Businesses around the world are rapidly seeing the benefits of social media. In fact, social media is becoming indispensable for business today. Social media allows businesses to reach new and existing markets and customize and expand their strategic communications. A lot of companies limit employee access to social media because it interferes with their work. But social media in the workplace? That’s right, Yammer is a private social network built for the enterprise. It provides a secure, stable and economical social networking capability designed for business of any size.

Yammer transforms the way companies work together by integrating other systems and business applications in a single social experience. Yammer enterprise social media is a social web community like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin all in one. Yammer equip business and government organizations with the power to search, find and combine information in order to reach out, connect and create conversations across all business lines in one central, secure location. It’s a new way of information retrieval, communication and collaboration.

Benefits of Yammer
Mobility and accessibility – Yammer can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, since all the information is in the cloud and is accessible in real time. The network has its Yammer app versions for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Reduce email clutter – being a social network Yammer streamlines the process of internal communication by reducing the need to send emails yet making important information easily accessible.

File sharing – files can be shared within the organization and saved in a given location for future reference. Store all your files in one place and create, share and discuss content without ever leaving your browser. Share documents, PDFs, images and videos across teams and get instant feedback. Upload new versions, so the latest draft is visible to everyone and access older versions at any time.

Archiving knowledge – files and information are saved in the cloud and can be accessed anytime, even if the person who made it is no longer in the organization. Ideas from every meeting and workshops are made available to members who could not attend them. Unlike email or IM, Yammer creates a searchable database of conversations from which anyone in the company can benefit, not just those who were a part of the original discussion.

Stay organized with Inbox – keep up with the conversations, follow the @mentions, group announcements, conversations and private messages that you’re a part of. Track the messages that need immediate responses in Priority Messages, and save others to read later in Unread Messages.

Connecting employees anywhere in the world – with Yammer business with offices in different locations can openly converse, share information, ask questions, find experts, get answers and discuss ideas in real time.

Promotes open communication – employees, managers and executives can listen and participate in two-way dialogues, improving internal communication and driving employee engagement. With Yammer, employees can engage in conversations, offer feedback and help drive business results together, no matter their job title or location.

Improves communication with the leadership – Yammer enables high level executives to communicate directly into the activity stream and engage every employee at ones. It gives employees an opportunity to interact in an unintimidating way with executive level.

Improves employee engagement – employees can get to know others in the organization with whom they might not work directly. With Yammer employees are given the voice and organizational silos are dissolved.

Promotes collaboration – people can collaborate effectively across departments, location and time zones. Open collaboration is more efficient collaboration. Yammer helps teams quickly adapt to change and work together more productively.

Creating a culture of mutual respect – with Yammer all employees are invited to participate without regard to rank, function, location or tenure. Comments and information carry more weight than the title of the person offering it.

Team building – by utilizing Yammer groups cross-functional teams can self-organize to solve specific problems and potential contributors can jump in to help. Align team members through a single collaborative workspace where you can discuss work, organize projects, and create content together in real time.

Help resolve work challenges – by allowing employees to” work out loud” on an open, connected platform duplication of work and limited access to experts are resolved. Companies can make the most of their human resources and technical investments.

Boosting productivity – by reducing the need to send emails and conduct meetings employees can focus on more important stuff. Having easy access to information improves productivity and employment relationships of their employees.

Yammer integration with SharePoint Online – you can add Yammer functionality to your SharePoint sites by adding Yammer to the navigation bar or by using the Yammer app to embed a Yammer feed on a site.

Yammer enterprise enables employees to better collaborate, engage and organize. These make them easily capture, generate and integrate new information and knowledge to deliver the best solutions and achieve the best business results. Yammer significantly increases organization’s speed in providing feedback, guidance and recognition to employees. The end results are reduced operating costs, improved employee acquisition and retention, improved productivity and ultimately, return on investment.