social media marketing sydney

Social media is no doubt a powerful marketing and communication tool and when done intelligently provides a positive aftermath effect that will benefit any industry.  A company with a thoughtful and strategic approach to social media has a competitive edge as they are able to keep their fingers on the pulse of what their customers need. This helps them have a collaborative interaction with current customers and prospects allowing them to gain valuable insights and nurture long lasting relationships with them.

Practically every business is using social media platforms to maximise sales, increase profits and attract their target audience. Businesses are finding a niche via social media marketing and one particular example would be Mobile Safety, a company that supplies specialist mobile phone accessories that reduce or protect mobile phone users from radiation exposure.

With an enormous increase in mobile phone usage throughout the world, people are becoming conscious of the negative effects of exposure to excessive radiation caused by mobile phones. Mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range, which is absorbed by the body. Studies have linked electromagnetic radiation exposure to development of brain tumours, genetic damage, and other serious health threats.

To guard our health and protect us from radiation exposure, Mobile Safety has been distributing phone radiation safety accessories such as scientifically engineered mobile phone radiation cases, covers, headsets, pouches and more.

Mobile Safety has embraced social media as a central part of their marketing strategy. They use Facebook to increase their exposure to potential customers and have been growing their audience as many health-conscious people with the grassroots community mindset are interested in the issue. Facebook has also helped them build brand loyalty and has driven traffic to their website. Their Twitter account has helped their social visibility reaching new markets and elevating their brand awareness. They use it to better manage and monitor their reputation, and have been a platform to exchange ideas, information and feedbacks. They also have a Pinterest account where they are able to create storyboards through visual imagery and showcase their products. They use it for market research in determining interests, popularity and marketability.

We are in the new millennium and social media marketing should be part of every business strategy. So, if you’re not in on the game yet, it’s never too late to jump in.