What does your business plan to get out of Facebook? Currently, there are millions of failed “Business Profile” pages on Facebook, but there are also thousands of very successful ones. Most small to medium businesses use Facebook poorly, stumbling along without a clear plan and certainly not with the kind of strategy & momentum required to achieve the profitability they desire.

One of the most exciting areas of Facebook is the continual innovations happening in Facebook Mobile – especially considering that already 47% of businesses are using mobile technology to promote themselves. Whether you’re looking for training so that you and/or your staff can get the most out of Facebook and stay at the cutting edge, or whether you want a company to manage the entire first phase, anywhere from 3 months to 12 months, we have many happy clients who are developing their Facebook ROI fast.

Want to get going on Facebook ASAP? With 700 million users, 500 million of whom log in daily, we hope you do. We’ll empower you with clear strategies so you know what you’re doing with your personal page, and separately with your fan page: eg your fan page is maximised to attract hundreds of “likes” by offering a free gift, give-away, or discount which your fans get by providing their email addresses – so you rapidly build your database. 

Facebook for small businesses can be hard. Therefore, our team has worked closely with many entrepreneurs to show them how it works. 

Facebook Atomic Social Media Sydney

Facebook Advertising And Marketing

What many business owners aren’t familiar with is the world of Facebook advertising and marketing. Behind every like, follows, and post, there is an advertising and marketing platform that allows you to put money behind your content. You can either “boost” your existing Facebook posts, or you can create completely new Facebook ads to run. Either way, Facebook advertising, and marketing essentially allow you to put your content, brand, and website in front of more people within your target audience, faster. Depending on what your business goals and social media goals are, there are several different types of ad campaigns we can suggest. They vary by objective.

Whether you need to drive traffic to your website, drive direct sales on your website, drive lead conversions on your website, or simply increase your Facebook followers and engagement, Facebook advertising and marketing can help you achieve it all.

Our social media specialists are experienced and capable of executing any ad campaign you need or that we deem the best fit for your business. The reason so many business owners aren’t super familiar with Facebook advertising and marketing is that it can get a little technical in setting it all up. To track how many sales and conversions you’re receiving from your social media efforts, you have to set up tracking pixels that connect your social advertising and marketing accounts to your website. This is where it helps to have social media management & development experts who do this every day (like us!) come in and take this task off your hands. We can make sure your business Facebook ad campaigns are strategically set up from concept to execution.

Facebook Content Development And Management

After we’ve completed some extensive research and crafted a strategy that’s specific to your business, we’ll then go on to create content development and management for your Facebook platforms. The amount of Facebook content development and management we create depends on the plan you’ve signed up for, but in general, we create copy and an image or video to accompany that copy for every post.

The call to action we include in the copy will vary depending on which social media platforms you’re publishing on. For example, Instagram does not allow links in the copy, so we usually refer to the link in the bio. Twitter has a stricter character limit than other platforms, so we adjust your copy there accordingly. Additionally, if you sign up for a social media platform like Instagram, we can create additional copy for features that are specific to the app, like Instagram Stories.

As far as the imagery that publishes with the copy, we can use graphics, GIFs, and videos alike. The main point here is that we create content development and management that is specifically based on the data we find in researching your business. We use that knowledge to create copy and graphics that will attract the attention of your target audience and stand out from the competition.

Here’s what your Facebook content development and management game plan must include:

  1. Strategy Creation: the map or plan containing your business Facebook goals, steps to achieve them, a corresponding timeline, and metrics to track progress. The Facebook content development and management definition isn’t complete without a mention of strategy. It’s the master plan, and it helps you visualize what your business facebook looks like for you. Some major factors to consider are which platforms to capitalize on, who your audience is, what types of content to produce, what key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure, and which social media content development and management software to use.
  2. Inbound Engagement Monitoring: the process of responding to comments, questions, and interactions with all social media content and profiles and continuing conversation initiated by fans. Studies show that an average of two-thirds of consumers desires a connection with brands. It makes sense, then, to strive to facilitate two-way communication every chance you get. This is true for all of your social platforms, even when you’re deploying Instagram management services or exploring TikTok management solutions using mostly video content.
  3. Analytics Monitoring: the gathering and checking of data against metrics to ensure the accomplishment of results. Let data drive your corporate, multi-location business, or franchise social media management campaigns. You can monitor important metrics on your chosen platforms, such as engagement metrics likes, shares, and comments, impressions, and click-through rates for targeted Facebook ads.

A Facebook management company with 8 years of social media management & development to draw upon. Our Sydney & Melbourne clients stay with us because we find their most authentic fans and followers through dedicated location and demographic interactions. These fans and followers then stay pretty much forever.

We Help Small Businesses To Reach Goals & Objectives!

Equip your business with a team that takes care of your social media business. As our team handles everything social, you get to spend more time in your core business. So, if you are looking for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or TikTok social media management and marketing for your business in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, or the Gold Coast, feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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