Scratch any Sydneysider and s/he will bleed real estate.

Obsession is a term with many real-life applications – addictions to substances, people, social media trolling, stalking one’s ex-partner – obsession is often a negative attribute, unless it’s an obsession with kale and superfoods.

It’s therefore only standard that a home loan company may find themselves getting the equivalent monthly traffic to a news website. A world issues, or local Australian news website would be delighted to get 30,000 unique users per month. Imagine then when thanks only to organic search, a home loan website gets 42,000 unique users.

One attractant of potential home loan customers is having a home loan repayment calculator on your website – these things are like honey pots to your average Aussie, and an average Aussie aged 40+ is probably a property investor, or at the very least, whether having a single home, or still looking, is a property obsessive.

Media websites such as Domain and foster “property envy”, which is now a bigger phenomenon than penis envy. Confections created by building companies get tarted up in the extreme to maximise property values, which have increased as the rich get richer – mainly by buying even more property and milking every dollar they can out of tenants. This is one of Australia’s biggest industries – exploiting the people who cannot afford their own homes in order to ensure they still can never save for a mortgage deposit.

It’s a large motivator for criminal activity. Living in a beautiful modern mansion, Sydney¬†financier Melissa Caddick milked people for money to support her glamorous lifestyle. White collar crime such as fraud goes hand-in-hand with luxury property ownership. Your average importer of illicit consumables doesn’t just have the Porsche, Lamborghini or Ferrari to smoke around the streets, he or she has glamorous pads a’plenty. Law-abiding wage plodders hear about how these folks make a fortune in four years and know it cannot be them, unless they too turn to the dark side. Fortunately, most don’t.

And so we look to social media for some property marketers and salespeople who have found ways to promote themselves more widely using Facebook, TikTok, or of course their mainstay in the last 5-10 years, Instagram.

Here’s a list of top Sydney property influencers for whom social media has been a revelation. One of them, Michael Yardney continues to cultivate a massive profile across both social media and mainstream traditional media by delivering insightful and thought-provoking editorials.The thinking person’s property guru. A link from one of his blogs is like a river of gold for most property sales companies.

And such is why finance industry SEO is so big in Australia and always will continue to be so.


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This champion, Gavin Rubinstein, epitomises the ultimate in fashion and style combining with luxury homes.

Virtual reality couldn’t have created him better.

He is the present and future of Sydney real estate, and it’s just the beginning for him.

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