Social Media Industry Stars in 2017

Social Media Industry Stars in 2017

Feb. 3, 2017 by

Recent data show that only a third of the businesses in the country have an active online presence. One of the reasons why is that some business owners believe that there is no need for them to establish an online presence. High maintenance costs and lack of social media management skills are also factors to this decision.

The companies that developed their social media profiles do face challenges in terms of social media marketing. Even Australian call girls encounter stumbling blocks when creating their online profile. According to Hootsuite, content creation, content distribution and social media measurement are the biggest hurdles for businesses when marketing their brand. Having said that, there are Australian businesses that are regarded social media industry stars in 2017 for their unique and effective digital campaigns. Here are some of them.

Social Media Industry Stars in 2017

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Gelato Messina is a good model of a small business that is taking advantage of social media. This gelato chain is active on social media, especially on Instagram. In fact, they have at least 167,000 followers on Instagram and more than 300,000 photos on the platform for the Messina hashtag. Since Messina is a food business, their posts across all their social media channels are mostly mouth-watering desserts that deserve the food porn hashtag. Despite being a small business, Gelato Messina managed to gather 120,000 followers on Facebook and Twitter.

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Believe it or not, Black Milk Clothing only employs social media campaigns in expanding its business and in promoting its brand. Their social media accounts are more than pages, but have developed into a community where members share their stories to other girls. The clothing line’s designer is also on social media, which makes it easy for fans to make suggestions on how to improve the company’s designs. All in all, Black Milk Clothing has more than 1.8 million followers across their social media channels.

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The company was inspired by Palm beach where the owners spent their childhood days. Decades later, they come up with a line of products that gives this nostalgic feeling about Sydney’s marvelous coastal scenery. By using Instagram and other social media channels, Palm Beach Collection promotes their products through original and artistic posts. The strategy is pretty simple; they are focused on the product. There’s no need for texts and funny memes for the photos of their products alone can stand on its own and deliver the message right to the audience.

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Second to None Nutrition is a small business based in North Queensland. However, this did not stop the company from selling workout supplements in all parts of the world. In fact, they managed to keep half a million followers on Facebook alone. Aside from product plugs, their social media pages share good-humored posts that always go viral.

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Pearly Whites Australia is a company that sells in-home teeth whitening kits and products. By exploiting the full potential of social media in terms of digital marketing, the company managed to grow its operations by 10,000 percent in less than a year. Even with a limited budget, the owners were able to create generic ads in which customers can feel and establish a connection with them.

The Best Social Media Channels in 2017

The Best Social Media Channels in 2017

Feb. 3, 2017 by

As The Huffington Post puts it, social media is a big game changer not only in digital marketing, but in almost everything. Through the best social media channels in 2017, specifically targeting the potential clients is a lot easier. Having said that, choosing the right social media platform for your brand can be quite challenging. Since there are lots of social media channels to use, one might think that jumping on board all of these platforms is the best way to reach more people. But that is not always the case.

Using social media for your business is huge in Australia. As a matter of fact, Sensis Social Media reported that at least half of the country’s population use social media channels daily. If ever you are planning to increase your online presence and boost your digital marketing efforts, here are the best social media channels in 2017 and the new features that they offer.

The Best Social Media Channels in 2017

  • Facebook

As per Social Media News Australia, the most used social media platform in Australia is Facebook. Its new features are getting bigger, says Mashable. For marketers, they can reach more people through Facebook’s mid-roll ads. Under such scheme, Facebook users will see a 20-second ads while in the middle of watching videos on their feed. Adverts highlighting Sydney liaison content should take advantage of this new ad strategy.

Other site features and updates this 2017 include the Live Audio where users will listen to audio content from marketers and those with podcasts; news feed customisation; a Legacy Contact where users can choose people who can manage their account when they die; and create a more controlled photo montage of your children through Facebook’s Scrapbook.

  • Youtube

According to Tech First Post, Youtube users in Canada will soon be able to streamline the way they share Youtube videos. They can add contacts to the post they want to share. This way, users don’t have to send the link individually to people you want to see the video.

The new feature starts to roll out in Canada, through the Youtube application. It is expected that other users around the world will soon be able to share videos this way.

  • Instagram

With a strong 5 million daily users, Instagram is gearing up with major new app features. As per Paste Magazine, the app’s “Save” feature is a game changer in Internet marketing. By saving a post, a new marketing element is added, that is, the emotion.

For regular Instagram users, they can now like comments on their posts, disable comments, remove followers and add stickers on their posts.

  • LinkedIn

Before 2016 ends, LinkedIn re-vamped its users’ desktop experience. The website’s new look can be likened to Facebook’s interface. According to Tech Crunch, LinkedIn’s new design is much simpler and gives an app-like semblance. Users can now also create messages without going to another page.

The Microsoft-owned company will introduce their own version of “chat bots.” It’s not really your usual annoying chat bots, but think of them as your little helper in navigating the new page and in breaking the ice with other people.

  • Twitter

With more than 3.8 million daily Australian users, Twitter is one of the best platforms in terms of digital marketing. This 2017, there will be new Twitter trends that will change the social media marketing game. For instance, the “Instant Unlock Card” feature will help businesses and marketers in enlarging their customer engagement rate. It works in the form of a conversational advertisement that has a click to action (CTA) button or custom hashtags. Moreover, there are speculations that Twitter will increase the character limit of Tweets. From 140 characters, a single Tweet can now contain 10,000 characters.

  • WhatsApp

According to company data, WhatsApp has at least 4 million daily active users in the country. This 2017, experts anticipate Snapchat-like new features of this popular social media channel. There are also reports that iOS users will now be able to make voice and video calls, and even send messages by integrating Siri to the application. There will also be a new built-in editing tool called Scrabble, where app users can crop their photo instantly. In addition, they can put emojis, stickers and texts on the pictures right after being shot using WhatsApp’s camera. A front-facing flash and GIF support will also be introduced by the developers this year.

Horse Racing Social Media Driving Punters To Mobile Apps

Dec. 18, 2015 by

Horse racing has been increasing in popularity especially over the social medial. The reason behind this can be attributed to the huge success of online gambling. As a result, several gambling outlets have integrated their services over the internet in an effort to reach an even bigger audience. This includes horse racing and as such, horse racing bets can now be done at the comfort of one’s home.

Online gambling isn’t the only thing that is new especially in this modern day and age. Several innovations and technologies are introduced with regards to online gambling making them much more accessible than ever before. As such, almost anyone can try them for their own. Horse racing in particular has received its fair share of innovations especially with the emergence of sportsbet mobile app.

With the help of mobile apps, a huge number of individuals are able to participate in sports bet at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. One can engage in such activity even when they are not at the confines of their home. This is reason why more and more individuals are drawn to sports bet.

Multitasking has also become very much possible with these mobile apps. Back then, people need to dedicate a considerable amount of their time just to see the racing results. However, today you can just keep yourselves preoccupied with other task or activities at hand as you check for updates about horse betting results right straight through your mobile phones.

The use of online betting mobile apps has also paved the way in integrating social media posts and updates. For instance, ProGroupRacing has setup several social media profiles which can be found over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This allows their followers to have the latest updates and results about horse bets. As such, their fans and followers only need to check their social media feeds to see the updates appear right in front of them. This in turn, make horse betting results much more seamless and easy to follow. Twitter updates are a little more condensed and their Instagram posts can show some winning moments. Several announcements are posted in their social media pages as well which adds to that extra incentive in following them over the internet.

Mobile gambling has indeed increased in popularity especially with the huge amount of convenience that it provides to their users. With that being said, online users are warned against dangers of app-based gambling. Experts in the field of gambling addiction say online and app-based gambling have the potential to ruin the lives of millions of people around the country. Gambling in any shape or form should always be practiced in moderation. Even though online and mobile gambling is accessible, this does not mean that you must spend the entire day checking your phones constantly for updates. Gambling whether it is done over the internet or through your phone should be done as a hobby or a means for recreation and not something that you obsess with. If you adhere to such rules then you will have little to no problems engaging in horse racing over the social media with the use of mobile apps. You can find out more about them over the internet.

Cleaners Obsessive & Compulsive About Social Media

Sep. 28, 2015 by

Social media today is being used in a variety of unique and innovative ways. Aside from using it to get in touch with your loved ones and friends, others find social media to be the way to express your opinions and insights about different subject matters. On the other hand, companies and business owners make good use of the huge popularity of the social media by creating their own social media profile which helps improve their overall online presence.

Cleaning companies find it important to have their services easily accessible to a wide variety of audience. In such cases they decide to slowly shift their attention over the internet where the online community is vast and expansive. They are able to keep themselves up to date with the latest innovation and trends online which helps attract new customers and fans alike. This is a reason why a number of individuals have setup their respective social media accounts for their fans to follow. With that being said, not everyone is able to find success with regards to their social media profile, particularly with regards in the cleaning industry.

There is no denying that cleaning definitely is a niche market to follow over the social media. Online users don’t necessarily track the activities of a cleaning company as they often engage with them only in times of need. You will find no shortage of Sydney cleaners both online and offline but it is quite apparent that not everyone has setup and established their very own social media profile for very right reasons.

Some cleaning companies have made the attempt to get themselves be heard over the social media. However, success is something which a huge number of companies find it hard to grasp. This is the reason why it a lot of cleaning companies think twice before setting up a social media profile for them online. Let us look at some of the noteworthy examples of cleaning companies who are not doing very well over the social media. cleaning companies look like a lot of these which is very one-dimensional, perfunctory broadcast-style tweets and has little to no engagement.

On the other hand, has the best, cleanest name, but after 2 tweets – they gave up. This is clearly not a good sign for getting a spic ’n span cleaning job out of them. is another fine example of someone who just gave up on social media leaving the account inactive.

The following social media profiles, and are cleaning companies who were also unsuccessful in reaching a great number of followers over the social media.

Is it worth being a cleaner on social media? Probably not. You’re not very likely to clean up the internet either. In such cases, it is best to focus your attention in improving the quality of service that your provide to your clients. Those who have OCD may find it important to always keep their surroundings clean and well organized. They are able to benefit greatly from the services of a professional cleaning company as they provide to the much needed assistance to their clients on a regular day to day basis, making it much easier to handle clutter and filth around the house.

Natural Therapists on Social Media: From Osteopaths to Yoga Instructors

Sep. 25, 2015 by

Natural therapists are embracing social media fully as they have setup their services over the internet for ease of access and use. Online users are able to get in touch with them in a timely and effective manner. They are able to have most of their inquiries and concerns answered with the help of social media. In addition, these online users who follow such people will most likely become potential customers in the near future. This is the reason why you will find no shortage of natural therapist on social media, ranging from osteopaths to yoga instructors.

You can find a lot of Osteopaths in Sydney that are available in varied locales. This gives clients tons of options to choose from especially if they look for such services online. Different osteopaths in different regions are available for access on a regular day to day basis. For instance, if you are near the area, Balmain Osteopaths may be the most convenient osteopathy clinic for you and your family. As mentioned earlier, natural therapist can now be found online and a simple lookup will produce a huge number of results. Listed below are some of its examples.

  1. SCNM

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine is one of five accredited naturopathic medical schools in the US who makes use of social media.

  1. Natural Health Mag

Natural Health is the UK’s leading glossy magazine on complementary therapies and holistic living.

  1. Reset.Me

Reset.Me is an independent journalism site that covers natural therapies and medicines.

  1. AR Spine & Pain

Arkansas Spine & Pain is Central Arkansas leading program for the management, treatment, & rehabilitation for spine & pain relief & sports-related injuries.

  1. Conscious Living Expo

Conscious Living Expo brings together practitioners and businesses to showcase a range of choices for living consciously through food and nutrition, sustainable environment, health and wellbeing, creative arts and spirituality

  1. NTP Health

NTP has a wide range of health and beauty products and a certified Biodynamic farm at Gloucester which is perfect l for natural therapy.

  1. Dr. Brooksie Ash

Dr. Brooksie Ash is a practicing chiropractor/acupuncturist/registered dietitian with over 20 years experience in the health care field.

  1. Ava Monroe

Ava Monroe is a friendly & fully qualified yoga teacher who provides services available for Schools, Colleges, Corporate and Individuals.

  1. Fulham Osteopaths

This is an osteopathy & natural therapy clinic in West London which specializes in care of the whole family.

  1. Stuart Bentley

Stuart Bentley is an Osteopath specialising in Sports Injuries, Neck & Shoulder problems.

  1. Emma Hayward

Emma Hayward is an osteopath and pilates teacher at Hoxton Square Pilates and Nunhead Osteopathy Practice.

  1. Jaime A. Heidel

Jaime A. Heidel runs an active website as she blog about natural therapies and treatments.

These are just some of the many natural therapists on social media. Be sure to follow one of these personalities to keep you up to date with the latest news and posts about natural therapy. If ever you are in need of natural form of treatment, you can easily get in touch with the professionals especially the ones that you are following over the social media. Start following them today!

Lawyers Social Media: Industry Experts Show Their Expertise

Sep. 25, 2015 by

Nowadays it is important for professionals to get themselves be heard especially over the online community making it easy for them to gain followers and fans. Their opinions matter to a huge number of individuals and having access to their posts online provides a huge amount of convenience on the online user’s part. This is made easy through the use of social media and a lot of individuals are making good of its services today. They have millions of online users each with their own respective different profession and trade. Lawyers are also slowly shifting their attention towards the internet which opens the door to new opportunities for them.

There is no denying the huge popularity of social media websites with millions of active online users on a regular day to day basis. Facebook and Twitter have become one of the staples of social media making them quite popular to the online community. In fact, almost everyone have already setup and establish either a Facebook or Twitter account for themselves. Companies find this huge popularity to be a good opportunity to get the attention of the online audience.

Lawyers especially require much needed exposure and it can be hard to gather them locally where your reach is limited. However, social media knows no bound and this makes it possible to acquire fans and followers around the world. Aside from interacting with your friend and loved ones, Facebook or Twitter can be used to establish a leading staff member in your organisation as the public face of your company. This is the perfect opportunity for a staff member to show their expertise as well as show that they’re up to date with current legislation. This in turn makes a personal brand become a professional brand.

The online community loves following active and up to date personalities over the social media. This is the reason why it is vital for lawyers to not get left behind with the latest innovations and trends and one of it is through social media integration of their services. With it, these professionals are able to interact freely with their fans as well as share their insights and opinions with the current legislation in a timely and efficient manner.

Of course, for social media to work, you will need a great deal of fans and followers. This does not happen automatically or overnight and not everyone was able to find success over the social media.  It requires a great deal of work, and guidance by an experienced social media company. This makes it possible to achieve the much needed exposure over the internet.

It is good to hear that social media is being used in a very creative manner with a huge number of industry experts slowly shifting their attention towards them. This has made it definitely easier to follow and track different companies and personalities, and of course, lawyers as well. Having access to these professionals over the social media makes it easy to get in touch with them personality. Furthermore, they can setup topics which encourage the online community to get them involved in the discussion as well. You may require their services in the future. In such cases, be sure to look for lawyers over the social media and start following their activity today.

What A Social Media Strategist Can Do For Your Business

Jan. 20, 2014 by

social media strategist

What is a social media strategist exactly? What do they do and how important are they in a business? Will you benefit from hiring one? Read on to know how they can help you improve your business and make a buzz in the social media scene.

In this modern and digital era, social media has the power to reach people. It is not enough to just create a social media presence, you need to utilize and maximize the benefits to your advantage – this is where a social media strategist comes in.

A social media strategist is an expert that assists a company in establishing a dependable and adaptable social media plan to flourish its image. The optimization and implementation of content and engagement strategies for social media are among a social media strategist’s strength. This entails brand marketing to project a decent public profile whilst creating and building its image and increasing the size of its following.

Good social media strategists understand online and digital marketing, and aims to make all social media platforms successful. They keep track of statistics and generate useful and shareable content so that you and the rest of the world can share them. Part of their job is developing a solid social strategy that can carry meticulous content to the attention of the right target audience.

Social media strategists keep your business goals in mind. They treat your business as their own – your success is their success. They also utilize social media for key areas like customer service as well as crisis management. They have the capability of expanding your market and bring you closer to your clients, keeping the company in the eyes of the consumers.

Social Media Strategists provide a valuable service. They provide immense help in effectively managing your online presence so you can concentrate on developing your business. With social media’s growing phenomenon, they just might be what you need to take your business to the top.


Image for Facebook

Facebook Marketing Agency Sydney: Facebook For Business

Jan. 17, 2014 by

Image for Facebook

Facebook Marketing is used to boost a business brand by utilizing all the mediums and applications that would mostly be used for social networking. With over 1 billion users and still growing, Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world.

Facebook updated its News Feed ranking algorithm late last year. This change, according to Facebook aims to show users more relevant content in their News Feeds. So, what does this mean? It means that if you want to reach more people, you’re going to have to pay for it. Cutting down on a brand’s organic post reach by delivering primarily paid messaging to a user’s News Feed changes the promise and opportunities for brands.

The ever-changing social web can be difficult to nail down with specific and enduring best practices. With the recent Facebook algorithm changes, posts from brands and businesses have seen a huge decrease in traffic. With all of these changes, quality content remains to be the key to any successful social campaign and you will need a good agency that knows quality content best to help you achieve that.

Here are some ways our Facebook Marketing Agency can help your business.

We help you make the most of your business page, not just by listing your product offerings and services but by sharing links, images and posts to give a better sense of your business personality and character.

We aid in increasing your fan engagement. We ensure to keep posts interesting, useful and shareable. They have to be not only informative, but also entertaining to make the readers like it enough to share in their community as well.

We make it a point to show your audience your human side.

Benefit from the network of businesses that are already in our stable. We share your business content on different social platforms that we have which opens up the possibility of having it spread virally ultimately expanding your reach beyond traditional channels.

Develop a loyal fan base as we make it a point to post useful and relevant content consistently and advise you on different promotional campaigns or incentives that can help expand your fan base.

We monitor and keep track of the activities on your page and make sure to respond to comments or feedback and continue to interact with your fans in a timely manner.

We assist you in building your brand credibility by providing information and spreading your core brand message to fortify brand awareness.

We help you build, create and nurture relationships by connecting with your audience on a personal level.

We aid in harnessing awareness of your brand through regular communication so more people know about you, and with interesting content, positively get more likes and shares from visitors.

We help you attract and win new customers by showcasing your customer testimonials and special deals whilst reinforcing your brand with current customers.

We ensure to display the multiple and varied aspects of your business, whilst staying true to the core of what your brand values and principles are.

We help provide good customer service. We make certain to give a prompt response to every question or even complaints from your customers and escalate if need be the issues that needs attention.

Our online marketing strategies will help strengthen the reach of your brand and with the different social media channels we have, you’ll benefit from the traffic that can drive more followers to your page and increase your online footprint.

We help you showcase your products and services, highlighting your brand identity by sharing news about your products, services and projects.

We help provide your business with a vast amount of visibility, exposure, and popularity and give it a good impression.

We do our best to help your brand stand out from the rest of your competition.



Reasons You Should Outsource Your Social Media Management

Sep. 16, 2013 by

Atomic-Social-Media-SEOHave you joined the wonderful world of social media? If not, well, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and jump right in! In this digital age, Social media’s importance to businesses cannot be stressed enough. It is used as a powerful tool to encourage online traffic as well as a way to boost brand recognition. An effective marketing tool for most businesses is building social media sites that link to their network. Contrary though to many other marketing techniques, the duration needed to utilize this tool to your advantage is much greater.

Managing social media platforms demand time, and when I say time, I mean lots and lots of it! To implement a successful social media campaign, someone has to stay on top of things and outsourcing social media management is the best way to go.

With the various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media sites gaining popularity, the need for interaction and engagement with a much bigger audience and potential customers also increases. For a website to be thriving in building up your business, it requires being perpetually updated and promoted so  it  stays significant with  users.

As a business owner, you can’t wear too many hats. Self-managing a social media account can be too much and you may end up ultimately losing focus on other business concerns that need attention. Here are some of the reasons why you should outsource your social media management:

  • An expert properly managing your online presence and is on track with the constant changes of social media marketing, tools & technology
  • Guaranteed content spawned on all sites synchronized
  • Reliable and regular posts and updates on all networks
  • Monitoring and managing engagement with customers and potential clients
  • Costs less than training or hiring an employee and providing insurance & benefits
  • Audience growth and reaching a larger demographic

Outsourcing social media management means having a dedicated person or team manage your various accounts for you so you can focus on doing what you do best – growing your business! You do get the picture, right?

Welcome to Atomic Social Media & SEO Management Agency. Our clients rave about being fast-tracked on social media as we use only best practice community marketing methods to attract their targeted audiences to them. We service clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, regional Australia and also London and Hong Kong. 


Employee Programs in Financial Education & Workplace Wellbeing

May. 8, 2013 by

employee programs financial education workplace wellbeing australia

Just as social media is changing the media landscape, so employee programs in financial education and workplace wellbeing are bringing businesses in Australia out of the dark ages – at last …

With all the noise at the moment with changes to the Australian superannuation system and the increase in compulsory contributions your employer makes, the reduction in the cash rates to the lowest in 30 years and the pending budget release, is there anything that is worth knowing that can benefit you, your workplace/community and your family ?

Why don’t we know about these things and how can we make sense? Financial education is boring and best left to the gurus? Well that is wrong, having a base understanding of the fundamentals can improve your financial decision making, avoid unscrupulous investment decisions and reduce financial stress and distress that can effect your health, focus, job performance and relationships.

Future map runs fun exciting and personally relevant financial education programs in the workplace to improve wellbeing and productivity.

Alisdair Barr
0405 138 613

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Social Media in France ~ English Version

Jun. 13, 2012 by

To read the French version of this article click here: Social Media in France.

We are witnessing high growth in companies on social networks in France – despite a lack of skills internally. However, if more and more companies are in effect on these social networks, they are not necessarily active. Indeed, the study reveals that Cegos only two businesses would be considered truly “active” on its interactive profiles.

Three years ago, it was still unusual to see a French company on social media. Apart from the precursors of the phenomenon 2.0 for corporate communications, the media were seen as reserved for a pure person. Today, ten times more companies have entered the race for interactive communication and the phenomenon is still accelerating.

Facebook being the most popular platform, here is a ranking of the top 10 French companies on Facebook and their commitment rate:

Free Mobile : 4.1528%
Tahiti Tourisme France : 2.1871%
Renault 4 : 1.6968%
Avon France : 2.2906%
Alsace : 1.0753%
Vies de chats avec Whiskas : 1.0753%
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto France : 1.0628%
Mercedes-Benz France : 1.0022%
Opel FRANCE : 0.9782%
Pâté Hénaff : 0.9509 %

The commitment rate is more relevant than the number of fans to a fan page because it reflects the real involvement of fans in relation to publications. It is calculated as follows:

Who says new medium, says new resources internally. It was then emerge a rise of “Community Managers”. 28% of French companies have created one or more positions dedicated to managing their social media. These are mainly large companies (57% of them) and banking and insurance sector (50%). It is still a small percentage, of the fact of outsourcing this function frequently with communications agencies specializing in digital communication.

And you, where are you in your transition to new technologies? Atomic Social Media can assist you to boost your online presence and engage with your customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we’d love to talk with you over coffee!

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Social Media in France ~ French Version

May. 29, 2012 by

To read this article in English, click here: Social Media in France.

Nous assistons à une forte croissance des entreprises sur les réseaux sociaux en France malgré un certain manque de compétences en interne. Néanmoins, si de plus en plus d’entreprises sont en effets présentes sur les réseaux sociaux, elles ne sont pas forcément actives. En effet, l’étude Cegos révèle qu’une entreprise sur deux seulement serait considérée comme étant réellement « active » sur ses profils interactifs.

Trois années en arrière, il était encore rare d’apercevoir une entreprise française sur les médias sociaux. Hormis les précurseurs du phénomène 2.0 pour la communication de l’entreprise, ces médias étaient considérés comme réservés à un usage purement personne. Aujourd’hui, dix fois plus d’entreprises ont fait leur entrée dans la course à la communication interactive et le phénomène est encore en pleine accélération.

Facebook étant la plateforme la plus populaire, voici un classement des 10 meilleurs entreprises françaises sur Facebook au regard de leur taux d’engagement :

Le taux d’engagement est bien plus pertinent que le nombre de fans d’une fan page car il traduit l’implication réelle des fans par rapport aux publications. Il se calcule de la manière suivante :





Qui dit nouveau moyen de communication, dit nouvelles ressources en interne. C’est alors qu’apparait une montée en puissance des « gestionnaires de communauté ». 28% des entreprises françaises ont créé un ou plusieurs postes dédiés à la gestion de leurs médias sociaux. Il s’agit principalement des grandes entreprises (57% d’entre elles) et du secteur banque-assurance (50%). C’est encore un faible pourcentage, du au fait de l’externalisation fréquente de cette fonction avec des agences de communications spécialisées dans la communication digitale.

Et vous, où en êtes vous dans votre mutation vers les nouvelles technologies ? Atomic Social Media peut vous accompagner à booster votre présence sur Internet et engager la conversation avec votre clientèle. N’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nous pour de plus amples informations, nous serions ravis d’en discuter avec vous autour d’un café !

Caroline Bassac –

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Farmstays Australia vs Outback Travel ~ which gets more Searches?

May. 25, 2012 by

Client: Aussie Bush Adventures
Twitter: @aussiefarmstay – approaching 12,000 followers!

Oh the quandaries of search!

A website’s home-page has 20 times the authority with Google than any other page on the website, so … what do you choose as those crucial 3-4 words to rank high for?

Aussie Farmstays, AKA Aussie Bush Adventures, chose to put Outback Australia Adventure Tour ahead of Farmstay Holidays Sydney NSW as their preferred home-page page title.

But of course this meant, after a few months, that Google ranked them lower for ‘farm stay australia’ searches.

So it warranted us researching every phrase relating to their business, to find out which gum tree they should be most barking up.

australian farmstay – 880 monthly searches

australian farmstays – also 880 monthly searches

farmstay australia – 1900 monthly searches

farmstays australia – 1600 monthly searches

farm stay australia – 2400 monthly searches

farmstay sydney – 480 monthly searches

farmstay blue mountains – 170 monthly searches

guided tours australia – 720 monthly searches

australian holiday – 201,000 monthly searches

outback travel – 9900 monthly searches – not seen 1st ten pages – 27.4 million results.

outback tours – #22 – 6,600 monthly searches

tours sydney australia – #8 on Google out of 24 million results. 2,400 monthly searches.

Also offsite articles are very important such as:

Things To Do in Sydney

And even banners and links on pages such as Bliss in the Bush Cafe

And even the blog – sydney sightseeing bus #10 out of 317,000 results.

And finally, we’re seeking to rank any of these:

Things to do in Sydney

Blue Mountains Tours

Things to do in Australia

If you went dedicated SEO serfs like us on your case, email

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