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For most small businesses, having an outsourced social media manager is the best option. But what about larger companies?

Medium businesses, who can afford an in-house social media manager, often fail to appreciate that their social media manager does not have the expansive network of a range of clients’ social media profiles at their disposal.

Here at Atomic Social Media we have over 35 active clients’ Facebook accounts, over 25 Instagram accounts, over 60 Twitter accounts and 32 Pinterest accounts at our disposal.

It doesn’t mean we promote you via these established high-followers accounts every minute of the day.

But it does mean when it’s appropriate and in-context, you get the benefit of this substantial social media network.

After all, endorsement by a third party is far better word-of-mouth than self-promotion.

We also train your staff on how to work together across platforms to cheerlead your brand.

Though many clients end up trusting us so much, they leave it to us to make them look like rock stars on social media while they get on with running their business.

We’ve been in media over 25 years so we produce world-class content daily.

Whether you’re a micro-business or a large corporation, we deliver highest-quality social media management & development at very affordable rates, and all our communication¬†with you is transparent, ethical and yet surprisingly for a social media company, extremely discreet.

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