Because chiropractors sometimes attract controversy, social media can be a bit overwhelming, and sometimes daunting for these Sydney healthcare businesses and professionals. But having an active social media presence can do wonders for you and your clinic. For one, social media will help you grow your business. Based on the study by MediaBistro, 40 percent of patients use social media in looking for ways on how to address their health problems, and that include visiting the social media profile of health professionals, clinic and hospitals. Social media channels can also be utilised to convey your organisation’s culture and mission. To further understand how the healthcare industry exploits social media, let’s take a look at the chiropractors on social media.

Chiropractors on Social Media

One of the established chiropractors on social media in Australia is Complete Chiropractic. Through their Instagram account, this Sydney clinic promotes their practice, builds awareness about chiropractic care, and shares how fun it is to be a part of their family.

With over 400 million users and counting, Instagram is one of the best platform for brand marketing and in showing the work culture in an organisation. In addition, Instagram is tailored to be used by smartphone users who rely on this device in doing almost everything. It is mobile-friendly, can be accessed easily, and used widely by businesses and organisations. A plus point to Complete Chiro for harnessing the powers of Instagram!

Instagram Marketing for Chiropractors on Social Media

When posting photos and videos, Complete Chiro gets creative in adding filters and effects, incorporating captions, and in using hashtags.

Through filters and effects, an ordinarily shot photo and video can be enhanced. Complete Chiro takes advantage of such feature to apply borders, change the exposure of the photo, and brighten and/or darken the image.

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Stunning Monday arvo in #Balmoral. #sydneylife

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Complete Chiro also showcases their individuality and personality through snappy captions.

In addition, they tag users present in the photo to improve customer engagement. Using popular hashtags is also proven to increase engagement.

Since Instagram is all about the visuals, Complete Chiro sees to it that they get to feature photos that look good and tell a story. For instance, they share behind the scenes photos of the clinic’s staff and chiropractors. This includes the things they do when the clinic is not that busy, and basically anything that the patients don’t normally see while inside Complete Chiro’s clinic.

Moreover, the services they provide and images of their chiropractors while outside or on the road are evident in their profile.

And of course the bottom line is that all the above social media progress has been delivered by our social media management team. Complete Chiro got a complete benefit from us – excellent Instagram follower development as well as learning to do it themselves, so that after about 18 months they started on the social media DIY journey.