Despite their irreconcilable differences, Sydney and Melbourne combined have a freakishly devilish demand for Chinese social media and all the slavish communist-state-capitalist urges it represents.

While the Trumpish USA has been banning TikTok and WeChat, Sydney and Melbourne’s large Chinese population means that there’s still massive growth in Chinese social media users in Australia. So how can Australian businesses best tap into the Chinese community not just within Australia, but in China itself and the many other cities all around the world that have large Chinese populations? We can help.

Branding is so powerful a tool that it can be recognised from more than just the host country. Brands with really loyal customers patronise them even when they are abroad. Part of social media’s influence is brand awareness and translating the feel of the brand. Chinese social media in Sydney and Melbourne and other regions is an opportunity not to be missed.

Some brands, though, undergo a little transformation as it crosses regions and localities. For a business to be successful on that turf, it needs to change according to their local customs and styles while retaining the distinct character that makes up the brand. Having a regional feel / localised marketing for an expanding global brand is a chance that is hard to pass up.

Chinese Social Media Sydney and Melbourne Still Has Huge Demand3More and more Chinese companies are entering the Australian business scene to take their brands further where their customers are. This is also a chance for them to create new markets and strengthen their positions in the international market. Social networks vary across regions so does the habits of users that are on them. 

Chinese social media is different in its approach from that of their counterparts here. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are banned in China. They instead have Tencent QQ, Weibo, Youku and WeChat. In Weibo alone, Fox Business reported that they have added 15 million users in Q3 of 2018. The billion Chinese potential subscribers spend about 70 minutes on this app. Imagine its potential growth they could have with the users in Australia. 

With the use of these social media platforms businesses will be able to reach their customers, delivering products and services that they are known for mixed with the vibrant flavour of the local area. Engaging in their own language and being more responsive gives these businesses the edge of winning over more customers. For customers, it becomes a win-win situation. Customers appreciate responsiveness in their social media. This responsiveness translates to customer satisfaction and solidifies brand loyalty. It creates silent brand ambassadors.

When seen by friends and families of customers, it even leads to brand awareness and authority. 

The EVILS of Chinese social media in Sydney & Melbourne fester as they command large populations through marketing using Chinese social media agency … these are what TRUMP says … obey corporate slaves.

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Chinese social media is particularly tricky since these are not platforms that are usually used. Chinese customers in Australia will specially take notice and tell others leading to an increase in the company’s customer base.