social media services
If you’re a small to medium business that isn’t outsourcing at least some aspects of your social media activity, then you probably don’t know what you’re missing – Subscribing into social media services is a must!

Our mid to long term clients have fans or followers – organically grown from their ideal target markets – up around the 10,000 mark per platform.

Small to medium-size businesses who achieve such figures have gained high regard among their communities.

We deliver social media activity daily and all-year round. Our social media services don’t just involve content creation – we regard highest-quality world-class quality creation as a very small part of the activity process.

Frequently all a company’s in-house person will do is deliver a degree of content and consider their job is done for the day. Our work extends far beyond this veneer-level sheen.

That’s why we don’t call our work ‘social media management’ as it’s much more about ‘social media management and development’.

Early-Stage Strategy

  • Analysis of your existing communications
  • Definition of goals to achieve
  • Analysis of your competitors on social media
  • Definition of a social media strategy adapted to your needs

Management & Development

  • Facebook
  • InstagramĀ 
  • TwitterĀ 
  • PinterestĀ 
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Google+

Results analysis

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

Networking and Cross-Promoted Cheerleading

  • Via similar industry non-competitors
  • Via individuals
  • Via broader more diverse business profiles
  • Via media profiles
  • Via social PR
  • Via blogger communities
  • Via regularly produced online / digital content created to populate your social media channels with relevant, targeted posts