Hearing Aids SEO Testimonial

Nov. 17, 2013 by

hearing aids australia

This is a testimonial from our SEO client Greg Lawrence of Hearnet, about our search engine optimisation of his company’s website performed from May to August 2013.


I’ve known Stewart Dawes the director of Atomic Digital for over 20 years since we both worked in Perth electronic and print media in the 1990s but we’ve lived in different cities since 1999 and hadn’t seen each other except for a random bump-into at Sydney airport, for over 15 years.

When researching SEO providers to help our company Hearnet improve its rankings on Google, I was surprised to discover that Stewart had moved on from his long career in magazine publishing and was now on Linked In and ranking himself on Google for search terms to do with SEO in Sydney and Melbourne.

Stewart and his staff worked with me and my colleagues to ascertain 16 crucial search terms relating to hearing loss and hearing technology. This was exciting because most SEO companies only wanted to guarantee ranking our website for just one term. This was, excuse the pun, music to our ears.

He also excited us about the prospect of high rankings for very short string search terms – terms that SEO companies refused to touch – other SEO companies always wanted to add the city names to search phrases eg “hearing loss sydney” but we knew that since Google now knows the location of users and provides search results much more allied to their regions, that searchers can increasingly be lazy and not have to use the name of their town or city in a wide range of searches. Stewart said that while no SEO result is guaranteed, he fights for the short strong phrase first because a win for high volume short-string searches is extremely conducive to fast traffic growth.

After 2 months of Stewart’s SEO campaign, I have to say, we were under pressure. There had not been discernible jumps in our rankings. I flew from our base in Melbourne up to Sydney for a meeting with Stewart. He asked me to relax and be confident that the intense groundwork his company had been engaged in was laying a most solid foundation for extremely high rankings. He said the groundwork done was so deep that we had to be patient but that typically around the 10-12 week mark of his campaigns is when the rankings fire upwards. At that moment there was nothing I could do but take him at his word.

Only the following week we noticed a big jump – a number of our most crucial rankings leapt from pretty well nowhere – some had started out not being seen in the first ten pages of searches – yet they leapt onto the lower end of the first page of Google. At this point we started to have faith.

In the next couple of weeks the rankings continued to strengthen with many now situated right at the top of Google’s first page – here’s some rankings we achieved at the 3-month mark of our SEO campaign:

1. Hearing Loss
18,100 local searches – within Australia – per month.
120 million search results
We’re delighted to now rank #2 for this.

2. Hearing Technology
We’re fascinated with the result here – not just #1 for this term, but also #2 and #3. It’s exciting to get a 2nd result, but a 3rd, and all three at #1, #2 and #3 – this represents significant industry profile for us.

3. Hearing Problems
Again a remarkable double result with our website now showing at #2 and #3 for this crucial search term.

4. Hearing Aids
A massively competitive term which is crucial for our position in our industry. At the start of this SEO campaign our website was not seen for the first ten pages of search results. While there’s still work to be done as we now rank #9 and #10, we’re still the only industry presence with two rankings appearing on the first page.

5. Hearing Devices
At the start of the campaign we were not seen in the first ten pages of Google, now while unable to budge hearing.com.au who have been established a lot longer than us from their positions at #1, #2 and #, we at least follow up nicely at #4 and #5. With 5,400 local searches per month, this is a crucial term for industry visibility.

Having gained these exceptional rankings after just a 3-month SEO campaign, we’re now preparing SEO strategies for our 11 other most crucial terms. Our website traffic has significantly increased based on the above results and industry peers have also been reporting seeing our brand much more frequently.

I certainly recommend Stewart and Atomic Digital for their tell-it-like-it-is honesty, SEO program development and management, and of course most importantly, their exceptional ranking results.

For more on Hearnet click this link: hearing aids

Waste Removal Sydney

Jun. 27, 2013 by

Rubbish removal sydney waste garbage recycling collection

Talking Rubbish!!

One of the most enjoyable things about Sydney is clearing out your clutter on the twice-yearly council cleanup day.

However recently much to our horror, waste removal in sydney was sent into disarray when we discovered, somewhat drunkenly at 11.30pm, that the council rubbish collection was the next morning.

There was no way we could carry our giant old filing cabinets down three flights of stairs after three glasses of champagne too many.

That’s where we rang up the good people at Doyle Bros to order a skip bin, helping people with their waste removal needs throughout sydney for over 20 years.

We had a lot to get rid of because of course it was time we became a paperless office.

Contact Doyle Bros via this link: rubbish removal sydney

Most Searched Terms: waste removal sydney, skip bin hire, garbage collection, rubbish removal sydney western suburbs.

Corporate Video Production Sydney Australia: Youtube Videos for Business

Jan. 29, 2013 by

digital marketing sydney australia youtube corporate video production melbourne brisbane perth

Promote and enhance your business, increase business sales and see your online presence expand.

After many years of cracking the upper echelons of Google rankings for our clients’ videos, and in the past few years helping clients go viral via our hundreds of thousands of networked fans and followers on social media, we’re now collaborating with video and music producer Dean Ranel so we can conceive, design and produce your corporate video and then should you require it, SEO it to outrank your competitors and/or spawn it virally across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Blogging platforms.

Some of Dean’s recent videos:

Our SEO and Social Media clients include – Universal Magazines, ABC Television, The Canberra Times, UTS ‘Build’, City Of Sydney, Salsa Republic, NineMSM, The Health Arts College, Bodytrim, Bondi Chai, UTS School of Business, Holroyd Council, Road Safety NSW, Dcider, Gynaecare, Ontrack Health Retreat, To Health By Choice, Australian Bush Adventures, Cherry Red, Moisturecure, Lifetime Dynamics, Tomatis Australia and more.

For more info contact Dean directly on deanranel@gmail.com

Most Searched Terms: Corporate Video Production Sydney Australia, Youtube Videos for Business, Business Videos, SEO for Youtube, Social Media Viral Videos.

Outback Tours From Sydney to the Blue Mountains

Dec. 21, 2012 by

outback australia blue mountains tours from sydney

Aussie Bush Adventures run tours from Sydney to farmstay adventures which, depending on which tour you take, include places such as Three Sisters, The Scenic Railway, Katoomba, the Jenolan Caves and wine tours of Mudgee.

We took a ride on one of their Jenolan Caves tours and were blown away with the beauty of the caves. The caves they take you to within the system there are the Orient, the Imperial Cave and the Lucas Cave – simply stunning and my five year old son was spellbound.

One of the first things we did for Aussie Bush Adventures is help them get a very strong ranking for ‘farmstay australia‘ but after 6 months we moved their home-page to compete much broader, seeing if ‘outback australia‘ can be an arena of traction.

We also set up a Pinterest page about Blue Mountains Tours which will help them rank their landing pages higher.

Owner-operator Sally Bray has a great spirit for adventure and fun, but is also a science teacher so she’s a whizz at describing intricate aspects of the Australian bush to her travellers.

She’s also a handy photographer so made sure you ask her to take photos of you on her tours because you’ll pretty much always get a great photo out of her which you can stick up on Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram

One thing we don’t do for Sally is her social media platforms because she was already a genius when she contacted us – she has over 13,000 followers on Twitter, over 3,600 on Facebook and has a burgeoning and very attractive Pinterest profile too.

Sally is also an enthusiastic foodie – and so you can enjoy some truly delicious aspects of farm cuisine – e.g. the world-famous damper, lamb chops, kangaroo kebabs and bacon and eggs to get the heart started of a morning.

If you’re interested in her outback tours just click on any of the links in this article for further information.

Handy Links:

Tours from Sydney

Tour Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Cafes

Things to do in Sydney

Things to do in Australia

Farmstays Australia





Hypnosis Training in Sydney

Dec. 14, 2012 by

One of our most recent clients, the Counselling & Hypnosis Institute of Australia, contacted us with a desire to start ranking on Google via their new website.

Our first target was to rank them for a first broad search term – hypnosis training course sydney – and so we implemented Onsite SEO as well as publishing a first Offsite SEO article on our 11-year-old West Coast Cafes website.

After this Offsite SEO article took off and ranked for this phrase at #6 on Google, dragging the client’s website onto the first two pages, we began to focus on shorter string searches.

After starting their SEO program at the start of November, 2012, we were pleased to observe, on 16 November 2012, their first ranking for “hypnosis training” at #53 and for the lesser-search-trafficked “hypnosis course” they chimed in at #50.

Just one month later, these search results, for terms which are highly competitive, when checked today, 14 December 2012, are showing a #20 for “hypnosis training” and also a #20 for “hypnosis course” – which means after just six weeks the client is onto the 2nd page of Google.

Adding to the intrigue, the client also scored a #20 for “hypnosis training sydney“.

Hardly the stuff worthy of a literary tome, you might say.

On Friday 30 November we published two additional Offsite SEO articles on well-aged media websites (one website exactly 10 years old, the other 13 years old) which we ask SEO-ed for closely-related key search terms as follows:

Hypnosis Training

Clinical Hypnosis Training

These articles have not been heavily linked to yet, so there’s still significant space to move as far as creating our “rivers of gold” – first step in the early months, our “ramp-up phase”, is getting all the ducks in their rows.




Becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist

Aug. 26, 2012 by

remedial massage melbourne, remedial massage australia, the health arts college melbourne, learn massage techniquesWith its origins firmly rooted in the ancient civilisations of China, India, Rome and Greece, remedial massage is the art of healing that strengthens and tones muscle function and connective tissue, while providing preventative therapy for soft tissue strains and injuries. Massaging the lymphatic and gastrointestinal systems to assist elimination processes, and optimise digestion.

Skilled practitioners take courses and undergo training to learn how to use specialised techniques in treating knotted, tense, or impaired muscles and tendons by physically stimulating the blood supply to the area. Pressure can be applied using finger, hands, forearms, knees and feet.

Strong and deep, gentle and shallow pressure is used in conjunction with oils (sometimes aromatic) to activate and support the body’s own repair mechanism. Residual toxins are released, the peripheral nervous system is calmed (easing pain and discomfort) and the entire muscular and skeletal system benefits from this holistic procedure.

All around the world, the restoration of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of millions of lives is repeatedly attributed to remedial massage.

In some Western societies, it was considered an alternative treatment for decades; particularly for sports injuries. Now, it is not only a standard element of Olympic athletes’ training programmes, it is regularly sought as treatment and relief from the negative impacts of ailments such as:

– headache and migraine

– neck and shoulder pain

– spinal discomfort and sciatica

– joint immobility

– stress and tiredness

– indigestion and constipation

– fibrositis, and

– arthritis.

As the aim of remedial massage is to identify and treat the cause, rather than simply alleviate the symptoms, its benefits are cumulative. So although a single massage will undoubtedly result in feelings of wellbeing, as part of a regular health programme with a qualified massage therapist will garner increased energy, improved vascular performance, quality sleep, and mental and physical flexibility.

By becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist with recognised qualifications, your skills and knowledge will measurably and holistically improve the quality of life for those seeking positive improvements to their health.

Our hottest links to The Health Arts College for whom our SEO and social media campaign continues to bring great ROI:

The Health Arts College on Twitter

Keyphrases: Remedial massage Perth, Remedial massage Melbourne, Remedial massage Adelaide, Remedial massage Sydney.

An SEO Case Study in Aromatherapy

Aug. 20, 2012 by

Aromatherapy training Melbourne Adelaide Perth Australia

Our client, The Health Arts College, runs some great courses in natural therapies – such as aromatherapy, kinesiology and remedial massage.

Also at its Melbourne campus, diplomas have been introduced for beauty therapy and reflexology.

Graduating students have an excellent opportunity to find work not just in Australia, but worldwide. Think of all the cruise liners you could be employed by!

We began its SEO campaign in 2009 by focusing on its Melbourne campus website – mainly because it was the only website it had.

Rankings dramatically shot to the top of Google, which prompted the Director to launch six further websites, targeting search terms such as:

aromatherapy Sydney

aromatherapy Brisbane

aromatherapy Perth

aromatherapy Adelaide

aromatherapy Hong Kong.

Aromatherapy is part of the spectrum of alternative and complementary medicines. Practitioners use scented oils and natural plant extracts to ease the symptoms of health issues that negatively affect many in the modern world: stress, irritability, insomnia and sleep disorders, loss of appetite and compromised immune system, and general pain relief,  just to name a few.

Historically, it has been used for at least 2,000 years: by the ancient Egypitans in religious rituals; the Romans, Greeks and Chinese also showed their respect to the gods by using herbs, and burning aromatic barks and wood.  The “Father of Medicine” Hippocrates (from whom doctors still take the Hippocratic Oath) was the first to believe that a scented massage and daily bath infused with extracted oils promoted good health and wellbeing.

To follow this holistic career in healing opens the door to opportunities for life-changing moments for yourself, and those who seek the natural remedies you confidently advise.





Sexual Health Clinics in Sydney Need Their SEO Too

Jul. 23, 2012 by

seo sydney sexual health clinic choices australia social media

In late 2011 we were approached by a sexual health clinic in Sydney to help them improve their Google rankings.

In seeking a ranking for the new site of course they would start with vasectomy clinic sydney but then aim for the shorter search vasectomy sydney and finally narrow it down to just vasectomy – a search where as at 23 July 2012, they rank at #11 which is great for a 3-month-old website, especially when there are over 18,000 searches locally per month.

What makes this early search result feel somewhat better is they have already landed their Gynaecare website at #9 for this search so once their second website cracks the first page they will have two rankings on the first page.

This is the third tier of a process which has so far seen them land, as follows:

vasectomy – #9 and #11 out of 982.000 results

vasectomy sydney – #3 and #6 out of 435,000 results – new website was #60 on 12 June 2012 so a massive leap in just 5 weeks

vasectomy clinic sydney – #1, #2 AND #3 – the third ranking being in effect a #1 Google Places ranking – out of 220,000 results.

Success with these two websites saw the directors work with us to recently launch a new more general website for which they’re seeking improved rankings for searches such as STI screenings and the variant STD Testing with additional variations including the word clinic and the word Sydney.

Some of the other terms they look to rank for are:

pap smear sydney

family planning clinic sydney

pregnancy abortion

For more info on our SEO services check out our Corporate SEO website.

Most Searched Terms: Sexual Health Clinic Sydney Vasectomy Pregnancy Abortion Help

SEO for the fashion industry: a #1 ranking out of 37 million results

Jul. 17, 2012 by


Fashion industry SEO best Google ranking: #1 for “makeup stands” out of 37 million Google search results …

make up stands sydney seo fashion industry best search rankings australia

SEO for Writing Courses …

Jul. 16, 2012 by

writing courses sydney writers course training australia classes workshops

One of the small ironies of SEO is that while the internet has decimated the “old media” of newspapers, putting a lot of writers out of work, having a journalistic background can be an advantage in the highly aggressive realm of SEO – because ultimately, whatever the importance of high-traffic websites and relevant back links, for Google it all comes back to words – and let’s not forget phrases.

Such it is that looking over the NSW Writers Centre SEO program, that there are a core group of key-phrases that are simply must-rank, but in achieving big-ticket rankings, one shouldn’t lose sight of the long-string potential of phrases that most of us never know we’re ranking for.

Absolute must-have rankings phrases that any self-respecting writers centre would consider de-rigour, are typically:

writers courses – they have a healthy #4 out of 129 million results

writers course – never forget to check singular vs plural – in this case they’re #5 and #6 out of 274 million results – one thing we specialise in is “double-rankings” – it’s not always achievable but we know how to take a shot at it and it’s double-ROI for the client when it works.

writers workshops – at the start of our campaign they were not seen on the first ten pages of Google results, but now have bounced up to number 6 after just 2 months.

And of course geographical location can be important – but it’s nowhere near as important as it used to be – because Google’s fine-tuning based on location has made searchers lazier.

writers course sydney – a search like this will still be performed by a small group of people.

But the game isn’t complete without checking word variations and in this case it’s worth exploring the word ‘writing’ as an alternative search term. Being ranked for writing course is in fact more important than ‘writers’. And interestingly Google chooses to rate writing courses as a separate search to the singular.

One must then branch into the next phase of SEO, the 3-word phrase, and one of the most crucial ones for NSW Writers Centre is:

creative writing courses – previously not seen on the first ten pages, they have now clawed their way onto the first page – they’re at #10 – a lot more work required to reach the summit but at least they’re at base camp.

Combine much of the above permutations together and you get creative writing courses sydney which they could likely do with a push on as they’re currently at #9.

Invariably expanding into other terrain it’s early days for them with the phrase business writing course which they’ll be keen to see float upwards from #26.

For more info on best practice SEO and social media call Stewart Dawes on 0413 276 780.

Most Searched Terms: SEO, creative writing courses, sydney writers, writing classes, best writers workshops in sydney, SEO in the creative arts, SEO vs journalism.

Farmstays Australia vs Outback Travel ~ which gets more Searches?

May. 25, 2012 by

Client: Aussie Bush Adventures
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/AussieFarmstay
Twitter: @aussiefarmstay – approaching 12,000 followers!
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/aussiefarmstay
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/AussieBushAdventures

Oh the quandaries of search!

A website’s home-page has 20 times the authority with Google than any other page on the website, so … what do you choose as those crucial 3-4 words to rank high for?

Aussie Farmstays, AKA Aussie Bush Adventures, chose to put Outback Australia Adventure Tour ahead of Farmstay Holidays Sydney NSW as their preferred home-page page title.

But of course this meant, after a few months, that Google ranked them lower for ‘farm stay australia’ searches.

So it warranted us researching every phrase relating to their business, to find out which gum tree they should be most barking up.

australian farmstay – 880 monthly searches

australian farmstays – also 880 monthly searches

farmstay australia – 1900 monthly searches

farmstays australia – 1600 monthly searches

farm stay australia – 2400 monthly searches

farmstay sydney – 480 monthly searches

farmstay blue mountains – 170 monthly searches

guided tours australia – 720 monthly searches

australian holiday – 201,000 monthly searches

outback travel – 9900 monthly searches – not seen 1st ten pages – 27.4 million results.

outback tours – #22 – 6,600 monthly searches

tours sydney australia – #8 on Google out of 24 million results. 2,400 monthly searches.

Also offsite articles are very important such as:

Things To Do in Sydney

And even banners and links on pages such as Bliss in the Bush Cafe

And even the blog – sydney sightseeing bus #10 out of 317,000 results.

And finally, we’re seeking to rank any of these:

Things to do in Sydney

Blue Mountains Tours

Things to do in Australia

If you went dedicated SEO serfs like us on your case, email stewart@atomicsocialmedia.com.au

Most Searched Terms: farmstays australia sydney outback travel blue mountains tours

Forster Motor Inn ~ an SEO Case Study

May. 24, 2012 by

When a new client contacts us for SEO we do a lot of research into “where you’re at”, whether you’re a large corporation or a small business person.

In the case of a new client, Forster Motor Inn, they have a very small website which needs expanding into double the amount of pages.

Also they are competing against the internet might of Wotif, Last Minute and other globally monolithic accommodation websites, so the challenge is to rank well while generally feeling that they can’t get ahead of these giants of the game.

First things first, their rankings were as follows when we checked them at the beginning of their SEO program:

Accommodation Forster #21 out of 1.88 million results

Motels Forster #8 out of 9.390 million results

Hotels Forster #34 out of 2.45 million results – with no mention of the word ‘hotel’ on the client’s website, frankly we were surprised they ranked in the first ten pages. Reveals that Google has its own internal substitution algorithms which give some weight to interchanges between hotel and motel.

Of course it doesn’t take much to figure out that the addition of NSW to the above 3 search phrases may also be popular:

Accommodation Forster NSW – checked at #27 on 8 July 2012

Motels Forster NSW – improving result with #11 and #12 on 8 July 2012

Hotels Forster NSW – improved result up to #10 from not seen on 24 May

A little bit of basic lateral thinking also tells us that our client might do well, by virtue of his budget price accommodation, to ‘accidentally’ rank for ‘caravan parks forster‘.

And then there’s ‘family accommodation forster‘ in the months leading up to Christmas holidays.

As rough as it might sound, they might also wish to rank for:

cheap hotels forster

cheap motels forster

budget hotels forster

And one can only imagine how many times they’d like to rank for an inevitable mis-spelling of their town’s name, e.g.:

accommodation foster

motels foster

hotels foster nsw

We’ve now also set up a Pinterest page for the motel to begin gathering social media impetus for the area with this page showcasing the beauty of the area: Forster-Tuncurry.

Such are just the beginning processes of search engine optimisation, and quite simply, the possibilities are as endless as Google’s ever-changing algorithms. It’s no wider that our most wealthy, successful and SEO-driven happiest clients have been with us for 3-4 years now.

For more about SEO programs for your business email Stewart Dawes media@SEOtherapy.com.au or fill out this box:

Contact Us For Advice

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Any others: Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Linked In? Pinterest? Google+? SEO?

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Most Searched Terms: Accommodation Forster NSW, Hotels Forster, Motels Forster, Where to Stay in Forster NSW, What to do in Forster-Tuncurry, Great Lakes District NSW, Family Holiday Accommodation New South Wales.



SEO company sydney case study furniture shop store services social media

‘Furniture Sydney’ ~ The Holy Grail for Habitat Furniture

May. 24, 2012 by

SEO company sydney case study furniture shop store services social media

Recently we’ve started working on SEO for Habitat Furniture in Sydney’s inner west – Hurlstone Park to be exact.

To give you some sense of what we’re targeting for them, here’s some of their most crucial search terms that they’re gaining ground on:

Furniture Sydney – ranking #16 out of 50.7 million results. 90,500 searches per month. The holy grail.

TV Units Sydney – ranking #6 out of 754,000 results. Yet only 720 monthly searches.

Entertainment Units Sydney – ranking #3 out of 760,000 results

Coffee Tables Sydney – ranking #1 and #2 out of 391,000 results. 1,000 monthly searches.

Dining Tables Sydney – #8 out of 680,000 results. 2,400 monthly searches.

For a small family-owned boutique furniture store to be out-ranking many of the big furniture brands, including that Swedish one that’s lobbed in their backyard in Tempe, shows how SEO can be a giant-killing pursuit. In our rich-getting-richer culture, seeing a few Davids turning the tables on a few Goliaths is refreshing, if not darn right unusual.

Other results we found:

Buy Wardrobe Sydney #2 and #3

Wardrobes Sydney #42 ~ needs work ~ hence on-page text changes made & another round of links to be installed. 8,100 monthly searches.

Wine Racks Sydney #5 of the organic results. 390 monthly searches.

Furniture Warehouses Sydney #3 organic result. 880 monthly searches.

Furniture Shops Sydney #4 organic result. 8,100 monthly results.

Furniture Stores Sydney #12. 8,100 monthly results.