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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is now a basic requirement for the effective marketing of any business, in Australia and around the world. Google page rankings are the yellow pages of NOW, and getting to the top of that list is how your customers find you before they find your competitors. We have proven formulas in place to dramatically increase your visibility in all the search engines.

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Often the best way to showcase our SEO work is through living examples, and so let’s take a brief look at our client The Health Arts College.

Here’s the terms which this natural therapy college is most interested in ranking for:

Kinesiology Melbourne with their Melbourne campus website currently ranking at #4 with an organic result, we’re now chasing a higher result for this website than #33 for the single word kinesiology

Kinesiology Adelaide currently ranking at #5 and #6 but only 140 searches made per month

Kinesiology Perth with their Perth website having very rapidly ascended to a number 2 for this term, thanks to an Offsite SEO article we published for them on a Perth website, it’s encouraging that this website has also ranked at #28 for the single term kinesiology

Kinesiology Sydney with 480 searches per month, a double-ranking #5 and #6 for kinesiology courses sydney and a double-rank for kinesiology training sydney, this website is also now taking a shot at ranking for the single term kinesiology

Kinesiology Brisbane #5 organic ranking with 480 local searches performed per month – and also looking to grow their single-word result from #94 for kinesiology

Aromatherapy Melbourne with a fantastic double-ranking #3 and #4 this site is now gearing up for highest possible ranking for the single term aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Adelaide – their website is ranked at #3 and so shortening the odds for a ranking for the term aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Perth – a #1 ranking out out 1.1 million results means that this site also can now have a crack at higher rankings for the term aromatherapy

Aromatherapy Sydney – a #6 ranking means time to shoot for other Sydney results once this goes a bit higher.

Beauty Therapy Melbourne with a #2 ranking out of 783,000 rankings – and a healthy 1900 searchers per month finding them, the next step is certainly to go for simple beauty therapy (33,000 searches per month)

Reflexology Melbourne – a #4 organic ranking means it’s time to tackle both Google Places and shoot for the single word reflexology

Remedial Massage Melbourne although they are # for remedial massage course melbourne they are #26 for the shorter form – so when we see this, that’s what we go to work improving.

Remedial Massage Perth – currently a modest result, a number 8 for this search phrase.

Remedial Massage Adelaide – also a number 8 but with the SEO due for a 2nd round, watch this space as it will surely rank higher in the near future.

*All results researched on 12 July 2012 using Safari on an iMac in Sydney with web history turned off. Results may vary based on any variations to these criteria.

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