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Looking for the best Organic SEO company in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide? Our expert services span 15 years of online media publishing websites …

We could write all we like about Organic SEO in a generalised way, but it’s not what will convince you that you do need support and that your 2012/13 investment in SEO is what can set your business up for the next 10 years.

Take instead just one of our SEO case studies, and you’ll either be inspired to call us, or in a state of disbelief. Disbelief is in fact the more usual response.

Francoise Nicoloff - Organic SEO Atomic Social MediaSydney psychologist and Tomatis Consultant Francoise Nicoloff, based in Edgecliff, has been practicing for over 30 years – and for most of those years she relied on magazine advertising to give her a strong business.

Francoise is a great believer in consistency and that approach served her well, and likewise she recently passed 2 years of having an SEO program in place with us.

Recently she found a staff member who was willing to ask people enquiring of her services, where they found her.

To her shock, and even ours, the figures had blown out strongly to online enquiries. 30 qualified leads per month from her website, while just one enquiry per 3 months(!) for the four magazines she currently advertises in.

The types of targeted SEO that our director Stewart Dawes implemented for her are as follows:

Autism treatment sydney – #1 Google ranking out of 2.7 million results as well as for autism treatment and the single word autism.

Also continuing to push high-traffic-website-links for phrases such as Psychologist Sydney

ADHD treatment sydney – #6 Google ranking now seeking rankings on her new site for APD / CAPD / dyslexia treatments.

Auditory processing disorder

Learning difficulties treatments

We’re now in the process of placing powerful inbound links to her new website – we never use links from blogs as this is completely wrong practice and any SEO person who talks about links from blogs is clueless.

For more information contact Stewart Dawes 0413 276 780.

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