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Sexual Health Clinics in Sydney Need Their SEO Too

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In late 2011 we were approached by a sexual health clinic in Sydney to help them improve their Google rankings.

In seeking a ranking for the new site of course they would start with vasectomy clinic sydney but then aim for the shorter search vasectomy sydney and finally narrow it down to just vasectomy – a search where as at 23 July 2012, they rank at #11 which is great for a 3-month-old website, especially when there are over 18,000 searches locally per month.

What makes this early search result feel somewhat better is they have already landed their Gynaecare website at #9 for this search so once their second website cracks the first page they will have two rankings on the first page.

This is the third tier of a process which has so far seen them land, as follows:

vasectomy – #9 and #11 out of 982.000 results

vasectomy sydney – #3 and #6 out of 435,000 results – new website was #60 on 12 June 2012 so a massive leap in just 5 weeks

vasectomy clinic sydney – #1, #2 AND #3 – the third ranking being in effect a #1 Google Places ranking – out of 220,000 results.

Success with these two websites saw the directors work with us to recently launch a new more general website for which they’re seeking improved rankings for searches such as STI screenings and the variant STD Testing with additional variations including the word clinic and the word Sydney.

Some of the other terms they look to rank for are:

pap smear sydney

family planning clinic sydney

pregnancy abortion

For more info on our SEO services check out our Corporate SEO website.

Most Searched Terms: Sexual Health Clinic Sydney Vasectomy Pregnancy Abortion Help

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