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Recently we’ve started working on SEO for Habitat Furniture in Sydney’s inner west – Hurlstone Park to be exact.

To give you some sense of what we’re targeting for them, here’s some of their most crucial search terms that they’re gaining ground on:

Furniture Sydney – ranking #16 out of 50.7 million results. 90,500 searches per month. The holy grail.

TV Units Sydney – ranking #6 out of 754,000 results. Yet only 720 monthly searches.

Entertainment Units Sydney – ranking #3 out of 760,000 results

Coffee Tables Sydney – ranking #1 and #2 out of 391,000 results. 1,000 monthly searches.

Dining Tables Sydney – #8 out of 680,000 results. 2,400 monthly searches.

For a small family-owned boutique furniture store to be out-ranking many of the big furniture brands, including that Swedish one that’s lobbed in their backyard in Tempe, shows how SEO can be a giant-killing pursuit. In our rich-getting-richer culture, seeing a few Davids turning the tables on a few Goliaths is refreshing, if not darn right unusual.

Other results we found:

Buy Wardrobe Sydney #2 and #3

Wardrobes Sydney #42 ~ needs work ~ hence on-page text changes made & another round of links to be installed. 8,100 monthly searches.

Wine Racks Sydney #5 of the organic results. 390 monthly searches.

Furniture Warehouses Sydney #3 organic result. 880 monthly searches.

Furniture Shops Sydney #4 organic result. 8,100 monthly results.

Furniture Stores Sydney #12. 8,100 monthly results.