Sydney’s savviest electricians love social media marketing and SEO because being sparkies themselves they resonate with the sparkiest parts of the world wide web. Electricity is superfast and so is the internet. The digital realm deeply depends upon the whole electromagnetic thing; indeed, they have a symbiotic relationship. Of course, electricians probably see themselves as hardware guys and the stuff that happens on computers and phones is more software stuff. Despite this, social media marketing and strategy supporting specialised SEO for electricians work hand-in-glove for success in the marketplace. You cannot sing sweetly from the hymn sheet and expect rapturous praise if nobody is listening to you.

Electrical Contractors Require Digital Marketing Expertise

Yes sir, you need the assistance of skilled individuals in the digital marketing sector to make things happen for our sparkie, if he or she is going to bring home the veritable bacon. The general perception is tradies, sometimes, scorn the efforts of marketing specialists, seeing themselves as real men doing real work and various SEO experts as namby-pamby nancies. This attitude does not serve them well, however. Sydney’s smartest electrical contractors already know they require digital marketing expertise. Social media marketing and SEO for electricians are both integral to their ability to thrive in the marketplace in the modern world. Sparks only work if a fire can be lit on the internet!

Sparkies Must Embrace Social Media & SEO

Technical things, such as an emergency installation anchor text link going to a reputable electrician will be essential if that tradie is to be successful. It’s a different world these days with the demise of local and regional newspapers post COVID-19. All those old hard copy directories are going the way of the statues of colonial slavers in city squares around the globe. 21st century electricians must embrace social media and SEO for better or worse. They will need to get their head around this brave new world or at least put their trust in their SEO guy or gal.

SEO for the professions is not only the future but the now. Electrical contractors have always danced more lightly upon the earth than their plumbing brethren. If truth be told they prefer not to get their hands dirty, unlike our dung dwelling plumber. Sparkies like to get in and get the job done and get out pronto. The speed of the digital realm should sit well with our fleet footed friend. The concepts of linkage and juice should, also, ring a few bells with those electrically inclined. I see it as a partnership of like-minded individuals who can serve each other well.