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Social Media Workshops

How is social media best used by business? To promote special offers and new products? To save money on interactions with customers? And which platforms create the most positive effect? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even Pinterest? In our workshops attendees learn practical everyday social media skills, while accessing the chance to be inspired by the possibilities.

Looking for in-house training, or for workshops for your own pre-gathered group? From post-grad business student workshops at universities to local government groups to high-end corporate presentations, we do them all – and can tailor our workshops to suit your industry.

Please Note as of 14 October 2013: As most of our workshops are now delivered in-house to corporate organisations, government departments or to universities, we no longer advertise specific public workshops to individual business owners and marketers.

We’re still interested in receiving expressions of interest from small to medium business owners, and when sufficient like-minded people with like-minded objectives and similar levels of aptitude can be brought together in a group, we will then contact people to organise a workshop date.

Apologies if this sounds complicated but the alternative is having attendees competing with each other for wildly varying information requirements – and it’s very difficult to find common ground when one person is attending whose business has 10,000 Facebook fans and they’re sitting next to someone who’s never done a social media post before.

If you’re in business for yourself you may decide to ask other similar-level small business people if they’ll join you in forming a group – with 6 attendees confirmed, workshops become viable.

Further alternatives are one-on-one face-to-face training (subject to travel/distance) and also our social media management programs which start from as little as $220 per month per social media platform and which include training as part of the service.

This is by far the most effective solution for small business people as your get your profile/s promoted via our  high-traffic established social media network (something small business people cannot access when doing it by themselves) plus you get ongoing consultation & education Рwhile also having your social media managed and expanded for you.

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