Popular South African nutritious foods that are part of the culture it offers the world

South Africa is among some of the best tourist destinations in the African continent offering a diversified fun and educative experience for the satisfaction of all visitors in the country. There are many activities which families can engage themselves in while on vacation, site seeing and wildlife safaris which will enhance your experience and ensure you make memories worth remembering for the rest of your life. All in all, this enjoyment cannot be complete without trying some of the country’s traditional delicacies which are rated to be among the most nutritious foods in Africa. I would recommend trying some of these foods which are found in the majority of these cool South African grocery stores or purchase and shipping via online platforms if out of the country. Some of these South African delicacies include;

South Africa’s Biltong

This one of the country’s most popular delicacy which is similar to beef jerky but differs in preparation. Basically, it is classified as a dried meat snack that is not limited to beef but other meats as well. Its general preparation process involves the selection of the best piece of meat, slicing into thin strips to ease the drying process, seasoning and application traditional spices then drying the slices.


Boerewors also known as farmer’s sausage usually made from beef, pork or a combination of the two mixed with traditional spices that include coriander, black pepper, etc. Normally the meal is grilled outside on an electric grill and served in a coiled like shape however it can as well be oven-baked and served.


This meal is a combination of vegetables, starch, and meat which are prepared together usually in a pot made of cast iron. The resultant cooked food looks like a stew however the meal is left to cook on its own unlike most stews and recipes differ from various families that have been passed down over many generations.


Traditionally a Xhosa delicacy and is considered to be a staple meal in various townships. It is particularly popular in Transkei the birthplace of the South African former president Nelson Mandela who at one point named it his favorite dish. The Umngqusho is stew made of beans and samp which has to be soaked and simmered for long hours on a low heat source until they are soft enough to eat. Over the years a few there have been a few changes to the traditional preparation technique with individuals adding other ingredients like chopped vegetables meat stock etc.


It is usually referred to as the country Meatball which is not entirely wrong. It is a traditional cuisine prepared by deep-frying or baking meatballs normally prepared with eggs, onions, vinegar and other spices of choice. The trick of preparing good Frikkadel is gently mixing the ingredients with two forks and avoid overmixing at all costs. Over mixing will lead to the development of cannonball instead of what you had set out to achieve.

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