Atomic Social Media Company
Atomic Social Media has brought together many of the most passionate online writers, bloggers, designers and social media managers in Australia under one umbrella, so we’re able to offer effective brand expansion across multiple social media platforms.

Stewart Dawes – social media lecturer, communication fanatic, SEO guru and publisher of online media websites since 1998.

Rob Jarmyn – corporation-builder, the man behind the global expansion of Naturopathica and the founding of Bodytrim.

Sudha Hamilton – national sales manager of publications such as WellBeing Magazine, Conscious Living Magazine and Eco-Living Magazine, online publisher of multiple blogs and e-books.

Mike Breen – ultra-focussed SEO champ.

Caroline Bassac – brand development manager across Europe and Canada, social media manager specialising in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In and Pinterest.

Claire Felices – Asia & Australasia social media manager.

Christine Buhay – writer, blogger and info-creator par excellence.

Lourdes Lapso – health writer, editor of Cancer News & social media targeted audience development guru.

Paul Harvey – techy geek SEO coder.

Dean Ranel – high resolution Youtube video creator, a one-stop shop for camera-work, editing, sound production and video dissemination.

Saul Khan – writer, tattooist, Newtown-dweller, purveyor of all things alternative.

Kaye Tee – in-house logo and website designer, trouble-shooter, old website renovator.

Tanja Bulatovic – ex-Melbourne writer & blogger now instagramming for us in France.

James Wallis Martin – uber-geek chief programmer.

Sakiko Kilernan – roaming instagrammer.

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