Techniques which parents can use to help their kids love nature

The disconnect with nature in our kid’s generation has been widened by the enormous strides in technological advancements, which has been witnessed over the past decade or two. Children nowadays spend most of their times playing video games at the comfort of their chairs or their favorite TV shows, unlike the olden days when nature was part of the playtime routine. This lifestyle, however, should not be part of every kid’s story. Parents should take charge and ensure their kids frequently interact with nature and are part of other kids involved in vacation care activities. For kids who are already used to staying indoors, it can be a challenge to get them out for activities which may be in one way or another benefit to them. Nevertheless, there are methods that parents can use to make them love nature with time which include;

Going out for hikes – it is wise to start them off slow, to get them excited about the short walks that are less strenuous but enough to get them into natural environments. You should be able to engage them when in such places, watch butterflies, birds, and other wildlife that would interest the kids to keep them longing for the next one.

Social Media Can Help Kids Love Nature in Sydney

Learning outdoor survival techniques- it should be a parent’s priority to make sure their kids learn the basic survival skill meant for the great outdoors. The learning process if fun and the skills can as well be lifesaving in case of tragedy in the future. Skills such as making a fire, identification of food, building a temporary shelter, and calling out for help can be beneficial in emergencies and make them confident about heading out in nature over time.

Plant and manage a garden of various types of flowers with your child during their vacations. Nature is a combination of plants and wild animals which are interdependent. Allowing your child to plant and care for these flowers may give them a sense of attachment and understanding of the importance of nature.

Going for trips- as expensive as it may be, a once in a lifetime trip to game reserves or an African safari trip can be something to look up to. This can be arranged to mark a significant time of their lives, such as an 18th birthday, graduation, or any other occasion. Various activities should be in line during the trip i.e., mountain climbing, horse riding, star gazing, among others to make the experience more memorable for them. kids involved in vacation care activities are more likely to appreciate nature, and hence, parents should make a point to present such opportunities to them.

Fishing with your kids- fishing requires a lot of patience, which can be hard for kids considering they tend to lose attention pretty quickly. If you have more than one kid; however, who are always competing, then this can be the perfect activity to keep them out in nature for long. Their competitiveness and the joy of getting the first or biggest catch can keep them yearning for the next round as they fall in love with nature over time.