A conscious marriage is where the spouses foster each others’ growth, both spiritual and psychological, to the maximum. This marriage is created when both parties understand and cooperate with the primary drives of the unconscious mind. These drives are to be healed, whole, and safe.

The way to begin your journey in a conscious marriage is to start with a conscious wedding. A traditional wedding dress may be irresistible to any bride. When choosing your dress, you should go with something that connects to you, a gown that seems to have been made just for you. A conscious marriage is defined by different characteristics that include;

1. Realising that this romantic relationship has a hidden value

There are several surface-level wants and needs within a marriage. However, you must recognize any underlying childhood problems that could be triggering these needs. Having such an insight will ultimately add to your marriage by making your interactions more meaningful and giving you a feeling of control in this relationship.

2. Being responsible for communicating your desires and needs to your partner

Spouses make the common mistake of assuming that their significant others have to know all of their needs and desires, which is just not the case. Communication is crucial for the success of any marriage. If you are in a conscious marriage, you will need to understand that you have to communicate effectively with your partner to let them know what you need and desire.

3. Creating a more realistic image of your partner

When every romantic relationship begins, the partners come with an imaginary idea of who their spouse is. As the relationship progresses into marriage, you will start to shed these illusions and have a more realistic view of your partner. Rather than see them as heroes, you will see them as an equal party in this marriage.

4. Learning new ways to satisfy your wants and basic needs

In a conscious marriage, you notice that nagging and complaining aren’t effective in helping you get what you want or need. This then pushes you to explore other alternatives. Your partner can prove helpful in these areas as long as your approach involves self-control and communication.

Do unions last nowadays?

Unions do still work even in this day and age. However, most don’t last as much as they used to in the past. It is essential to understand modern nuptials representative of new social values for a better outlook. Here are some reasons why marriages don’t last as long as they did in the past.

1. Religious differences

People don’t spend as much time with their families nowadays; hence, holidays and family traditions are not as vital as they were in the past. During dating, many couples seldom discuss religion. However, when things get serious and they want to get married, the matter of faith pops up. If the spouses aren’t on the same page and fail to communicate well, their religious differences may cause them to split.

2. Unknown debts

Finances are a very touchy subject for most people and are a common source of disagreements among couples. Loans such as student loans or other significant loans can weigh down on a pair. It gets worse if one of the partners failed to disclose this information to the other before marriage. It could lead to divorce because of broken trust.

If a couple chooses to accept consciousness into their marriage, it is possible to create deep and meaningful relationships. A united couple will experience growth even as they go into the future.