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Twitter’s growing popularity, its use in the mainstream media and integration in mobile devices, presents an attractive promotional platform. Twitter is definitely still growing …

This micro-blogging service is referred to daily by almost every journalist – and for those who use it properly, its ROI is excellent.

But is your company using it properly?

We wouldn’t be without it, and we don’t want you to be without it either.

Whether you want social media training in the form of workshops, ongoing courses, one-on-one coaching – or whether you’d prefer to leave it all to us so you can concentrate on the task of running your business, this is what we’re here for.

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James Wallis MartinCaroline BassacTanja BulatovicSharon DawesCelebrate China!stewart dawesLinda ZivnustkovaPete Cashmore

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Linked In?
We don't just get you on these platforms, we get your business looking like a progressive, enlightened, media-savvy company.
Enjoy the difference - transcend critical mass, find your audience, attract many new customers, experience positive ROI.
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