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Gain an edge over your competitors with one of Sydney’s most outrageously successful online marketing companies.

Founded in 2007 by five of Australia’s leading online entrepreneurs Atomic Social Media has become one of Australasia’s most sought after online marketing companies – and we pride ourselves on achieving close-to-permanent Top-3 rankings for almost all our clients.

Our focus is to provide our clients with innovative, cut-through online marketing strategies that bring targeted pre-qualified customers to their businesses and help maximise sales in the most cost-efficient manner. We don’t just help your business rank Top 5 on Google but also work to ensure that your online marketing is carefully tailored to convert those enquiries into sales – conversion optimisation is the second-most vital task after search engine optimisation.

As a full service online marketing agency we offer a wide range of services including:
Your Success is our Success

We believe if your business doesn’t grow neither will ours and therefore we treat every client’s business as if it were our own. Each client is appointed a business development manager who’s responsible for ensuring the marketing strategy is right for that business – and they consistently monitor every step of the campaign’s implementation and review its progress. If things aren’t working fast enough our business managers are trained to look at the reasons why and will work closely with you and your team to ensure you always have the most effective actions in play

Tried and Trusted

While we are not afraid to think & act outside the square our goal is to ensure our clients enjoy long-term success and only engage in ethical best-practice SEO and online marketing techniques and practices. With over 18 years experience in SEO and 10 years delivering social media training our expertise is trusted by many of Australia’s BRW Fast 100 growth companies as well as scores of small business operators who are now enjoying the rewards of more customers and more sales through our results-driven online marketing campaigns.

Value and Service

Atomic Social Media prides itself on delivering exceptional value and service. We know we are not always the cheapest but when it comes to making your business stand out from the crowd and generating the best possible return on your investment we believe its not how much you pay, it’s what you get in return for your money.

For sponsorship, blog posts request, global directories and advertising opportunities with Atomic Social Media, please see our Advertising Solutions page. For more information fill out the form below to speak with someone from our brilliant SEO team.


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    Atomic Social Media Sydney Immense & Leading Core Team
    • Sudha Hamilton – national sales manager of publications such as WellBeing Magazine, Conscious Living Magazine and Eco-Living Magazine, online publisher of multiple blogs and e-books.
    • Mike Breen – ultra-focussed SEO champ.
    • Caroline Bassac – brand development manager across Europe and Canada, social media manager specialising in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and Pinterest.
    • Claire Felices – Asia & Australasia social media manager.
    • Christine Buhay – writer, blogger and info-creator par excellence.
    • Mikey Glenn– is a typical “jack of all trades, master of none.” who explores the world one historical site at a time. More than anything else, she is a content writer, graphic designer, and social media manager.
    • Lourdes Lapso – health writer, editor of Cancer News & social media targeted audience development guru.
    • Paul Harvey – techy geek SEO coder.
    • Dean Ranel – high resolution Youtube video creator, a one-stop shop for camera-work, editing, sound production and video dissemination.
    • Saul Khan – writer, tattooist, Newtown-dweller, purveyor of all things alternative.
    • Kaye Tee – in-house logo and website designer, trouble-shooter, old website renovator.
    • Dii Laud – Infinite field, a website content creator, SEO, digital and social media marketing.
    • Tanja Bulatovic – ex-Melbourne writer & blogger now instagramming for us in France.
    • James Wallis Martin – uber-geek chief programmer.
    • Sakiko Kilernan – roaming instagrammer.
    • Stewart Dawes – Digital Magazine Publishing / SEO / Social Media / Feature Articles / TV & Sound Production / Photography / Health Journalism / Food Journalism / E-newsletter Databases.


    Opening Hours
    Mon – Fri, 9:00 – 18:00
    Closed on Weekends
    Our holistic approach to revenue operations makes us unique – we don’t just focus on leads; we focus on qualified leads that turn into clients. For more information and to discuss the best ways, connect us to speak directly with one from our team during Sydney office hours.