shows that email marketing is the most effective channel for lead generation. But if we go by Hubspot’s study the best lead sources would be SEO.

There is so much variation depending with the audience biases. Every proponent has different audiences with different skillsets and biases, distorting the result. The reason social media rated poorly on these studies is because social media has been badly misused by marketers in recent years. Most businesses without a digital agency have an ill-fitting social media strategy. We cannot say social media is really a poor channel for lead generation when there are over a billion social media users across all of the major social networks. With that vast number of people it would be ridiculous for any legitimate company not to use them for lead generation.

In our digital age, 28% of time people spent online is social networking.
40% of people spend more time socializing on social media than interpersonal. Average adult user logs 1.72 hours per day on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social networking now accounts for almost 30% of our daily online activities. Social media can be an amazing way to generate leads when used properly. Marketers who consider social media ineffective lead generation tool need to reconsider their strategies and improve on what they are doing to promote their brand and nurture their community to take the next step in lead generation. Social media must be the key part of the overall content marketing strategy. In order to reap the benefits of social media, you need to engage the community to build up brand awareness first.

Why generate leads through social media?
Build brand awareness – 83% of marketers invest in social media to increase brand exposure. Using social media help in building a positive brand image, it’s like digital word of mouth publicity.
Enhance web traffic – 69% of marketers invest in social media to increase web traffic. Distributing high value content to your audience and linking the post to your website increases web traffic.
Decrease marketing cost – 45% of companies using social media saw reduced marketing costs. Word of mouth campaign is faster and less expensive than tradition advertising.
Increase revenue – 24% of companies using social media saw an increase in revenue. Creating compelling content with calls-to-action moves consumers down the sales funnel.

Whatever social media platform you use, it’s important to engage with your current and potential customers if you want to generate and convert them to paying customers. Engagement is the key to making a sale and social networking sites give business a way to directly engage with potential customers. Each platform has its own audience and businesses will be find success if they will adapt their strategy to each network. Using the customized strategy will help build communities of loyal customers who will like and share post and help in lead generation.

Horse Racing Social Media Driving Punters To Mobile Apps

Horse racing has been increasing in popularity especially over the social medial. The reason behind this can be attributed to the huge success of online gambling. As a result, several gambling outlets have integrated their services over the internet in an effort to reach an even bigger audience. This includes horse racing and as such, horse racing bets can now be done at the comfort of one’s home.

Online gambling isn’t the only thing that is new especially in this modern day and age. Several innovations and technologies are introduced with regards to online gambling making them much more accessible than ever before. As such, almost anyone can try them for their own. Horse racing in particular has received its fair share of innovations especially with the emergence of sportsbet mobile app.

With the help of mobile apps, a huge number of individuals are able to participate in sports bet at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. One can engage in such activity even when they are not at the confines of their home. This is reason why more and more individuals are drawn to sports bet.

Multitasking has also become very much possible with these mobile apps. Back then, people need to dedicate a considerable amount of their time just to see the racing results. However, today you can just keep yourselves preoccupied with other task or activities at hand as you check for updates about horse betting results right straight through your mobile phones.

The use of online betting mobile apps has also paved the way in integrating social media posts and updates. For instance, ProGroupRacing has setup several social media profiles which can be found over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This allows their followers to have the latest updates and results about horse bets. As such, their fans and followers only need to check their social media feeds to see the updates appear right in front of them. This in turn, make horse betting results much more seamless and easy to follow. Twitter updates are a little more condensed and their Instagram posts can show some winning moments. Several announcements are posted in their social media pages as well which adds to that extra incentive in following them over the internet.

Mobile gambling has indeed increased in popularity especially with the huge amount of convenience that it provides to their users. With that being said, online users are warned against dangers of app-based gambling. Experts in the field of gambling addiction say online and app-based gambling have the potential to ruin the lives of millions of people around the country. Gambling in any shape or form should always be practiced in moderation. Even though online and mobile gambling is accessible, this does not mean that you must spend the entire day checking your phones constantly for updates. Gambling whether it is done over the internet or through your phone should be done as a hobby or a means for recreation and not something that you obsess with. If you adhere to such rules then you will have little to no problems engaging in horse racing over the social media with the use of mobile apps. You can find out more about them over the internet.

Cleaners Obsessive & Compulsive About Social Media

Social media today is being used in a variety of unique and innovative ways. Aside from using it to get in touch with your loved ones and friends, others find social media to be the way to express your opinions and insights about different subject matters. On the other hand, companies and business owners make good use of the huge popularity of the social media by creating their own social media profile which helps improve their overall online presence.

Cleaning companies find it important to have their services easily accessible to a wide variety of audience. In such cases they decide to slowly shift their attention over the internet where the online community is vast and expansive. They are able to keep themselves up to date with the latest innovation and trends online which helps attract new customers and fans alike. This is a reason why a number of individuals have setup their respective social media accounts for their fans to follow. With that being said, not everyone is able to find success with regards to their social media profile, particularly with regards in the cleaning industry.

There is no denying that cleaning definitely is a niche market to follow over the social media. Online users don’t necessarily track the activities of a cleaning company as they often engage with them only in times of need. You will find no shortage of Sydney cleaners both online and offline but it is quite apparent that not everyone has setup and established their very own social media profile for very right reasons.

Some cleaning companies have made the attempt to get themselves be heard over the social media. However, success is something which a huge number of companies find it hard to grasp. This is the reason why it a lot of cleaning companies think twice before setting up a social media profile for them online. Let us look at some of the noteworthy examples of cleaning companies who are not doing very well over the social media. cleaning companies look like a lot of these which is very one-dimensional, perfunctory broadcast-style tweets and has little to no engagement.

On the other hand, has the best, cleanest name, but after 2 tweets – they gave up. This is clearly not a good sign for getting a spic ’n span cleaning job out of them. is another fine example of someone who just gave up on social media leaving the account inactive.

The following social media profiles, and are cleaning companies who were also unsuccessful in reaching a great number of followers over the social media.

Is it worth being a cleaner on social media? Probably not. You’re not very likely to clean up the internet either. In such cases, it is best to focus your attention in improving the quality of service that your provide to your clients. Those who have OCD may find it important to always keep their surroundings clean and well organized. They are able to benefit greatly from the services of a professional cleaning company as they provide to the much needed assistance to their clients on a regular day to day basis, making it much easier to handle clutter and filth around the house.

Natural Therapists on Social Media: From Osteopaths to Yoga Instructors

Natural therapists are embracing social media fully as they have setup their services over the internet for ease of access and use. Online users are able to get in touch with them in a timely and effective manner. They are able to have most of their inquiries and concerns answered with the help of social media. In addition, these online users who follow such people will most likely become potential customers in the near future. This is the reason why you will find no shortage of natural therapist on social media, ranging from osteopaths to yoga instructors.

You can find a lot of Osteopaths in Sydney that are available in varied locales. This gives clients tons of options to choose from especially if they look for such services online. Different osteopaths in different regions are available for access on a regular day to day basis. For instance, if you are near the area, Balmain Osteopaths may be the most convenient osteopathy clinic for you and your family. As mentioned earlier, natural therapist can now be found online and a simple lookup will produce a huge number of results. Listed below are some of its examples.

  1. SCNM

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine is one of five accredited naturopathic medical schools in the US who makes use of social media.

  1. Natural Health Mag

Natural Health is the UK’s leading glossy magazine on complementary therapies and holistic living.

  1. Reset.Me

Reset.Me is an independent journalism site that covers natural therapies and medicines.

  1. AR Spine & Pain

Arkansas Spine & Pain is Central Arkansas leading program for the management, treatment, & rehabilitation for spine & pain relief & sports-related injuries.

  1. Conscious Living Expo

Conscious Living Expo brings together practitioners and businesses to showcase a range of choices for living consciously through food and nutrition, sustainable environment, health and wellbeing, creative arts and spirituality

  1. NTP Health

NTP has a wide range of health and beauty products and a certified Biodynamic farm at Gloucester which is perfect l for natural therapy.

  1. Dr. Brooksie Ash

Dr. Brooksie Ash is a practicing chiropractor/acupuncturist/registered dietitian with over 20 years experience in the health care field.

  1. Ava Monroe

Ava Monroe is a friendly & fully qualified yoga teacher who provides services available for Schools, Colleges, Corporate and Individuals.

  1. Fulham Osteopaths

This is an osteopathy & natural therapy clinic in West London which specializes in care of the whole family.

  1. Stuart Bentley

Stuart Bentley is an Osteopath specialising in Sports Injuries, Neck & Shoulder problems.

  1. Emma Hayward

Emma Hayward is an osteopath and pilates teacher at Hoxton Square Pilates and Nunhead Osteopathy Practice.

  1. Jaime A. Heidel

Jaime A. Heidel runs an active website as she blog about natural therapies and treatments.

These are just some of the many natural therapists on social media. Be sure to follow one of these personalities to keep you up to date with the latest news and posts about natural therapy. If ever you are in need of natural form of treatment, you can easily get in touch with the professionals especially the ones that you are following over the social media. Start following them today!

Lawyers Social Media: Industry Experts Show Their Expertise

Nowadays it is important for professionals to get themselves be heard especially over the online community making it easy for them to gain followers and fans. Their opinions matter to a huge number of individuals and having access to their posts online provides a huge amount of convenience on the online user’s part. This is made easy through the use of social media and a lot of individuals are making good of its services today. They have millions of online users each with their own respective different profession and trade. Lawyers are also slowly shifting their attention towards the internet which opens the door to new opportunities for them.

There is no denying the huge popularity of social media websites with millions of active online users on a regular day to day basis. Facebook and Twitter have become one of the staples of social media making them quite popular to the online community. In fact, almost everyone have already setup and establish either a Facebook or Twitter account for themselves. Companies find this huge popularity to be a good opportunity to get the attention of the online audience.

Lawyers especially require much needed exposure and it can be hard to gather them locally where your reach is limited. However, social media knows no bound and this makes it possible to acquire fans and followers around the world. Aside from interacting with your friend and loved ones, Facebook or Twitter can be used to establish a leading staff member in your organisation as the public face of your company. This is the perfect opportunity for a staff member to show their expertise as well as show that they’re up to date with current legislation. This in turn makes a personal brand become a professional brand.

The online community loves following active and up to date personalities over the social media. This is the reason why it is vital for lawyers to not get left behind with the latest innovations and trends and one of it is through social media integration of their services. With it, these professionals are able to interact freely with their fans as well as share their insights and opinions with the current legislation in a timely and efficient manner.

Of course, for social media to work, you will need a great deal of fans and followers. This does not happen automatically or overnight and not everyone was able to find success over the social media.  It requires a great deal of work, and guidance by an experienced social media company. This makes it possible to achieve the much needed exposure over the internet.

It is good to hear that social media is being used in a very creative manner with a huge number of industry experts slowly shifting their attention towards them. This has made it definitely easier to follow and track different companies and personalities, and of course, lawyers as well. Having access to these professionals over the social media makes it easy to get in touch with them personality. Furthermore, they can setup topics which encourage the online community to get them involved in the discussion as well. You may require their services in the future. In such cases, be sure to look for lawyers over the social media and start following their activity today.

Online Dating in the Age of Social Media


The first online dating site opened its portal to the world 20 years ago. Since then, online dating has evolved to be the most popular way to meet partners. There are three main categories of online dating sites: 1. The search and match system like allows users to search for partners from specific characteristics. 2. Personality-matching systems like use system administrators to make a match. 3. Social network system like utilizes Facebook profiles to find a match.

Online dating sites gained popularity over the past many years. has a global audience of 35 million users. PlentyOfFish has 23 million visitors and Zoosk has 11.4 million visitors. The number of people looking for potential partners is continually increasing. Online dating is no longer considered a desperate attempt to look for love. The stigma is beginning to disappear as 87% of single males and 83% of single females believe that online dating is now socially acceptable.

Constant connectivity in social media has revolutionized the way we build relationship. Social media make internet users de-stigmatized online dating and made users more accepting of it. Online dating became the fastest and interesting way of meeting people via social media. 30% of social media users have used social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to get more information about people they are interested in dating. Facebook offer an additional opportunity to being introduced to friends of friends and widen the dating network.

Online dating sites use social media information to make a match. Tinder uses Facebook profile data and location to find a match with a right swipe on their smartphones. LinkedUp leverage LinkedIn profiles to find potential dates. Down (formerly Bang with Friends) helps you determine which of your FB friends are interested in hooking up. Hookupz gives a match based on interest and geographic location.

Online dating in the age of social media has made meeting potential partners easier. Social media offers plenty of options and opportunities to reach out to possible partner. One in every five relationships today started online. Eight percent of 18-29 year olds admitted to be in a committed relationship with a partner or a spouse they met online. The success rate of online dating speaks for itself with one in three marriages today began their relationship online.

Now with the rise of digital media and smart devices, singles have another option to find the right one by “mobile dating”. Technology has a real good way of bringing people together. Mobile dating applications let users make a connection with just a simple swipe. It provides a unique way to meet potential partners based on proximity, looks and preferences. These applications use geolocation technologies to help you find a date, hook-up or meet-up. Modern technology made reaching out to attractive strangers easy and accessible.

Best Sexual Health Social Media Campaigns

Social media allow us to share information and connect with people from different locations. Organisations have also used social media campaigns to increase the public’s knowledge about sexual health. Here’s a list of best sexual health social media campaigns:

1. Where did you wear it?

1-Best-Sexual-Health-Social-media-CampaignsWith a goal of promoting safe sex, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest marked National Condom Week by launching Where Did You Wear It? The social media campaign targets college-age students and older teens — that is comfortable with social media — to promote healthy sexuality with the tag line “Safe sex happens. Be proud to wear protection.” The condom has a barcode that can be scanned by smartphones to connect to the site. Facebook and Twitter was used to promote this campaign.

2. Chlamydia it’s Down to You!

2-Best-Sexual-Health-Social-media-CampaignsThe prevalence of Chlamydia is high in young people in the UK. Chlamydia it’s Down to you! is a social media marketing campaign recognised by National Chlamydia Screening Unit. This campaign incorporates social marketing techniques to form a strong basis of local insight and research and create awareness of chlamydia and the importance of screening.

3. 10 Ways a Condom Can’t Protect You

3-Best-Sexual-Health-Social-media-CampaignsThe 10 Ways a Condom Can’t Protect You campaign has been developed by the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health to raise awareness of the best way to be protected from HIV. This campaign won the Sexual health media campaign/storyline of the year award.

4. HIV Hop

4-Best-Sexual-Health-Social-media-CampaignsThe HIV Hop social media campaign has been developed by the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health as a general public awareness campaign to reduce stigma and misconceptions around HIV transmission. The campaign used music video to show the ways HIV cannot be transmitted. The video helps to raise the issue of HIV stigma and evoke discussion on social networks to help break the silence surrounding HIV stigma.

5. Just Carry One

5-Best-Sexual-Health-Social-media-CampaignsThis social media campaign was launched to notify the public about the increase of sexually transmitted infection. This campaign was developed to ensure the message of consistent condom use to younger people. The campaign utilized Facebook and Twitter which include videos, games and competition.

6. Condom No Condom

6-Best-Sexual-Health-Social-media-CampaignsThis is an interactive social media campaign by NHS about condoms and safer sex that allows you to choose your own ending. The series of films received 1.6 million views over two months and had audience clicking through external NHS sites looking for further information around sexual health. This campaign also picked up international press coverage from over 20 publications.

7. Testing Too Easy

7-Best-Sexual-Health-Social-media-CampaignsPeer-developed HIV and sexually transmissible infections campaigns have been effective in encouraging safer sex behaviour among younger gay men. This peer-led campaign targets young people using social media (YouTube, Facebook and Twitter) to address the barriers preventing many homosexual men from engaging with HIV and STI testing.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing : Bedmates or Enemies? Compatibility or Competition?


The debate continues as to whether digital marketing is compatible or a competition to traditional marketing. Last year expenses for digital marketing increased over 14% while traditional marketing fell nearly 160% the figures made some people think that traditional media is dead. The truth is traditional marketing is not dead, but its role is dramatically changing in this digital age. As long as paper, television and billboards are part of daily life, traditional marketing is here to stay.

What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing? Traditional marketing utilize radio, tv, billboard, business cards, brochures, posters and print ads in newspapers or magazines. Direct mails, telemarketing and referrals are also part of traditional marketing. It is anything except digital means or branding a product or service. While digital marketing include the use of websites, social media, videos, banner ads and blogs. It relies on the internet for communication and interactions.

The main difference between the two is the scope of each strategy. Traditional marketing’s target audience is very specific and targeted while digital marketing has a wider scope since it is available to the public. Traditional marketing happens in one direction, company communicating with the target audience. While digital marketing is multi-directional, company communicates with consumers both listening and talking.

Some businesses think of traditional and digital marketing as being in competition with each other, when in fact they are compatible, they even complement each other to meet business goals. That is why it is best to reframe the debate of traditional vs. digital marketing and think of them as complimentary instead of competition. Traditional or digital marketing isn’t more effective than the other; each has a different role to play. Determine their roles and use them effectively, a blended strategy of the two channels will leverage the returns for your business.

Although we are a Digital Marketing firm we do not ignore the benefits of traditional marketing. We do not overlook the traditional ways that can help amplify campaigns and take it to the next level. By incorporating the two channels we direct audience online and generate more traffic to the company’s landing page. The landing page makes it easy for the prospect to continue down the sales funnel and convert prospects to customers.

It’s time to change the way we think about traditional marketing and digital marketing because they share the same goal. Both are used to attract qualified customers and build brand awareness. They are working together to reach different people in different ways but arriving at successful marketing results. The right blend of traditional and digital marketing is an opportunity to engage consumers holistically.

Social Media Strategy for Small Business


Every businessman worth his salt knows that social media for small business is never an overnight success. Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic social media wand where one racks in the dough straightaway. Done right, social media for small business can be low cost but high in revenue. The first great social media strategy starts with giving it to a pro to do. Trust me; this is no job for your office junior.

Small businesses tend to have very limited resources, but that is no reason to save a few and have do-it-yourself social media. Quite like a personal and business entity, social media application should be approached in a different manner. Just like not all social media platforms are the same. You would have to decide which one would benefit your business best.

Social media connects you to your most valuable asset, your customers. Facebook is where most of them will be because at the end of the day, most people would like to know what’s been happening to their families, friends and locality. But Facebook as a social media platform for small business need other networks and in itself cannot stand alone. Posts and content need to have some leeway in the sense that it should not be too sales driven nor preachy. There must exist a balance in selling and a judgement call on what is engaging at the same time retain the image you would like your business to be

MAN LAW BBQ Australia
An Aussie franchise of the American Man Law Premium BBQ tools – Focus on what is manly and outdoorsy. Visual engagement for strong and bold posts, sometimes poking fun at the idiosyncrasies particular to the gender with the notion that all true BBQ masters live by an unwritten list of rules that would then be called Man Law.

Rusty Mutt
A boutique wine company producing limited high quality, hand made wines from McLaren Vale. Facebook posts mainly highlights wine, fun with wine, drinking quirks and the love of wine. Virality of posts vary but most engagements are from the men. Love for family and love of the vine. Here’s to wine.

The Laser Diva
Offering such services as Laser Hair Removal, Laser Tattoo Removal, Laser Skin Rejuvenation and teeth whitening, The Laser Diva promotes self care as not mere vanity but a necessity, that ultimately self love becomes the basis to other forms of love. The social media objective to promote self care and their offered services around Rozelle, Balmain, Drummoyne, Leichhardt and Lillyfield.

Bondi Chai
Bondi Chai is Australia’s most awarded chai latte and is the 2014 Telstra Australian business awards NSW winner. Facebook solidifies the total impact of their social media platforms by interacting with their affiliates, fans and distributors. They are also active on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

My Presentation Doctor
As a coach and communication skills expert, Dr. Gary Wohlman is dedicated in maximising the impact and effectiveness of professional and developing speakers to enhance their gifts of self-expression and contribute fully in their quality of life. Daily inspiration and reiteration of this self same message is reflected on posts both on Facebook and Twitter. He is also presently active on Instagram.

Bead Them Up
Bead them up offers only beads that the owners themselves would be interested in. Specialising in sterling silver, gemstones and beads to make jewellery, Bead Them Up also offers free beading classes. Posts highlights on colourful products, specials and light hearted teasing of beaders and hobbyists/crafters. You can find them also on Instagram and Pinterest.

When parents and even grandparents came onto the Facebook scene, the now generation had to go somewhere their elders would not be able to embarrass them, cannot do that on Twitter, Twitter is too limited and the oldies know about that too. In comes the new kid on the block, Instagram. With the concept of sharing photos and moments, with the additional appeal that it’s purely a young adult space,instagram quickly became populated with this upwardly mobile adults thus creating a ready made marketing segment for products and services to target.

The Make-Up Studio
Maria, the genius behind The Make-Up Studio offers professional make up as a group or one on one and make up courses to those interested to learn the craft. Instagram is a terrific avenue to showcase the different looks and drama of how make up highlights the face.

Cuttaway Hill Wines
The Bourne family owned Cuttaway Hill Wines located near MIttagong and Bowral, their wines are made from grapes grown in the Southern Highlands with unique character notes that is truly a taste of the Southern Highlands. Their Instagram features the land, loves and life of this proud brand.

Dcider Cider
Made from delightful Pink Ladies premium apples from Batlow, Dcider is the brainchild of Jeff Aston. Given many great reviews it has since spawned pear and honey ciders all getting to be popular to the people of Southern Highlands. Their instagram boasts of parties and images associated with great taste and good times with the invitation to be the Dcider.

Tractorless Wine
Tractorless vineyard brags combining a combination of old world knowledge and skills with new world winemaking techniques all guided by Biodynamic principles. They aim to provide a more long term sustainably balanced and diverse farming system that can continue to produce award winning wines. They make use of instagram highlighting their innovations and how intensely they feel about their land and way of life.

Eling Forest Cellar Door
Home to Dcider, Tractorless Wine and Cuttaway Hill, it is the gourmet destination on Hume Highway. Eling Forest Winery is in the heart of the Southern Highlands of NSW that has a working winery, cellar door, cafe, function centre and boutique accommodation. Instagram provides the visual proof of the love of family, land and just how much hard work is involved in making wine.

Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens
Sydney Heaters have been in business for over 25 years. At present they have more than a dozen accreditations and affiliations and is the NSW distributor to Euro Fireplaces, Alfresco Wood Fired Ovens, Eco Choice Fires and Vio Flame and Firefox industries. Their Instagram is a gastronomic feast for the eyes of pizza, food and did I mention pizza?

It’s short, it’s succinct, it’s Twitter. Twitter is the online social network that requires you to send your news and updates in 140-characters or less. The importance of twitter in social media for small business especially is in their search function. Unlike Facebook that would direct you to a page (the wrong one most often) twitters search function gives suggestions that would rival that of google within the twitterverse. Oh, and have you heard? Facebook is for the people you know, Twitter is for the people you wish you knew!

NTP Health Products
NTP Health Products believes in natural health and beauty. They import and distribute the very best, cutting edge, health food, herbal products, nutritional supplements, hair care, skin care and natural cosmetics. Tweets are concentrated on general and natural ways of being healthy, a product in focus as well as health related news and developments.

Organic Colour Systems
Organic Colour Systems is a range of professional hair colouring and treatment products available to professional hairdressers and hair salons only. It is free from ammonia, resorcinol and parabens and is proudly cruelty-free. A guilt-free, worry-free way to be beautiful, OCS uses Twitter to educate the public of the cleaner alternative to staying pretty. Everybody wants to be beautiful but not at the price of their health.

Teeccino Australia
Teeccino is a delicious coffee alternative that is completely caffeine-free. It has all the goodness of coffee without the jitters and health consequences. Teeccino employs twitter in disseminating the health risks brought about by having too much caffeine. Teeccino also encourages coffee lovers to continue enjoying their coffee ritual without the caffeine hit.

Belmondo Boxers
Belmondo introduced their colourful boxers in 2006 after first offering ties in 2000 which they had packaged in boxes with lids the same patterns as the ties and they kept that packaging format for their boxers. Twitterverse helps send the bright colours of Belmondo be seen by the online public because ‘there’s a pattern for every personality’

Pinterest is a catch all from recipes to crafts to lifestyle and favourite things. Naturally, almost everybody would be on it which is why it is a very good reason to include this in your roster of social media for small business.

Pinterest clients include Bead Them Up, Bondi Chai and Sydney Heaters and Pizza Ovens.

Finance Industry Embracing Social Media

social media for finance industry

Social media continues to radically change how business is done across almost every industry and the institutions that are leveraging social are seeing that it’s a ubiquitous channel to multiple demographics, but where does it stand in the finance industry?

The finance industry has long been staying away from social media to avoid violating the compliance and regulatory guidelines. Social is so critical for financial firms and it will be a waste to turn on a blind eye on all the social media opportunities. The finance industry sees social media as a seemingly risky and potentially controversial world, but the winds have turned its direction and a lot of financial firms are now openly embracing social media.

Social media is undoubtedly a powerful tool for small and big businesses alike. Its benefits cannot be denied and financial institutions are starting to realize that the ROI of social media extends well beyond sales goals. In fact, many of the world’s leading financial brands are currently reaping the benefits of social media.

The social web has changed how financial firms do business and it has given the customers a platform to give feedback and opinions. The finance industry can use social media tactics on different social media channels and use it to their advantage.

  • Facebook is probably the best known of the social networking sites and it’s also a major player for financial institutions. This media rich platform can bring videos, images, links and text to your audience, which they can also share with their network giving your brand better visiblility.
  • Twitter continues to be the leading way companies interact with consumers. Financial companies can use this platform to engage in real time conversations, putting their brand in the conversation without pushing too hard. It’s also become a customer service channel for the financial industry.
  • On Instagram, the financial social media efforts take on a collaborative visual effort. Photos garner the most social engagement across all financial services categories so this platform can help financial firms in engaging with their audience by using images and videos.
  • YouTube is a video sharing website and what better way to show and introduce your organization to others than by video. Video is a highly effective communication channel in the financial services space.

Social media is a consistent channel across all demographics and the relationships formed with brands and their audience influences the financial decision making of individuals. Whether you’re a bank, a credit union or a financial provider of home loans, business loans or bad credit loans, social media can help you achieve your goals online.

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Mobile Phone Radiation Cases Find Niche Via Social Media Marketing

social media marketing sydney

Social media is no doubt a powerful marketing and communication tool and when done intelligently provides a positive aftermath effect that will benefit any industry.  A company with a thoughtful and strategic approach to social media has a competitive edge as they are able to keep their fingers on the pulse of what their customers need. This helps them have a collaborative interaction with current customers and prospects allowing them to gain valuable insights and nurture long lasting relationships with them.

Practically every business is using social media platforms to maximise sales, increase profits and attract their target audience. Businesses are finding a niche via social media marketing and one particular example would be Mobile Safety, a company that supplies specialist mobile phone accessories that reduce or protect mobile phone users from radiation exposure.

With an enormous increase in mobile phone usage throughout the world, people are becoming conscious of the negative effects of exposure to excessive radiation caused by mobile phones. Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range, which is absorbed by the body. Studies have linked electromagnetic radiation exposure to development of brain tumours, genetic damage, and other serious health threats.

To guard our health and protect us from radiation exposure, Mobile Safety has been distributing phone radiation safety accessories such as scientifically engineered mobile phone radiation cases, covers, headsets, pouches and more.

Mobile Safety has embraced social media as a central part of their marketing strategy. They use Facebook to increase their exposure to potential customers and have been growing their audience as many health-conscious people with the grassroots community mindset are interested in the issue. Facebook has also helped them build brand loyalty and has driven traffic to their website. Their Twitter account has helped their social visibility reaching new markets and elevating their brand awareness. They use it to better manage and monitor their reputation, and have been a platform to exchange ideas, information and feedbacks. They also have a Pinterest account where they are able to create storyboards through visual imagery and showcase their products. They use it for market research in determining interests, popularity and marketability.

We are in the new millennium and social media marketing should be part of every business strategy. So, if you’re not in on the game yet, it’s never too late to jump in.


Adult Services Championed by New Adult Entertainment Website

Adult Entertainment Digital Magazines
The adult services industry is taking advantage of the new digital formats available today. Technology advancements at this present time allow anyone with an internet connected computing device easily access adult content wherever they are or whenever they want. Because of this, adult entertainment has become a part of mainstream media and whether you like it or not, it is here to stay. Sure, this matter is a sensitive subject but it is one that is no longer tabooed as much by society, which has become more accepting and more open-minded.

When online adult digital magazines were born, they took erotica and adult entertainment in new directions, and with a lot of it being free and easier to acquire, more people choose to have their adult entertainment viewing from their tablets or smart phones which at the same time helps them avoid the social pressures when they buy it from their local newsstands.

There are high quality digital magazines available today which provide adult entertainment, as well as adult news with interesting articles for those people who seek them.

One of the new adult digital magazines to watch for is Adult Press. It is a great new online digital magazine packed with adult news, exclusive features, reviews and more covering all aspects of the adult entertainment and the adult industry. It includes features of different adult news and stories happening around the globe, as well as adult press, adult services, adult films, adult shops and events happening in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. Adult Press integrates the power of photography and combines it with an in depth, stimulating content in a very familiar and easy to read layout which is free and easily accessible worldwide through the internet.

Adult service providers will now have a new media voice with the launch of Adult Press which champions everything from adult entertainment to adult industry news around Australia.

Yammer Enterprise Social Media Software for Business


Businesses around the world are rapidly seeing the benefits of social media. In fact, social media is becoming indispensable for business today. Social media allows businesses to reach new and existing markets and customize and expand their strategic communications. A lot of companies limit employee access to social media because it interferes with their work. But social media in the workplace? That’s right, Yammer is a private social network built for the enterprise. It provides a secure, stable and economical social networking capability designed for business of any size.

Yammer transforms the way companies work together by integrating other systems and business applications in a single social experience. Yammer enterprise social media is a social web community like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all in one. Yammer equip business and government organizations with the power to search, find and combine information in order to reach out, connect and create conversations across all business lines in one central, secure location. It’s a new way of information retrieval, communication and collaboration.

Benefits of Yammer
Mobility and accessibility – Yammer can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, since all the information is in the cloud and is accessible in real time. The network has its Yammer app versions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Reduce email clutter – being a social network Yammer streamlines the process of internal communication by reducing the need to send emails yet making important information easily accessible.

File sharing – files can be shared within the organization and saved in a given location for future reference. Store all your files in one place and create, share and discuss content without ever leaving your browser. Share documents, PDFs, images and videos across teams and get instant feedback. Upload new versions, so the latest draft is visible to everyone and access older versions at any time.

Archiving knowledge – files and information are saved in the cloud and can be accessed anytime, even if the person who made it is no longer in the organization. Ideas from every meeting and workshops are made available to members who could not attend them. Unlike email or IM, Yammer creates a searchable database of conversations from which anyone in the company can benefit, not just those who were a part of the original discussion.

Stay organized with Inbox – keep up with the conversations, follow the @mentions, group announcements, conversations and private messages that you’re a part of. Track the messages that need immediate responses in Priority Messages, and save others to read later in Unread Messages.

Connecting employees anywhere in the world – with Yammer business with offices in different locations can openly converse, share information, ask questions, find experts, get answers and discuss ideas in real time.

Promotes open communication – employees, managers and executives can listen and participate in two-way dialogues, improving internal communication and driving employee engagement. With Yammer, employees can engage in conversations, offer feedback and help drive business results together, no matter their job title or location.

Improves communication with the leadership – Yammer enables high level executives to communicate directly into the activity stream and engage every employee at ones. It gives employees an opportunity to interact in an unintimidating way with executive level.

Improves employee engagement – employees can get to know others in the organization with whom they might not work directly. With Yammer employees are given the voice and organizational silos are dissolved.

Promotes collaboration – people can collaborate effectively across departments, location and time zones. Open collaboration is more efficient collaboration. Yammer helps teams quickly adapt to change and work together more productively.

Creating a culture of mutual respect – with Yammer all employees are invited to participate without regard to rank, function, location or tenure. Comments and information carry more weight than the title of the person offering it.

Team building – by utilizing Yammer groups cross-functional teams can self-organize to solve specific problems and potential contributors can jump in to help. Align team members through a single collaborative workspace where you can discuss work, organize projects, and create content together in real time.

Help resolve work challenges – by allowing employees to” work out loud” on an open, connected platform duplication of work and limited access to experts are resolved. Companies can make the most of their human resources and technical investments.

Boosting productivity – by reducing the need to send emails and conduct meetings employees can focus on more important stuff. Having easy access to information improves productivity and employment relationships of their employees.

Yammer integration with SharePoint Online – you can add Yammer functionality to your SharePoint sites by adding Yammer to the navigation bar or by using the Yammer app to embed a Yammer feed on a site.

Yammer enterprise enables employees to better collaborate, engage and organize. These make them easily capture, generate and integrate new information and knowledge to deliver the best solutions and achieve the best business results. Yammer significantly increases organization’s speed in providing feedback, guidance and recognition to employees. The end results are reduced operating costs, improved employee acquisition and retention, improved productivity and ultimately, return on investment.


Escorts & Social Media: Twitter for the Sex Industry

escorts on social media

An article written by Christine Buhay


Commercial sex is easy to come by these days, especially in this digital era. The ever dependable internet which sex workers use for advertising and fielding clients is the go-to of lonely men or women seeking to buy companionship.

With prostitution being legal in most parts of Australia, it’s no surprise that the sex industry operates in connection with many legitimate businesses – brothels, strip clubs and escort services. Of course, there are others that present themselves as legal, health saunas or massage parlours, but are prostitution venues in actuality, not to mention the underground enterprises operating in some private residence or warehouse.

The latest technologies available today are taking the world of adult entertainment into a modern and diversified enterprise. The internet has taken the sex industry into a whole new level.

Search for escorts Sydney and you’ll find thousands of escorts to choose from. Try Googling brothels and you’ll discover a lot of establishments available not just in Australia but in other countries where prostitution is legal. So goes for escort agencies, erotic massage parlours and escorts.

Social media is now the preferred channel for escorts and sex workers to connect with a client or potential clients. It is proving to be a secure and safer way to conduct business and finalize transactions.

The most favoured social media platform for this kind of industry is Twitter. Most escorts use Twitter to advertise and do business. Twitter works best for this kind of industry. It is by far the easiest to get involved in being that it’s open to adult-centred businesses. Many escort agencies are also registered to Twitter to showcase their girls.

As per Twitter’s rules, it would remove obscene or pornographic images from the user-profile photos, header photos and background photos, but does not regulate content on external websites or control tweets that link to content on external websites, including pornography. Escorts then can tweet their sexy images and keep it in their gallery, or tweet naughty statements or comments provided it’s not anything illegal.

Twitter has become a true community where sex workers can meet other sex workers, get advice, share tips and information, provide support, etc. It’s a channel for escorts to also express and share something about them, sort of an escorts diary where people can have a peek into their lives.

Truly, the internet has become a public reference for others to find exactly what they want and need – even if it’s finding or hiring a high-quality escort to accompany men or women seeking discreet adult fun.


Sharepoint Development Australia


SharePoint software development has become an integral part of day-to-day business operations. It is a web oriented platform for collaboration and document management system. The Microsoft SharePoint development solution can be used to create various websites, with shared documents or dedicated applications like blogs, forums, wiki etc. It is the most preferred platform of choice for enterprise applications today.

Clients are now recognizing the value of what SharePoint can bring to their businesses. Whether using SharePoint to make document sharing easier, more collaborative and productive, or leveraging Business Intelligence features to minimize emailing those spreadsheets around, there are numerous ways SharePoint can assist every business.

If you are looking for SharePoint  development in Australia, check what WebVine can do for you. WebVine is a boutique consultancy based in Sydney typically working with clients who are looking to get the most out of their SharePoint environment. WebVine provides optional Support Agreements to clients so they can keep improving their SharePoint environments. The main challenge with SharePoint is that not many organizations know how to make it work – even if they know how to work with it technically. WebVine is very aware of all of the details needed to succeed with SharePoint, with staff who knows how to deliver.

Developing applications on SharePoint is a central offering from WebVine and it’s the key in which clients can improve on how they work together. A typical scenario involves speaking to a department, identifying how they work currently, and then mapping a new way of working to a SharePoint solution. Typically even 2 weeks of work can save clients 2-3 days per week in time, as well as vastly improving how staff works with information.

WebVine develops SharePoint applications for the following:

  • Project Portfolio Solution
  • Property Management Solution
  • Timesheet solution
  • HR Leave forms
  • Franchise registration
  • Franchise Renewals
  • Training Course Application
  • Broker Profiles
  • Mini-CRM
  • Company Profiles and Staff Offers
  • Scholarships Application and Management
  • Project and Task Management
  • Matter Summary Application
  • Company Research Notes

WebVine has numerous Sydney-based clients across many industries: Commonwealth Bank, LJ Hooker, Camp Quality and Richard Crookes Constructions to name a few industries serviced include:

  • Financial Services
  • Real Estate
  • Government
  • Not-for-profit
  • Education
  • Construction

WebVine has the experience, knowledge, skills and people to effectively provide you with SharePoint application development services. Please contact WebVine to discuss your SharePoint needs today.

Irish Sweets


Are you missing the old-fashioned Irish sweets you had from your childhood days? What Irish food do you miss most from home? For a long time most people thought that Irish sweets had vanished. Whether you grew up in Ireland or if you spent a summer holiday there as a child, you’re sure to remember the taste of Cadbury Milk Chocolate or  that packet of Oatfield Emerald! Taste Ireland, Australia’s prime source for getting Irish goodies brings you all kinds of Irish sweets and confectioneries you grew up with over the years.

Enjoy your trip down memory lane by picking up your old favourites, be it old fashioned sweets like Klipso or Macaroon Bars. Taste Ireland loves finding all these old time sweets for you. Enjoy Irish sweets and confectionery even if you are living in Australia. Taste Ireland, while based in Sydney, can deliver to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra and regional areas with next day dispatches and delivery within 48 hours to most Australian orders so shopping on the web could not be easier.

Taste Ireland has over one thousand items in stock. From their huge selection of Irish Breads or Biscuits to Beverages, Irish Tea and Irish sodas to Irish Sweets, Confectionery and Groceries. They have every item you need to whip up a Traditional Irish Meal. They specialize in sourcing unusual retro sweets and rare Irish foods that cannot be found in most online and offline shops

Taste Ireland has a selection of online sweets to choose from: After Eight Mints, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Buttons, Chewits Fruit Salad Roll, Chewits Strawberry Roll, Haribo Fizzy Cola Bottles, Maynard Wine Gums, Murray Mints, Oatfield Colleen, Oatfield Emerald, Polo Mints, Quality Street Jar, Rowntrees Fruit Pastille, Rowntrees Jelly Tots, Macaroon Bar, Swizzles Double Dip, Klipso Bar

If you are down in Sydney, pay them a visit at the warehouse, and if you can’t make it, you can always browse through their huge product selection and buy online. Irish sweets will taste just the same, just as you remember them.

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Social Media Strategy Agency

Article on social media strategy agency written by Catherine Blum.


Are you looking to outsource social media in your company? We’re a social media company that does social media management as well as social media training.

Since online marketing has grown extensively as a marketing strategy it’s advised that companies should keep up with the technology pace and be aware of what is social media, how powerful it can be and what it can do for their brand and therefore their organisation. As social media strategists we are responsible for our client’s social media marketing by managing their social media campaigns through their accounts on several social media sites. Our social media strategy and online marketing services includes Facebook marketing, Twitter marketing, Pinterest and Instagram marketing as well as understanding and applying social media policy.

For example, social media for small businesses has proven to be extremely helpful and a great tool to reach potential customers who would probably be out of reach if the company depended entirely on mass media such as TV or print media. For instance a Facebook marketing strategy can get the company in touch with consumers and show in real time what they think about a post or about the brand itself for much less then a TV campaign would cost. But although social media can do wonders for a brand it can also damage its image. As people can communicate with a page it means they can share how much they like or dislike a brand or a product so it’s essential that social media is managed carefully in order to build a strong image and get brand awareness.

In the roll of digital marketing companies (or social media agencies) we’re a digital marketing agency that relies on professional social media managers with experience in web marketing. Aside from social media management, the social media experts of our Internet marketing company also provide social media courses for businesses aiming to guide those who want to work on their social media strategies and on their relationship with consumers. These social media training courses (workshops) are a great introduction to those who are not very familiar with the platforms and would like to expand their knowledge on the matter.

Our digital marketing agency (Sydney) can help you conquer your industry whether it’s via marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. Our Internet marketing consultants make of our online marketing company your best choice among social media marketing agencies in Sydney.


Online Reputation Management

online reputation management

The internet has changed drastically over the years. With the enhanced forms of human interaction through different channels such as social networking, review blogs and forums, you can now find almost anything you need to know just by surfing the web.

If you back track a few years ago, the internet was so much different. People may say something negative about you, your product or your brand, but you never read about it on the web. We were not as influenced by what we find out as we are today. People’s opinions about your product or brand, be it positive or negative, are now easily voiced out through different networks giving a huge impact on your online reputation.

Did you have some bad reviews posted by a customer that’s been hurting your business? Maybe some dirt in the past resurfaced and is damaging your image? Or do you have a bad press you want gone from your Google results? What do you do when your online reputation has been tarnished? Can it be saved?

Online Reputation Management is all about protecting your image. It can repair the damage done to your online reputation and restore your image – sort of a makeover.

There are two kinds of negative content that affect online reputation. First is through social media networks. These are the complaints, negative comments and criticisms you get that are posted by unhappy customers. The best thing to do here is to closely monitor your social media accounts. This will give you a sense of what people are saying about you and what you need to improve on. Address issues by reacting promptly and politely.

Second is through search engine results. This is when people google you or your brand and the bad content is what they see first. The best thing to do in cases like this is to knock the offending page out of the search results by increasing the number of positive online dialogues about you. Create websites and produce positive and high-grade content and cross-link them. Websites with high-quality content earns high authority with the search engines and influences page ranking. This way the negative ones will be pushed down and hopefully be gone from the first page of the search results.

Bear in mind that online reputation management is not only about improving a company reputation; it could also deal with a personal image or a product. The goal is to safeguard your online reputation whilst strengthening and promoting your credibility and positive online image.


What A Social Media Strategist Can Do For Your Business

social media strategist

What is a social media strategist exactly? What do they do and how important are they in a business? Will you benefit from hiring one? Read on to know how they can help you improve your business and make a buzz in the social media scene.

In this modern and digital era, social media has the power to reach people. It is not enough to just create a social media presence, you need to utilize and maximize the benefits to your advantage – this is where a social media strategist comes in.

A social media strategist is an expert that assists a company in establishing a dependable and adaptable social media plan to flourish its image. The optimization and implementation of content and engagement strategies for social media are among a social media strategist’s strength. This entails brand marketing to project a decent public profile whilst creating and building its image and increasing the size of its following.

Good social media strategists understand online and digital marketing, and aims to make all social media platforms successful. They keep track of statistics and generate useful and shareable content so that you and the rest of the world can share them. Part of their job is developing a solid social strategy that can carry meticulous content to the attention of the right target audience.

Social media strategists keep your business goals in mind. They treat your business as their own – your success is their success. They also utilize social media for key areas like customer service as well as crisis management. They have the capability of expanding your market and bring you closer to your clients, keeping the company in the eyes of the consumers.

Social Media Strategists provide a valuable service. They provide immense help in effectively managing your online presence so you can concentrate on developing your business. With social media’s growing phenomenon, they just might be what you need to take your business to the top.


Facebook Marketing Agency Sydney: Facebook For Business

Image for Facebook

Facebook Marketing is used to boost a business brand by utilizing all the mediums and applications that would mostly be used for social networking. With over 1 billion users and still growing, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Facebook updated its News Feed ranking algorithm late last year. This change, according to Facebook aims to show users more relevant content in their News Feeds. So, what does this mean? It means that if you want to reach more people, you’re going to have to pay for it. Cutting down on a brand’s organic post reach by delivering primarily paid messaging to a user’s News Feed changes the promise and opportunities for brands.

The ever-changing social web can be difficult to nail down with specific and enduring best practices. With the recent Facebook algorithm changes, posts from brands and businesses have seen a huge decrease in traffic. With all of these changes, quality content remains to be the key to any successful social campaign and you will need a good agency that knows quality content best to help you achieve that.

Here are some ways our Facebook Marketing Agency can help your business.

We help you make the most of your business page, not just by listing your product offerings and services but by sharing links, images and posts to give a better sense of your business personality and character.

We aid in increasing your fan engagement. We ensure to keep posts interesting, useful and shareable. They have to be not only informative, but also entertaining to make the readers like it enough to share in their community as well.

We make it a point to show your audience your human side.

Benefit from the network of businesses that are already in our stable. We share your business content on different social platforms that we have which opens up the possibility of having it spread virally ultimately expanding your reach beyond traditional channels.

Develop a loyal fan base as we make it a point to post useful and relevant content consistently and advise you on different promotional campaigns or incentives that can help expand your fan base.

We monitor and keep track of the activities on your page and make sure to respond to comments or feedback and continue to interact with your fans in a timely manner.

We assist you in building your brand credibility by providing information and spreading your core brand message to fortify brand awareness.

We help you build, create and nurture relationships by connecting with your audience on a personal level.

We aid in harnessing awareness of your brand through regular communication so more people know about you, and with interesting content, positively get more likes and shares from visitors.

We help you attract and win new customers by showcasing your customer testimonials and special deals whilst reinforcing your brand with current customers.

We ensure to display the multiple and varied aspects of your business, whilst staying true to the core of what your brand values and principles are.

We help provide good customer service. We make certain to give a prompt response to every question or even complaints from your customers and escalate if need be the issues that needs attention.

Our online marketing strategies will help strengthen the reach of your brand and with the different social media channels we have, you’ll benefit from the traffic that can drive more followers to your page and increase your online footprint.

We help you showcase your products and services, highlighting your brand identity by sharing news about your products, services and projects.

We help provide your business with a vast amount of visibility, exposure, and popularity and give it a good impression.

We do our best to help your brand stand out from the rest of your competition.



Hearing Aids SEO Testimonial

hearing aids australia

This is a testimonial from our SEO client Greg Lawrence of Hearnet, about our search engine optimisation of his company’s website performed from May to August 2013.


I’ve known Stewart Dawes the director of Atomic Digital for over 20 years since we both worked in Perth electronic and print media in the 1990s but we’ve lived in different cities since 1999 and hadn’t seen each other except for a random bump-into at Sydney airport, for over 15 years.

When researching SEO providers to help our company Hearnet improve its rankings on Google, I was surprised to discover that Stewart had moved on from his long career in magazine publishing and was now on Linked In and ranking himself on Google for search terms to do with SEO in Sydney and Melbourne.

Stewart and his staff worked with me and my colleagues to ascertain 16 crucial search terms relating to hearing loss and hearing technology. This was exciting because most SEO companies only wanted to guarantee ranking our website for just one term. This was, excuse the pun, music to our ears.

He also excited us about the prospect of high rankings for very short string search terms – terms that SEO companies refused to touch – other SEO companies always wanted to add the city names to search phrases eg “hearing loss sydney” but we knew that since Google now knows the location of users and provides search results much more allied to their regions, that searchers can increasingly be lazy and not have to use the name of their town or city in a wide range of searches. Stewart said that while no SEO result is guaranteed, he fights for the short strong phrase first because a win for high volume short-string searches is extremely conducive to fast traffic growth.

After 2 months of Stewart’s SEO campaign, I have to say, we were under pressure. There had not been discernible jumps in our rankings. I flew from our base in Melbourne up to Sydney for a meeting with Stewart. He asked me to relax and be confident that the intense groundwork his company had been engaged in was laying a most solid foundation for extremely high rankings. He said the groundwork done was so deep that we had to be patient but that typically around the 10-12 week mark of his campaigns is when the rankings fire upwards. At that moment there was nothing I could do but take him at his word.

Only the following week we noticed a big jump – a number of our most crucial rankings leapt from pretty well nowhere – some had started out not being seen in the first ten pages of searches – yet they leapt onto the lower end of the first page of Google. At this point we started to have faith.

In the next couple of weeks the rankings continued to strengthen with many now situated right at the top of Google’s first page – here’s some rankings we achieved at the 3-month mark of our SEO campaign:

1. Hearing Loss
18,100 local searches – within Australia – per month.
120 million search results
We’re delighted to now rank #2 for this.

2. Hearing Technology
We’re fascinated with the result here – not just #1 for this term, but also #2 and #3. It’s exciting to get a 2nd result, but a 3rd, and all three at #1, #2 and #3 – this represents significant industry profile for us.

3. Hearing Problems
Again a remarkable double result with our website now showing at #2 and #3 for this crucial search term.

4. Hearing Aids
A massively competitive term which is crucial for our position in our industry. At the start of this SEO campaign our website was not seen for the first ten pages of search results. While there’s still work to be done as we now rank #9 and #10, we’re still the only industry presence with two rankings appearing on the first page.

5. Hearing Devices
At the start of the campaign we were not seen in the first ten pages of Google, now while unable to budge who have been established a lot longer than us from their positions at #1, #2 and #, we at least follow up nicely at #4 and #5. With 5,400 local searches per month, this is a crucial term for industry visibility.

Having gained these exceptional rankings after just a 3-month SEO campaign, we’re now preparing SEO strategies for our 11 other most crucial terms. Our website traffic has significantly increased based on the above results and industry peers have also been reporting seeing our brand much more frequently.

I certainly recommend Stewart and Atomic Digital for their tell-it-like-it-is honesty, SEO program development and management, and of course most importantly, their exceptional ranking results.

For more on Hearnet click this link: hearing aids

Great Places to Stay in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is located in the middle stretch of the Loire River in central France. Considered to be the chateau country, it is a majestic backdrop to some of the grandest manors and royal castles around the region that showcases the extravagant lifestyles of the aristocracy in the past centuries. Discover more about the Loire Valley with some of these great places to stay when you’re in this beautiful region.
Le Manoir Les MinimesLe Manoir Les Minimes
Located on the South bank of Amboise, Le Manoir Les Minimes overlooks the royal River Loire. Previously the home of notable families, the Manoir Les Minimes has been entirely rebuilt to offer its guests comfort for a harmonious blend of delicacy and luxury so suitable for relaxation and well-being. The interior décor is a chic combination of styles with arts that have great character. The Manoir les Minimes is a hotel unlike any other with its spacious reception rooms that opens to a flowered terrace and its bedrooms with view of the Chateau.


La Ferme du TempleLa Ferme du Temple
A farmhouse Bed & Breakfast, La Ferme du Temple has been exquisitely renovated and modernised. Located in the lovely South Touraine in the charming village of Nouatre, it is overlooking the courtyard in the south and the village to the north and is ideally situated for seeing the famous chateaux of the Loire Valley as well as the Vienne region to the south – Poitiers, La RochePosay and more. It sits on 6-acre grounds that provide tranquility and pleasure, featuring a lake, streams and waterfalls and plenty of wildlife.

HOTEL DE L ABEILLEHotel de l’ Abeille
Hotel de l’ Abeille is situated in a quiet pedestrian area in the heart of Orléans. A character hotel, it houses a collection of rare artworks devoted to Joan of Arc. It also features a garden and a solarium on the hotel’s top floor. Orleans SNCF Train Station is only a 2-minute drive from this hotel. A 5-minute walk away from The Orleans Cathedral and the Musée des Beaux-Arts d’ Orléans and 1 km away from the 18th-century George V Bridge.


best westernBest Western Hôtel D`Arc
The BEST WESTERN Hotel d’Arc is positioned in the heart of the historical and business city centre of Orleans. Entirely renovated, it boasts of charm, sophistication, and cosiness that will ensure you a pleasant stay. As compared to the old charming residences on the Loire banks and its manors, Hotel d’Arc enjoys an advantaged location providing all conveniences like restaurants, cinemas, theatres, convention centre, shopping areas, parking, railway station and public transports.

pavillondeslysLes Pavillon des Lys
A 4-star Boutique Hotel, Pavillon des Lys is located right in the heart of the Royal town of Amboise. It is ideally located in the city centre which is right next to the Amboise Castle and the Clos Lucé Castle, the last house of Leonardo da Vinci. Guests can discover the attractions in Amboise including the Aquarium du Val de Loire and Mini Castle Park.


hotel le progresHôtel Le Progrès
Le Progrès Hotel offers an enjoyable and comfortable stay in a warm atmosphere. It is right in the heart of Angers and is in close proximity to the railway station, buses, museums, restaurants and shops so, discovering the city would be easy breezy. They also serve a daily continental breakfast in its bright breakfast room which has views across the garden.


Appartement du Chateau du Grand BouchetAppartement du Château du Grand Bouchet
Appartement du Château du Grand Bouchet is set on a 5-hectare park in Ballan-Miné. This property also offers a garden with a seasonal outdoor swimming pool. This spacious apartment features antique-style furniture, a living room with a chandelier and 2 bedrooms. This property is 7 km from the A10 motorway and just 2 km from Touraine Golf Course, whilst the Château de Villandry is about 9 km away.



Appart’Tourisme is right in the heart of the old city in Blois and is in close proximity to the most beautiful Castles of the Val de Loire. This charming 17th century apartment offers you both comfort and tranquillity. It combines economy and conviviality right in the historical centre of Blois allowing you to fully take advantage of all the touristic attractions for genuine pleasure and relaxation.


Suites du Chateau - Candes St MartinSuites du Chateau – Candes St Martin
Close to the Castle of Candes, discover the Suites du Chateau located in the heart of the Loire Valley in the small village of Candes St. Martin. With a stay at Les Suites du Chateau in Candes-Saint-Martin, you’ll be close to Chateau de Montsoreau and Fontevaud Abbey. This apartment is within the vicinity of Domaine Jean-Maurice Raffault and Gratien & Meyer.


Maison MelroseMaison Melrose
Built into the side of a hill among the Loire Valley vineyards, Maison Melrose is located in Vouvray in the French Touraine region. It is surrounded by remarkable Middle-Age and Renaissance castles and world-renowned wineries. It offers a flowery garden with a furnished terrace and a conservatory. The rooms are tastefully decorated and feature a seating area and dining area. Melrose is accessible by the A10 motorway and is just a 15-minute drive from Tours City Centre, and Tours Airport is 13 km away.


La Petite MaisonLa Petite Maison
La Petite Maison is found in Chéverny, 16 km from Blois. It offers self-catering accommodation, a garden with outdoor furniture and a living room with a fireplace available as well. It also features attic rooms with exposed beams and antique furniture. The cottage is 20 km from Château de Chambord and just a 24-minute drive from Château de Blois.



L Etape du PasseL ‘Etape du Passe
L ‘Etape du Passé is an old winegrower house marked by ages and built with generations. 5 km from the centre of the town of Saumur, L’ Etape du Passé offers spacious rooms with a private bathroom.
If you’re lucky, you may also see an art exposition (painting, photography and sculpture) organized by the owner of the house and about the Loire.


Appletons Guest HouseAppletons Guest House
Appletons is a 19th Century farmhouse that has been restored to a high standard having made every effort to retain many of the original features, while incorporating modern amenities. It is situated on 2 acres of beautifully landscaped countryside with a variety of trees, shrubs and lovely flowering borders. If you like a true rural experience and warm homely atmosphere, Appletons is the place for you.


Le BuissonLe Buisson
Le Buisson is a family owned B&B nestled in 3 acres of private wooded parkland and set in the heart of the Loire Valley near the towns of Amboise and Tours.Explore and tour the most renowned castles nearby like châteaux Chenonceau, Amboise, Villandry and Chaumont, or organize a wine tasting at the famous vineyards such as Vouvray and Montlouis.


Le Domaine des Thomeaux Hotel & SpaLe Domaine des Thomeaux Hotel & Spa
Located in Mosnes, Le Domaine des Thomeaux Hotel & Spa is within the vicinity of Chateau de Chaumont and Chateau du Clos Luce. This hotel has 29 rooms decorated in the different colours of several countries in the world, in a castle with a classic design. It is within the vicinity of Clos-Luce and Chateau d’Amboise.




Check out accommodation loire valley for more information.

Reasons You Should Outsource Your Social Media Management

Atomic-Social-Media-SEOHave you joined the wonderful world of social media? If not, well, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and jump right in! In this digital age, Social media’s importance to businesses cannot be stressed enough. It is used as a powerful tool to encourage online traffic as well as a way to boost brand recognition. An effective marketing tool for most businesses is building social media sites that link to their network. Contrary though to many other marketing techniques, the duration needed to utilize this tool to your advantage is much greater.

Managing social media platforms demand time, and when I say time, I mean lots and lots of it! To implement a successful social media campaign, someone has to stay on top of things and outsourcing social media management is the best way to go.

With the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites gaining popularity, the need for interaction and engagement with a much bigger audience and potential customers also increases. For a website to be thriving in building up your business, it requires being perpetually updated and promoted so  it  stays significant with  users.

As a business owner, you can’t wear too many hats. Self-managing a social media account can be too much and you may end up ultimately losing focus on other business concerns that need attention. Here are some of the reasons why you should outsource your social media management:

  • An expert properly managing your online presence and is on track with the constant changes of social media marketing, tools & technology
  • Guaranteed content spawned on all sites synchronized
  • Reliable and regular posts and updates on all networks
  • Monitoring and managing engagement with customers and potential clients
  • Costs less than training or hiring an employee and providing insurance & benefits
  • Audience growth and reaching a larger demographic

Outsourcing social media management means having a dedicated person or team manage your various accounts for you so you can focus on doing what you do best – growing your business! You do get the picture, right?

Welcome to Atomic Social Media & SEO Management Agency. Our clients rave about being fast-tracked on social media as we use only best practice community marketing methods to attract their targeted audiences to them. We service clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, regional Australia and also London and Hong Kong. 


Waste Removal Sydney

Rubbish removal sydney waste garbage recycling collection

Talking Rubbish!!

One of the most enjoyable things about Sydney is clearing out your clutter on the twice-yearly council cleanup day.

However recently much to our horror, waste removal in sydney was sent into disarray when we discovered, somewhat drunkenly at 11.30pm, that the council rubbish collection was the next morning.

There was no way we could carry our giant old filing cabinets down three flights of stairs after three glasses of champagne too many.

That’s where we rang up the good people at Doyle Bros to order a skip bin, helping people with their waste removal needs throughout sydney for over 20 years.

We had a lot to get rid of because of course it was time we became a paperless office.

Contact Doyle Bros via this link: rubbish removal sydney

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Employee Programs in Financial Education & Workplace Wellbeing

employee programs financial education workplace wellbeing australia

Just as social media is changing the media landscape, so employee programs in financial education and workplace wellbeing are bringing businesses in Australia out of the dark ages – at last …

With all the noise at the moment with changes to the Australian superannuation system and the increase in compulsory contributions your employer makes, the reduction in the cash rates to the lowest in 30 years and the pending budget release, is there anything that is worth knowing that can benefit you, your workplace/community and your family ?

Why don’t we know about these things and how can we make sense? Financial education is boring and best left to the gurus? Well that is wrong, having a base understanding of the fundamentals can improve your financial decision making, avoid unscrupulous investment decisions and reduce financial stress and distress that can effect your health, focus, job performance and relationships.

Future map runs fun exciting and personally relevant financial education programs in the workplace to improve wellbeing and productivity.

Alisdair Barr
0405 138 613

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Corporate Video Production Sydney Australia: Youtube Videos for Business

digital marketing sydney australia youtube corporate video production melbourne brisbane perth

Promote and enhance your business, increase business sales and see your online presence expand.

After many years of cracking the upper echelons of Google rankings for our clients’ videos, and in the past few years helping clients go viral via our hundreds of thousands of networked fans and followers on social media, we’re now collaborating with video and music producer Dean Ranel so we can conceive, design and produce your corporate video and then should you require it, SEO it to outrank your competitors and/or spawn it virally across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Blogging platforms.

Some of Dean’s recent videos:

Our SEO and Social Media clients include – Universal Magazines, ABC Television, The Canberra Times, UTS ‘Build’, City Of Sydney, Salsa Republic, NineMSM, The Health Arts College, Bodytrim, Bondi Chai, UTS School of Business, Holroyd Council, Road Safety NSW, Dcider, Gynaecare, Ontrack Health Retreat, To Health By Choice, Australian Bush Adventures, Cherry Red, Moisturecure, Lifetime Dynamics, Tomatis Australia and more.

For more info contact Dean directly on

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Outback Tours From Sydney to the Blue Mountains

outback australia blue mountains tours from sydney

Aussie Bush Adventures run tours from Sydney to farmstay adventures which, depending on which tour you take, include places such as Three Sisters, The Scenic Railway, Katoomba, the Jenolan Caves and wine tours of Mudgee.

We took a ride on one of their Jenolan Caves tours and were blown away with the beauty of the caves. The caves they take you to within the system there are the Orient, the Imperial Cave and the Lucas Cave – simply stunning and my five year old son was spellbound.

One of the first things we did for Aussie Bush Adventures is help them get a very strong ranking for ‘farmstay australia‘ but after 6 months we moved their home-page to compete much broader, seeing if ‘outback australia‘ can be an arena of traction.

We also set up a Pinterest page about Blue Mountains Tours which will help them rank their landing pages higher.

Owner-operator Sally Bray has a great spirit for adventure and fun, but is also a science teacher so she’s a whizz at describing intricate aspects of the Australian bush to her travellers.

She’s also a handy photographer so made sure you ask her to take photos of you on her tours because you’ll pretty much always get a great photo out of her which you can stick up on Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram

One thing we don’t do for Sally is her social media platforms because she was already a genius when she contacted us – she has over 13,000 followers on Twitter, over 3,600 on Facebook and has a burgeoning and very attractive Pinterest profile too.

Sally is also an enthusiastic foodie – and so you can enjoy some truly delicious aspects of farm cuisine – e.g. the world-famous damper, lamb chops, kangaroo kebabs and bacon and eggs to get the heart started of a morning.

If you’re interested in her outback tours just click on any of the links in this article for further information.

Handy Links:

Tours from Sydney

Tour Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Cafes

Things to do in Sydney

Things to do in Australia

Farmstays Australia





Hypnosis Training in Sydney

One of our most recent clients, the Counselling & Hypnosis Institute of Australia, contacted us with a desire to start ranking on Google via their new website.

Our first target was to rank them for a first broad search term – hypnosis training course sydney – and so we implemented Onsite SEO as well as publishing a first Offsite SEO article on our 11-year-old West Coast Cafes website.

After this Offsite SEO article took off and ranked for this phrase at #6 on Google, dragging the client’s website onto the first two pages, we began to focus on shorter string searches.

After starting their SEO program at the start of November, 2012, we were pleased to observe, on 16 November 2012, their first ranking for “hypnosis training” at #53 and for the lesser-search-trafficked “hypnosis course” they chimed in at #50.

Just one month later, these search results, for terms which are highly competitive, when checked today, 14 December 2012, are showing a #20 for “hypnosis training” and also a #20 for “hypnosis course” – which means after just six weeks the client is onto the 2nd page of Google.

Adding to the intrigue, the client also scored a #20 for “hypnosis training sydney“.

Hardly the stuff worthy of a literary tome, you might say.

On Friday 30 November we published two additional Offsite SEO articles on well-aged media websites (one website exactly 10 years old, the other 13 years old) which we ask SEO-ed for closely-related key search terms as follows:

Hypnosis Training

Clinical Hypnosis Training

These articles have not been heavily linked to yet, so there’s still significant space to move as far as creating our “rivers of gold” – first step in the early months, our “ramp-up phase”, is getting all the ducks in their rows.




Furniture Store Sydney – an SEO Odyssey

furniture stores sydney timber desks bedroom beds dining tables

The Melbourne Cup is over but the cricket season is just moments away – it’s little moments like that when the mind can briefly turn to one’s domestic front – and maybe do a quick bit of online furniture shopping.

To cater for the ever-increasing desire of shoppers to shop online rather than set foot out the door, Habitat Furniture have begun the journey of expanding towards new domains, each one targeting an item of furniture they sell.

Here are a batch of their new subdomains before they gradually develop them into fully-blown individual websites:

Timber Desks

TV Units

Entertainment Units

Pine Furniture Stores

Timber Dining Tables

Pine Beds

Timber Bookcases

Timber Wardrobes

Timber Coffee Tables

Lamp Tables

Kids Furniture Stores

Getting good rankings across scores of terms is crucial and there are some terms for which they simply have to rank to beat the larger furniture stores, phrases such as:

Furniture Sydney

Coffee Tables Sydney

Beds Sydney

Most Searched Terms: Furniture Store Sydney, SEO Company Australia, Timber Dining Tables, Sydney Furniture Shops, How to Care for Wooden Furniture.
Looking for highest level professional search engine optimisation? Check out this corporate SEO website.

Social Media For Government: Training & Management

social media for government training australia

Since 2009 we’ve run many Social Media For Government training workshops and courses in Australia in road safety and local government in New South Wales. We also provide management of social media for government and not-for-profit organisations for both short-term and long-term projects.

We’ve delivered numerous local government training lectures, presentations and full-day workshops for the City of Sydney, Shoalhaven Council, Dubbo City Council, Holbrook City Council, Marrickville Town Council, Sutherland Council and for town councillors collectively and one-on-one.

We’ve also delivered workshops to NSW road safety government programs in Parkes, Coffs Harbour and shortly Wagga Wagga.

A number of social media education programs have also been delivered at universities such in departments such as the UTS School of Business specifically targeting post-graduate students.

We provide growth-oriented / marketing-expansion support to government agencies in areas of tourism and youth services.

Our presenter Stewart Dawes has been a keynote speaker at events such as the Advertising, Marketing and Media Summit 2013 presenting alongside the Australian directors of Facebook, Google, ANZ Bank and AFL Media.

Some Current Australian Government Social Media Profiles 2200+ likes Bathhurst 450+ likes

Allies / Cheerleaders








Becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist

remedial massage melbourne, remedial massage australia, the health arts college melbourne, learn massage techniquesWith its origins firmly rooted in the ancient civilisations of China, India, Rome and Greece, remedial massage is the art of healing that strengthens and tones muscle function and connective tissue, while providing preventative therapy for soft tissue strains and injuries. Massaging the lymphatic and gastrointestinal systems to assist elimination processes, and optimise digestion.

Skilled practitioners take courses and undergo training to learn how to use specialised techniques in treating knotted, tense, or impaired muscles and tendons by physically stimulating the blood supply to the area. Pressure can be applied using finger, hands, forearms, knees and feet.

Strong and deep, gentle and shallow pressure is used in conjunction with oils (sometimes aromatic) to activate and support the body’s own repair mechanism. Residual toxins are released, the peripheral nervous system is calmed (easing pain and discomfort) and the entire muscular and skeletal system benefits from this holistic procedure.

All around the world, the restoration of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of millions of lives is repeatedly attributed to remedial massage.

In some Western societies, it was considered an alternative treatment for decades; particularly for sports injuries. Now, it is not only a standard element of Olympic athletes’ training programmes, it is regularly sought as treatment and relief from the negative impacts of ailments such as:

– headache and migraine

– neck and shoulder pain

– spinal discomfort and sciatica

– joint immobility

– stress and tiredness

– indigestion and constipation

– fibrositis, and

– arthritis.

As the aim of remedial massage is to identify and treat the cause, rather than simply alleviate the symptoms, its benefits are cumulative. So although a single massage will undoubtedly result in feelings of wellbeing, as part of a regular health programme with a qualified massage therapist will garner increased energy, improved vascular performance, quality sleep, and mental and physical flexibility.

By becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist with recognised qualifications, your skills and knowledge will measurably and holistically improve the quality of life for those seeking positive improvements to their health.

Our hottest links to The Health Arts College for whom our SEO and social media campaign continues to bring great ROI:

The Health Arts College on Twitter

Keyphrases: Remedial massage Perth, Remedial massage Melbourne, Remedial massage Adelaide, Remedial massage Sydney.

An SEO Case Study in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy training Melbourne Adelaide Perth Australia

Our client, The Health Arts College, runs some great courses in natural therapies – such as aromatherapy, kinesiology and remedial massage.

Also at its Melbourne campus, diplomas have been introduced for beauty therapy and reflexology.

Graduating students have an excellent opportunity to find work not just in Australia, but worldwide. Think of all the cruise liners you could be employed by!

We began its SEO campaign in 2009 by focusing on its Melbourne campus website – mainly because it was the only website it had.

Rankings dramatically shot to the top of Google, which prompted the Director to launch six further websites, targeting search terms such as:

aromatherapy Sydney

aromatherapy Brisbane

aromatherapy Perth

aromatherapy Adelaide

aromatherapy Hong Kong.

Aromatherapy is part of the spectrum of alternative and complementary medicines. Practitioners use scented oils and natural plant extracts to ease the symptoms of health issues that negatively affect many in the modern world: stress, irritability, insomnia and sleep disorders, loss of appetite and compromised immune system, and general pain relief,  just to name a few.

Historically, it has been used for at least 2,000 years: by the ancient Egypitans in religious rituals; the Romans, Greeks and Chinese also showed their respect to the gods by using herbs, and burning aromatic barks and wood.  The “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates (from whom doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath) was the first to believe that a scented massage and daily bath infused with extracted oils promoted good health and wellbeing.

To follow this holistic career in healing opens the door to opportunities for life-changing moments for yourself, and those who seek the natural remedies you confidently advise.





Sexual Health Clinics in Sydney Need Their SEO Too

seo sydney sexual health clinic choices australia social media

In late 2011 we were approached by a sexual health clinic in Sydney to help them improve their Google rankings.

In seeking a ranking for the new site of course they would start with vasectomy clinic sydney but then aim for the shorter search vasectomy sydney and finally narrow it down to just vasectomy – a search where as at 23 July 2012, they rank at #11 which is great for a 3-month-old website, especially when there are over 18,000 searches locally per month.

What makes this early search result feel somewhat better is they have already landed their Gynaecare website at #9 for this search so once their second website cracks the first page they will have two rankings on the first page.

This is the third tier of a process which has so far seen them land, as follows:

vasectomy – #9 and #11 out of 982.000 results

vasectomy sydney – #3 and #6 out of 435,000 results – new website was #60 on 12 June 2012 so a massive leap in just 5 weeks

vasectomy clinic sydney – #1, #2 AND #3 – the third ranking being in effect a #1 Google Places ranking – out of 220,000 results.

Success with these two websites saw the directors work with us to recently launch a new more general website for which they’re seeking improved rankings for searches such as STI screenings and the variant STD Testing with additional variations including the word clinic and the word Sydney.

Some of the other terms they look to rank for are:

pap smear sydney

family planning clinic sydney

pregnancy abortion

For more info on our SEO services check out our Corporate SEO website.

Most Searched Terms: Sexual Health Clinic Sydney Vasectomy Pregnancy Abortion Help

SEO for the fashion industry: a #1 ranking out of 37 million results


Fashion industry SEO best Google ranking: #1 for “makeup stands” out of 37 million Google search results …

make up stands sydney seo fashion industry best search rankings australia

SEO for Writing Courses …

writing courses sydney writers course training australia classes workshops

One of the small ironies of SEO is that while the internet has decimated the “old media” of newspapers, putting a lot of writers out of work, having a journalistic background can be an advantage in the highly aggressive realm of SEO – because ultimately, whatever the importance of high-traffic websites and relevant back links, for Google it all comes back to words – and let’s not forget phrases.

Such it is that looking over the NSW Writers Centre SEO program, that there are a core group of key-phrases that are simply must-rank, but in achieving big-ticket rankings, one shouldn’t lose sight of the long-string potential of phrases that most of us never know we’re ranking for.

Absolute must-have rankings phrases that any self-respecting writers centre would consider de-rigour, are typically:

writers courses – they have a healthy #4 out of 129 million results

writers course – never forget to check singular vs plural – in this case they’re #5 and #6 out of 274 million results – one thing we specialise in is “double-rankings” – it’s not always achievable but we know how to take a shot at it and it’s double-ROI for the client when it works.

writers workshops – at the start of our campaign they were not seen on the first ten pages of Google results, but now have bounced up to number 6 after just 2 months.

And of course geographical location can be important – but it’s nowhere near as important as it used to be – because Google’s fine-tuning based on location has made searchers lazier.

writers course sydney – a search like this will still be performed by a small group of people.

But the game isn’t complete without checking word variations and in this case it’s worth exploring the word ‘writing’ as an alternative search term. Being ranked for writing course is in fact more important than ‘writers’. And interestingly Google chooses to rate writing courses as a separate search to the singular.

One must then branch into the next phase of SEO, the 3-word phrase, and one of the most crucial ones for NSW Writers Centre is:

creative writing courses – previously not seen on the first ten pages, they have now clawed their way onto the first page – they’re at #10 – a lot more work required to reach the summit but at least they’re at base camp.

Combine much of the above permutations together and you get creative writing courses sydney which they could likely do with a push on as they’re currently at #9.

Invariably expanding into other terrain it’s early days for them with the phrase business writing course which they’ll be keen to see float upwards from #26.

For more info on best practice SEO and social media call Stewart Dawes on 0413 276 780.

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Social Media in France ~ English Version

To read the French version of this article click here: Social Media in France.

We are witnessing high growth in companies on social networks in France – despite a lack of skills internally. However, if more and more companies are in effect on these social networks, they are not necessarily active. Indeed, the study reveals that Cegos only two businesses would be considered truly “active” on its interactive profiles.

Three years ago, it was still unusual to see a French company on social media. Apart from the precursors of the phenomenon 2.0 for corporate communications, the media were seen as reserved for a pure person. Today, ten times more companies have entered the race for interactive communication and the phenomenon is still accelerating.

Facebook being the most popular platform, here is a ranking of the top 10 French companies on Facebook and their commitment rate:

Free Mobile : 4.1528%
Tahiti Tourisme France : 2.1871%
Renault 4 : 1.6968%
Avon France : 2.2906%
Alsace : 1.0753%
Vies de chats avec Whiskas : 1.0753%
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto France : 1.0628%
Mercedes-Benz France : 1.0022%
Opel FRANCE : 0.9782%
Pâté Hénaff : 0.9509 %

The commitment rate is more relevant than the number of fans to a fan page because it reflects the real involvement of fans in relation to publications. It is calculated as follows:

Who says new medium, says new resources internally. It was then emerge a rise of “Community Managers”. 28% of French companies have created one or more positions dedicated to managing their social media. These are mainly large companies (57% of them) and banking and insurance sector (50%). It is still a small percentage, of the fact of outsourcing this function frequently with communications agencies specializing in digital communication.

And you, where are you in your transition to new technologies? Atomic Social Media can assist you to boost your online presence and engage with your customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we’d love to talk with you over coffee!

Most Searched Terms: social media in france paris marseille nice lyon loire valley tours

Social Media in France ~ French Version

To read this article in English, click here: Social Media in France.

Nous assistons à une forte croissance des entreprises sur les réseaux sociaux en France malgré un certain manque de compétences en interne. Néanmoins, si de plus en plus d’entreprises sont en effets présentes sur les réseaux sociaux, elles ne sont pas forcément actives. En effet, l’étude Cegos révèle qu’une entreprise sur deux seulement serait considérée comme étant réellement « active » sur ses profils interactifs.

Trois années en arrière, il était encore rare d’apercevoir une entreprise française sur les médias sociaux. Hormis les précurseurs du phénomène 2.0 pour la communication de l’entreprise, ces médias étaient considérés comme réservés à un usage purement personne. Aujourd’hui, dix fois plus d’entreprises ont fait leur entrée dans la course à la communication interactive et le phénomène est encore en pleine accélération.

Facebook étant la plateforme la plus populaire, voici un classement des 10 meilleurs entreprises françaises sur Facebook au regard de leur taux d’engagement :

Le taux d’engagement est bien plus pertinent que le nombre de fans d’une fan page car il traduit l’implication réelle des fans par rapport aux publications. Il se calcule de la manière suivante :





Qui dit nouveau moyen de communication, dit nouvelles ressources en interne. C’est alors qu’apparait une montée en puissance des « gestionnaires de communauté ». 28% des entreprises françaises ont créé un ou plusieurs postes dédiés à la gestion de leurs médias sociaux. Il s’agit principalement des grandes entreprises (57% d’entre elles) et du secteur banque-assurance (50%). C’est encore un faible pourcentage, du au fait de l’externalisation fréquente de cette fonction avec des agences de communications spécialisées dans la communication digitale.

Et vous, où en êtes vous dans votre mutation vers les nouvelles technologies ? Atomic Social Media peut vous accompagner à booster votre présence sur Internet et engager la conversation avec votre clientèle. N’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nous pour de plus amples informations, nous serions ravis d’en discuter avec vous autour d’un café !

Caroline Bassac –

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Farmstays Australia vs Outback Travel ~ which gets more Searches?

Client: Aussie Bush Adventures
Twitter: @aussiefarmstay – approaching 12,000 followers!

Oh the quandaries of search!

A website’s home-page has 20 times the authority with Google than any other page on the website, so … what do you choose as those crucial 3-4 words to rank high for?

Aussie Farmstays, AKA Aussie Bush Adventures, chose to put Outback Australia Adventure Tour ahead of Farmstay Holidays Sydney NSW as their preferred home-page page title.

But of course this meant, after a few months, that Google ranked them lower for ‘farm stay australia’ searches.

So it warranted us researching every phrase relating to their business, to find out which gum tree they should be most barking up.

australian farmstay – 880 monthly searches

australian farmstays – also 880 monthly searches

farmstay australia – 1900 monthly searches

farmstays australia – 1600 monthly searches

farm stay australia – 2400 monthly searches

farmstay sydney – 480 monthly searches

farmstay blue mountains – 170 monthly searches

guided tours australia – 720 monthly searches

australian holiday – 201,000 monthly searches

outback travel – 9900 monthly searches – not seen 1st ten pages – 27.4 million results.

outback tours – #22 – 6,600 monthly searches

tours sydney australia – #8 on Google out of 24 million results. 2,400 monthly searches.

Also offsite articles are very important such as:

Things To Do in Sydney

And even banners and links on pages such as Bliss in the Bush Cafe

And even the blog – sydney sightseeing bus #10 out of 317,000 results.

And finally, we’re seeking to rank any of these:

Things to do in Sydney

Blue Mountains Tours

Things to do in Australia

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Most Searched Terms: farmstays australia sydney outback travel blue mountains tours

Forster Motor Inn ~ an SEO Case Study

When a new client contacts us for SEO we do a lot of research into “where you’re at”, whether you’re a large corporation or a small business person.

In the case of a new client, Forster Motor Inn, they have a very small website which needs expanding into double the amount of pages.

Also they are competing against the internet might of Wotif, Last Minute and other globally monolithic accommodation websites, so the challenge is to rank well while generally feeling that they can’t get ahead of these giants of the game.

First things first, their rankings were as follows when we checked them at the beginning of their SEO program:

Accommodation Forster #21 out of 1.88 million results

Motels Forster #8 out of 9.390 million results

Hotels Forster #34 out of 2.45 million results – with no mention of the word ‘hotel’ on the client’s website, frankly we were surprised they ranked in the first ten pages. Reveals that Google has its own internal substitution algorithms which give some weight to interchanges between hotel and motel.

Of course it doesn’t take much to figure out that the addition of NSW to the above 3 search phrases may also be popular:

Accommodation Forster NSW – checked at #27 on 8 July 2012

Motels Forster NSW – improving result with #11 and #12 on 8 July 2012

Hotels Forster NSW – improved result up to #10 from not seen on 24 May

A little bit of basic lateral thinking also tells us that our client might do well, by virtue of his budget price accommodation, to ‘accidentally’ rank for ‘caravan parks forster‘.

And then there’s ‘family accommodation forster‘ in the months leading up to Christmas holidays.

As rough as it might sound, they might also wish to rank for:

cheap hotels forster

cheap motels forster

budget hotels forster

And one can only imagine how many times they’d like to rank for an inevitable mis-spelling of their town’s name, e.g.:

accommodation foster

motels foster

hotels foster nsw

We’ve now also set up a Pinterest page for the motel to begin gathering social media impetus for the area with this page showcasing the beauty of the area: Forster-Tuncurry.

Such are just the beginning processes of search engine optimisation, and quite simply, the possibilities are as endless as Google’s ever-changing algorithms. It’s no wider that our most wealthy, successful and SEO-driven happiest clients have been with us for 3-4 years now.

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Most Searched Terms: Accommodation Forster NSW, Hotels Forster, Motels Forster, Where to Stay in Forster NSW, What to do in Forster-Tuncurry, Great Lakes District NSW, Family Holiday Accommodation New South Wales.



‘Furniture Sydney’ ~ The Holy Grail for Habitat Furniture

SEO company sydney case study furniture shop store services social media

Recently we’ve started working on SEO for Habitat Furniture in Sydney’s inner west – Hurlstone Park to be exact.

To give you some sense of what we’re targeting for them, here’s some of their most crucial search terms that they’re gaining ground on:

Furniture Sydney – ranking #16 out of 50.7 million results. 90,500 searches per month. The holy grail.

TV Units Sydney – ranking #6 out of 754,000 results. Yet only 720 monthly searches.

Entertainment Units Sydney – ranking #3 out of 760,000 results

Coffee Tables Sydney – ranking #1 and #2 out of 391,000 results. 1,000 monthly searches.

Dining Tables Sydney – #8 out of 680,000 results. 2,400 monthly searches.

For a small family-owned boutique furniture store to be out-ranking many of the big furniture brands, including that Swedish one that’s lobbed in their backyard in Tempe, shows how SEO can be a giant-killing pursuit. In our rich-getting-richer culture, seeing a few Davids turning the tables on a few Goliaths is refreshing, if not darn right unusual.

Other results we found:

Buy Wardrobe Sydney #2 and #3

Wardrobes Sydney #42 ~ needs work ~ hence on-page text changes made & another round of links to be installed. 8,100 monthly searches.

Wine Racks Sydney #5 of the organic results. 390 monthly searches.

Furniture Warehouses Sydney #3 organic result. 880 monthly searches.

Furniture Shops Sydney #4 organic result. 8,100 monthly results.

Furniture Stores Sydney #12. 8,100 monthly results.

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