Seven International Companies Using Social Media

Jun. 14, 2016 by

It is reported that almost half of the world’s entire population, that is 7.395 billion as of January 2016, are Internet users. From this number, 2.3 billion are active social media users with the Asia-Pacific region leading the pack. This does not come as a shock since more and more companies around the world are using social media as their number one marketing tool. You can see popular brands constantly using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube, in attracting more consumers and widening their reach. Here are 7 international companies/brands that are active on social media:

Mondelez International

Mondelez International is an American company based in Chicago, Illinois. Among its popular products are Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Belvita, Toblerone and Cadbury. No wonder that this empire of sweets has over 660,000 followers on their Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Most of the content they share on social media are marketing videos, which are nicely done, company activities and of course, their delectable product offerings.


The company is very popular among tourists, backpackers and adrenaline junkies. These people usually capture their once-in-a-lifetime moments using GoPro’s action cameras. Most of the photos and videos they share on their social media accounts are from the company’s 26 million followers. See some of the user-generated content here and here.

ACM Group Limited

ACM Group Limited is an Australian company that is engaged in acquisition of debts of financial institutions and companies in Australia. Their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will give you updates on the company’s activities. If you like to read interesting stuff about finance, banking, economy and almost anything under the sun, you should follow them and be a part of the company’s growing online community.

The Coca-Cola Company

This cola company is the manufacturer of one of the world’s most popular beverage — Coke. The Coca-Cola Company’s 3 million followers on their social media accounts are treated with daily videos and photos of the company’s product lines and sponsored events. On their Youtube page, you can watch their viral marketing campaigns and CSR programs and initiatives.


The world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants is also active on social media. McDonald’s has a whopping 66 million plus followers on Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Who wouldn’t want regular updates from the maker of the world-famous fries and hash brown? Their news feeds are packed with marketing images and videos, company announcements, promos, events and a whole lot more.


This American coffee company and café is home to the most delicious hot and cold drinks in the world. With almost 50 million followers worldwide, Starbucks brings its customer base up to date with everything about the company and its causes.

Nike, Inc.

Nike is an American company based in Oregon that is engaged in design, manufacturing and marketing of footwear, apparel and accessories, among other things. The company has the biggest online community on our list — with almost 81 million subscribers who regularly gets update from company events and causes, promos and discounts, and marketing campaigns. You can watch their produced videos on Youtube here.

escorts on social media

Escorts & Social Media: Twitter for the Sex Industry

Jun. 16, 2014 by

escorts on social media

An article written by Christine Buhay


Commercial sex is easy to come by these days, especially in this digital era. The ever dependable internet which sex workers use for advertising and fielding clients is the go-to of lonely men or women seeking to buy companionship.

With prostitution being legal in most parts of Australia, it’s no surprise that the sex industry operates in connection with many legitimate businesses – brothels, strip clubs and escort services. Of course, there are others that present themselves as legal, health saunas or massage parlours, but are prostitution venues in actuality, not to mention the underground enterprises operating in some private residence or warehouse.

The latest technologies available today are taking the world of adult entertainment into a modern and diversified enterprise. The internet has taken the sex industry into a whole new level.

Search for escorts Sydney and you’ll find thousands of escorts to choose from. Try Googling brothels and you’ll discover a lot of establishments available not just in Australia but in other countries where prostitution is legal. So goes for escort agencies, erotic massage parlours and escorts.

Social media is now the preferred channel for escorts and sex workers to connect with a client or potential clients. It is proving to be a secure and safer way to conduct business and finalize transactions.

The most favoured social media platform for this kind of industry is Twitter. Most escorts use Twitter to advertise and do business. Twitter works best for this kind of industry. It is by far the easiest to get involved in being that it’s open to adult-centred businesses. Many escort agencies are also registered to Twitter to showcase their girls.

As per Twitter’s rules, it would remove obscene or pornographic images from the user-profile photos, header photos and background photos, but does not regulate content on external websites or control tweets that link to content on external websites, including pornography. Escorts then can tweet their sexy images and keep it in their gallery, or tweet naughty statements or comments provided it’s not anything illegal.

Twitter has become a true community where sex workers can meet other sex workers, get advice, share tips and information, provide support, etc. It’s a channel for escorts to also express and share something about them, sort of an escorts diary where people can have a peek into their lives.

Truly, the internet has become a public reference for others to find exactly what they want and need – even if it’s finding or hiring a high-quality escort to accompany men or women seeking discreet adult fun.


Social Media in France ~ English Version

Jun. 13, 2012 by

To read the French version of this article click here: Social Media in France.

We are witnessing high growth in companies on social networks in France – despite a lack of skills internally. However, if more and more companies are in effect on these social networks, they are not necessarily active. Indeed, the study reveals that Cegos only two businesses would be considered truly “active” on its interactive profiles.

Three years ago, it was still unusual to see a French company on social media. Apart from the precursors of the phenomenon 2.0 for corporate communications, the media were seen as reserved for a pure person. Today, ten times more companies have entered the race for interactive communication and the phenomenon is still accelerating.

Facebook being the most popular platform, here is a ranking of the top 10 French companies on Facebook and their commitment rate:

Free Mobile : 4.1528%
Tahiti Tourisme France : 2.1871%
Renault 4 : 1.6968%
Avon France : 2.2906%
Alsace : 1.0753%
Vies de chats avec Whiskas : 1.0753%
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto France : 1.0628%
Mercedes-Benz France : 1.0022%
Opel FRANCE : 0.9782%
Pâté Hénaff : 0.9509 %

The commitment rate is more relevant than the number of fans to a fan page because it reflects the real involvement of fans in relation to publications. It is calculated as follows:

Who says new medium, says new resources internally. It was then emerge a rise of “Community Managers”. 28% of French companies have created one or more positions dedicated to managing their social media. These are mainly large companies (57% of them) and banking and insurance sector (50%). It is still a small percentage, of the fact of outsourcing this function frequently with communications agencies specializing in digital communication.

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Social Media in France ~ French Version

May. 29, 2012 by

To read this article in English, click here: Social Media in France.

Nous assistons à une forte croissance des entreprises sur les réseaux sociaux en France malgré un certain manque de compétences en interne. Néanmoins, si de plus en plus d’entreprises sont en effets présentes sur les réseaux sociaux, elles ne sont pas forcément actives. En effet, l’étude Cegos révèle qu’une entreprise sur deux seulement serait considérée comme étant réellement « active » sur ses profils interactifs.

Trois années en arrière, il était encore rare d’apercevoir une entreprise française sur les médias sociaux. Hormis les précurseurs du phénomène 2.0 pour la communication de l’entreprise, ces médias étaient considérés comme réservés à un usage purement personne. Aujourd’hui, dix fois plus d’entreprises ont fait leur entrée dans la course à la communication interactive et le phénomène est encore en pleine accélération.

Facebook étant la plateforme la plus populaire, voici un classement des 10 meilleurs entreprises françaises sur Facebook au regard de leur taux d’engagement :

Le taux d’engagement est bien plus pertinent que le nombre de fans d’une fan page car il traduit l’implication réelle des fans par rapport aux publications. Il se calcule de la manière suivante :





Qui dit nouveau moyen de communication, dit nouvelles ressources en interne. C’est alors qu’apparait une montée en puissance des « gestionnaires de communauté ». 28% des entreprises françaises ont créé un ou plusieurs postes dédiés à la gestion de leurs médias sociaux. Il s’agit principalement des grandes entreprises (57% d’entre elles) et du secteur banque-assurance (50%). C’est encore un faible pourcentage, du au fait de l’externalisation fréquente de cette fonction avec des agences de communications spécialisées dans la communication digitale.

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Farmstays Australia vs Outback Travel ~ which gets more Searches?

May. 25, 2012 by

Client: Aussie Bush Adventures
Twitter: @aussiefarmstay – approaching 12,000 followers!

Oh the quandaries of search!

A website’s home-page has 20 times the authority with Google than any other page on the website, so … what do you choose as those crucial 3-4 words to rank high for?

Aussie Farmstays, AKA Aussie Bush Adventures, chose to put Outback Australia Adventure Tour ahead of Farmstay Holidays Sydney NSW as their preferred home-page page title.

But of course this meant, after a few months, that Google ranked them lower for ‘farm stay australia’ searches.

So it warranted us researching every phrase relating to their business, to find out which gum tree they should be most barking up.

australian farmstay – 880 monthly searches

australian farmstays – also 880 monthly searches

farmstay australia – 1900 monthly searches

farmstays australia – 1600 monthly searches

farm stay australia – 2400 monthly searches

farmstay sydney – 480 monthly searches

farmstay blue mountains – 170 monthly searches

guided tours australia – 720 monthly searches

australian holiday – 201,000 monthly searches

outback travel – 9900 monthly searches – not seen 1st ten pages – 27.4 million results.

outback tours – #22 – 6,600 monthly searches

tours sydney australia – #8 on Google out of 24 million results. 2,400 monthly searches.

Also offsite articles are very important such as:

Things To Do in Sydney

And even banners and links on pages such as Bliss in the Bush Cafe

And even the blog – sydney sightseeing bus #10 out of 317,000 results.

And finally, we’re seeking to rank any of these:

Things to do in Sydney

Blue Mountains Tours

Things to do in Australia

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