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This is a testimonial from our SEO client Greg Lawrence of Hearnet, about our search engine optimisation of his company’s website performed from May to August 2013.


I’ve known Stewart Dawes the director of Atomic Digital for over 20 years since we both worked in Perth electronic and print media in the 1990s but we’ve lived in different cities since 1999 and hadn’t seen each other except for a random bump-into at Sydney airport, for over 15 years.

When researching SEO providers to help our company Hearnet improve its rankings on Google, I was surprised to discover that Stewart had moved on from his long career in magazine publishing and was now on Linked In and ranking himself on Google for search terms to do with SEO in Sydney and Melbourne.

Stewart and his staff worked with me and my colleagues to ascertain 16 crucial search terms relating to hearing loss and hearing technology. This was exciting because most SEO companies only wanted to guarantee ranking our website for just one term. This was, excuse the pun, music to our ears.

He also excited us about the prospect of high rankings for very short string search terms – terms that SEO companies refused to touch – other SEO companies always wanted to add the city names to search phrases eg “hearing loss sydney” but we knew that since Google now knows the location of users and provides search results much more allied to their regions, that searchers can increasingly be lazy and not have to use the name of their town or city in a wide range of searches. Stewart said that while no SEO result is guaranteed, he fights for the short strong phrase first because a win for high volume short-string searches is extremely conducive to fast traffic growth.

After 2 months of Stewart’s SEO campaign, I have to say, we were under pressure. There had not been discernible jumps in our rankings. I flew from our base in Melbourne up to Sydney for a meeting with Stewart. He asked me to relax and be confident that the intense groundwork his company had been engaged in was laying a most solid foundation for extremely high rankings. He said the groundwork done was so deep that we had to be patient but that typically around the 10-12 week mark of his campaigns is when the rankings fire upwards. At that moment there was nothing I could do but take him at his word.

Only the following week we noticed a big jump – a number of our most crucial rankings leapt from pretty well nowhere – some had started out not being seen in the first ten pages of searches – yet they leapt onto the lower end of the first page of Google. At this point we started to have faith.

In the next couple of weeks the rankings continued to strengthen with many now situated right at the top of Google’s first page – here’s some rankings we achieved at the 3-month mark of our SEO campaign:

1. Hearing Loss
18,100 local searches – within Australia – per month.
120 million search results
We’re delighted to now rank #2 for this.

2. Hearing Technology
We’re fascinated with the result here – not just #1 for this term, but also #2 and #3. It’s exciting to get a 2nd result, but a 3rd, and all three at #1, #2 and #3 – this represents significant industry profile for us.

3. Hearing Problems
Again a remarkable double result with our website now showing at #2 and #3 for this crucial search term.

4. Hearing Aids
A massively competitive term which is crucial for our position in our industry. At the start of this SEO campaign our website was not seen for the first ten pages of search results. While there’s still work to be done as we now rank #9 and #10, we’re still the only industry presence with two rankings appearing on the first page.

5. Hearing Devices
At the start of the campaign we were not seen in the first ten pages of Google, now while unable to budge hearing.com.au who have been established a lot longer than us from their positions at #1, #2 and #, we at least follow up nicely at #4 and #5. With 5,400 local searches per month, this is a crucial term for industry visibility.

Having gained these exceptional rankings after just a 3-month SEO campaign, we’re now preparing SEO strategies for our 11 other most crucial terms. Our website traffic has significantly increased based on the above results and industry peers have also been reporting seeing our brand much more frequently.

I certainly recommend Stewart and Atomic Digital for their tell-it-like-it-is honesty, SEO program development and management, and of course most importantly, their exceptional ranking results.

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