What does your business plan to get out of Facebook? Currently there are millions of failed “Business Profile” pages on Facebook, but there are also thousands of very successful ones. Most small to medium businesses use Facebook poorly, stumbling along without a clear plan and certainly not with the kind of strategy & momentum required to achieve the profitability they desire.

One of the most exciting areas of Facebook is the continual innovations happening in Facebook Mobile – especially considering that already 47% of businesses are using mobile technology to promote themselves. Whether you’re looking for training so that you and/or your staff can get the most out of Facebook and stay at the cutting edge, or whether you want a company to manage the entire first phase, anywhere from 3 months to 12 months, we have many happy clients who are developing their Facebook ROI fast.

Wanting to get going on Facebook ASAP? With 700 million users, 500 million of whom log in daily, we hope you do. We’ll empower you with clear strategies so you know what you’re doing with your personal page, and separately with your fan page: eg your fan page is maximised to attract hundreds of “likes” by offering a free gift, give-away or discount which your fans get by providing their email addresses – so you rapidly build your database.

A Facebook management company with 8 years of social media management & development to draw upon. Our Sydney & Melbourne clients stay with us because we find their most authentic fans and followers through dedicated location and demographic interactions. These fans and followers then stay pretty much forever.

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