Ready to get Atomic? We say you Are!

We’re a Creative Social Media Agency who put our Love into your Brand



We promise you: you’ll LOVE working with Jessica on Facebook advertising and/or Claire on Facebook content. We’ll create it all for you.


Eminently disposable mediums, TikTok & Twitter content rarely lingers in the memory. Yet people remember how you made them feel. Entertainment & engagement is our style.


We’ve been doing Instagram for over a decade now & built a number of small business clients up to 10,000+ Followers. We can speak the language of your fans/clients/audience.


We’re based in Sydney, but we’re not Sydney people.

We express the human soul of your products or services.

You can rely on us as we never miss a post, and we’re always great.




As with most business owners, your first aspiration should be to delve deeply into social media marketing to see if it can be a profitable, or at least a viable, journey for your company.

For some companies, breaking even is OK if other aspects of marketing: SEO, advertising, website development & content creation, publicity & public relations, and word of mouth are pulling in strong revenue.

Others, however, particularly start-ups, may be entering the market convinced that social media is going to be the primary revenue instigator and sustainer.
Suck it and see.

If you’re up for 100% transparency, 110% effort (a cliche we never roll out, not even when feeling vulnerable), and 0% hype and bullshit, then if that’s your vision, we’re a very snug fit.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, you don’t even need to call … we’ve already worked out what content we’ve created for you, and you can sit back & know that the best ideas are all being manifested, developed and published on your behalf, in your name, literally behind your back – but in the most comforting way possible.

Your vision is your business, it’s what sustains you, feeds your family and friends, and our social media marketing strategies and actions, whether in Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra or the Gold Coast, or beyond, will either lift you up to greater heights, or if social media is a waste of money for your brand, you’ll find out very quickly because we’ll be telling you very quickly.

Secondly, if you’re an established brand, we mirror all your existing avenues as a daily matter-of-course, while formulating promotions behind the scenes which are usually so creative and inspirational, that all your other fields of dreams then start reflecting our visions.

Thirdly, once we’ve learnt and absorbed and understood your brand, business, vision and aspirations, even if you’ve been going a decade or more, we then turn on our golden funnels and let the sun shine in again.


Mikey is an animated meme guru who brings a higher consciousness to the meticulous brand/topic research she interrogates. She will advance your messaging ever-towards the goals of increased virality, expanded interest and ultimately greater revenue.

Jane is a TikTok fanatic who loves to create attention for brands, as well as herself. Her hobbies are TikTok, TikTok and did we also mention TikTok? A shimmering sense of humour and brilliant trend-catching turns the moderately interested into enthusiasts.

Dii is a dedicated website content creator who never misses a deadline and always over-delivers. Her enthusiasm for SEO, digital and social is a verdant, infinite field.

Christine has been with Atomic Social Media since we first split the atom. Her ability to work with international brands has transcended vistas into the conceptual stratosphere. Has never missed a posting or publishing deadline in more than a decade.

Claire is our double-English-degree Philippines-based Twitter stalwart who has been writing Aussie-accent tweets since at least 2009. Facebook content is also her immaculate forte: she puts the “mutt” in Rusty Mutt and the “vibe” in African Vibe. The “law” in Man Law. And the “fibre” in Kfibre.

Suzanne is our creative soul who operates in a realm far beyond social. Out in the desert, meditating in a forest, deep in an impenetrable grotto, sailing the seven seas, her creative imagination is what we call upon when we want the ultimate client meme, an otherworldly advertising missive, or just a plain old phone chat. She’s in fact never touched a social media platform, EVER.

Michael, Tony & Stewart are our resident SEO team who personally own over 500 live “high domain authority” websites between them, plus have access via global partners to another 20,000+ websites. Whether your niche is architecture, business, cafes, dental, elevators, food, golf, or yet more on the alphabetical spectrum, they can create spellbinding content, know where to publish it, and what the best possible anchor text to your site will be.