One of our most recent clients, the Counselling & Hypnosis Institute of Australia, contacted us with a desire to start ranking on Google via their new website.

Our first target was to rank them for a first broad search term – hypnosis training course sydney – and so we implemented Onsite SEO as well as publishing a first Offsite SEO article on our 11-year-old West Coast Cafes website.

After this Offsite SEO article took off and ranked for this phrase at #6 on Google, dragging the client’s website onto the first two pages, we began to focus on shorter string searches.

After starting their SEO program at the start of November, 2012, we were pleased to observe, on 16 November 2012, their first ranking for “hypnosis training” at #53 and for the lesser-search-trafficked “hypnosis course” they chimed in at #50.

Just one month later, these search results, for terms which are highly competitive, when checked today, 14 December 2012, are showing a #20 for “hypnosis training” and also a #20 for “hypnosis course” – which means after just six weeks the client is onto the 2nd page of Google.

Adding to the intrigue, the client also scored a #20 for “hypnosis training sydney“.

Hardly the stuff worthy of a literary tome, you might say.

On Friday 30 November we published two additional Offsite SEO articles on well-aged media websites (one website exactly 10 years old, the other 13 years old) which we ask SEO-ed for closely-related key search terms as follows:

Hypnosis Training

Clinical Hypnosis Training

These articles have not been heavily linked to yet, so there’s still significant space to move as far as creating our “rivers of gold” – first step in the early months, our “ramp-up phase”, is getting all the ducks in their rows.