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Just as social media is changing the media landscape, so employee programs in financial education and workplace wellbeing are bringing businesses in Australia out of the dark ages – at last …

With all the noise at the moment with changes to the Australian superannuation system and the increase in compulsory contributions your employer makes, the reduction in the cash rates to the lowest in 30 years and the pending budget release, is there anything that is worth knowing that can benefit you, your workplace/community and your family ?

Why don’t we know about these things and how can we make sense? Financial education is boring and best left to the gurus? Well that is wrong, having a base understanding of the fundamentals can improve your financial decision making, avoid unscrupulous investment decisions and reduce financial stress and distress that can effect your health, focus, job performance and relationships.

Future map runs fun exciting and personally relevant financial education programs in the workplace to improve wellbeing and productivity.

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