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Research around the globe over many years has shown that the most effective SEO campaigns have 70% of the program invested in ‘Offsite SEO’.

This is SEO done not ‘on’ your website, but on – ideally- the highest quality, high traffic websites, ideally of a media journal variety, which then deliver the most authoritative ‘link weight’ to your business’s website.

Once an Offsite SEO article is complete, it’s then all about creating the most precise links between the article and the pages of your website. We liken the focus and dedication to that of a 16th-century watch-maker. One tiny error and the ultimate effect is reduced.

Offsite SEO or Link Building is done for:

1. Improving Page Rank.
2. Improving the Rankings in search engines.
3. To increase targeted Traffic to the Site.

Why choose us?

We acquire links through natural process of contacting webmasters manually and securing only thematic links on sites that are not built for link building but which are quality journalistic websites.

Main Benefits of Our Service:

– Securing “unidirectional” or only-Incoming (non-reciprocal) links
– Links with relevant “Keywords” in the Anchor Text
– Links from industry-relevant pages
– Links from industry specific article pages
– Link to your site should not be through a “redirect” script
– No JavaScript links
– No links from “framed” pages
– No “flash” embedded links
– No paid or time-bound links
– No email spam used to solicit links.
– No links from Link Farms
– No links from FFA (Free-For-All) link networks
– No links from pornographic and other sites containing offensive content
– Full data sheet of links created at the end of each month
– Only relevant established links are counted in the final report
– No links text nude
– No “no follow” links
– No outgoing links except those that Google adds value for

However All these benefits leads to one goal: “Increase in Sales”.


– Once your project is completed, will send you a Link Building Report containing
The URLs of every page where you can see a live working backlines to your
– Any removed links will be replaced for free.
– During your Link Building Campaign performance, you’ll always be able easily
Track the progress of your campaign and rankings improve on Google


Our packages are very simple and affordable.

Contact us today to know more about our natural link building services with more detail.