The Best Social Media Channels in 2017

The Best Social Media Channels in 2017

Feb. 3, 2017 by

As The Huffington Post puts it, social media is a big game changer not only in digital marketing, but in almost everything. Through the best social media channels in 2017, specifically targeting the potential clients is a lot easier. Having said that, choosing the right social media platform for your brand can be quite challenging. Since there are lots of social media channels to use, one might think that jumping on board all of these platforms is the best way to reach more people. But that is not always the case.

Using social media for your business is huge in Australia. As a matter of fact, Sensis Social Media reported that at least half of the country’s population use social media channels daily. If ever you are planning to increase your online presence and boost your digital marketing efforts, here are the best social media channels in 2017 and the new features that they offer.

The Best Social Media Channels in 2017

  • Facebook

As per Social Media News Australia, the most used social media platform in Australia is Facebook. Its new features are getting bigger, says Mashable. For marketers, they can reach more people through Facebook’s mid-roll ads. Under such scheme, Facebook users will see a 20-second ads while in the middle of watching videos on their feed. Adverts highlighting Sydney liaison content should take advantage of this new ad strategy.

Other site features and updates this 2017 include the Live Audio where users will listen to audio content from marketers and those with podcasts; news feed customisation; a Legacy Contact where users can choose people who can manage their account when they die; and create a more controlled photo montage of your children through Facebook’s Scrapbook.

  • Youtube

According to Tech First Post, Youtube users in Canada will soon be able to streamline the way they share Youtube videos. They can add contacts to the post they want to share. This way, users don’t have to send the link individually to people you want to see the video.

The new feature starts to roll out in Canada, through the Youtube application. It is expected that other users around the world will soon be able to share videos this way.

  • Instagram

With a strong 5 million daily users, Instagram is gearing up with major new app features. As per Paste Magazine, the app’s “Save” feature is a game changer in Internet marketing. By saving a post, a new marketing element is added, that is, the emotion.

For regular Instagram users, they can now like comments on their posts, disable comments, remove followers and add stickers on their posts.

  • LinkedIn

Before 2016 ends, LinkedIn re-vamped its users’ desktop experience. The website’s new look can be likened to Facebook’s interface. According to Tech Crunch, LinkedIn’s new design is much simpler and gives an app-like semblance. Users can now also create messages without going to another page.

The Microsoft-owned company will introduce their own version of “chat bots.” It’s not really your usual annoying chat bots, but think of them as your little helper in navigating the new page and in breaking the ice with other people.

  • Twitter

With more than 3.8 million daily Australian users, Twitter is one of the best platforms in terms of digital marketing. This 2017, there will be new Twitter trends that will change the social media marketing game. For instance, the “Instant Unlock Card” feature will help businesses and marketers in enlarging their customer engagement rate. It works in the form of a conversational advertisement that has a click to action (CTA) button or custom hashtags. Moreover, there are speculations that Twitter will increase the character limit of Tweets. From 140 characters, a single Tweet can now contain 10,000 characters.

  • WhatsApp

According to company data, WhatsApp has at least 4 million daily active users in the country. This 2017, experts anticipate Snapchat-like new features of this popular social media channel. There are also reports that iOS users will now be able to make voice and video calls, and even send messages by integrating Siri to the application. There will also be a new built-in editing tool called Scrabble, where app users can crop their photo instantly. In addition, they can put emojis, stickers and texts on the pictures right after being shot using WhatsApp’s camera. A front-facing flash and GIF support will also be introduced by the developers this year.

Seven International Companies Using Social Media

Jun. 14, 2016 by

It is reported that almost half of the world’s entire population, that is 7.395 billion as of January 2016, are Internet users. From this number, 2.3 billion are active social media users with the Asia-Pacific region leading the pack. This does not come as a shock since more and more companies around the world are using social media as their number one marketing tool. You can see popular brands constantly using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube, in attracting more consumers and widening their reach. Here are 7 international companies/brands that are active on social media:

Mondelez International

Mondelez International is an American company based in Chicago, Illinois. Among its popular products are Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, Belvita, Toblerone and Cadbury. No wonder that this empire of sweets has over 660,000 followers on their Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Most of the content they share on social media are marketing videos, which are nicely done, company activities and of course, their delectable product offerings.


The company is very popular among tourists, backpackers and adrenaline junkies. These people usually capture their once-in-a-lifetime moments using GoPro’s action cameras. Most of the photos and videos they share on their social media accounts are from the company’s 26 million followers. See some of the user-generated content here and here.

ACM Group Limited

ACM Group Limited is an Australian company that is engaged in acquisition of debts of financial institutions and companies in Australia. Their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts will give you updates on the company’s activities. If you like to read interesting stuff about finance, banking, economy and almost anything under the sun, you should follow them and be a part of the company’s growing online community.

The Coca-Cola Company

This cola company is the manufacturer of one of the world’s most popular beverage — Coke. The Coca-Cola Company’s 3 million followers on their social media accounts are treated with daily videos and photos of the company’s product lines and sponsored events. On their Youtube page, you can watch their viral marketing campaigns and CSR programs and initiatives.


The world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants is also active on social media. McDonald’s has a whopping 66 million plus followers on Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Who wouldn’t want regular updates from the maker of the world-famous fries and hash brown? Their news feeds are packed with marketing images and videos, company announcements, promos, events and a whole lot more.


This American coffee company and café is home to the most delicious hot and cold drinks in the world. With almost 50 million followers worldwide, Starbucks brings its customer base up to date with everything about the company and its causes.

Nike, Inc.

Nike is an American company based in Oregon that is engaged in design, manufacturing and marketing of footwear, apparel and accessories, among other things. The company has the biggest online community on our list — with almost 81 million subscribers who regularly gets update from company events and causes, promos and discounts, and marketing campaigns. You can watch their produced videos on Youtube here.

Social Media For Government: Training & Management

Aug. 26, 2012 by

social media for government training australia

Since 2009 we’ve run many Social Media For Government training workshops and courses in Australia in road safety and local government in New South Wales. We also provide management of social media for government and not-for-profit organisations for both short-term and long-term projects.

We’ve delivered numerous local government training lectures, presentations and full-day workshops for the City of Sydney, Shoalhaven Council, Dubbo City Council, Holbrook City Council, Marrickville Town Council, Sutherland Council and for town councillors collectively and one-on-one.

We’ve also delivered workshops to NSW road safety government programs in Parkes, Coffs Harbour and shortly Wagga Wagga.

A number of social media education programs have also been delivered at universities such in departments such as the UTS School of Business specifically targeting post-graduate students.

We provide growth-oriented / marketing-expansion support to government agencies in areas of tourism and youth services.

Our presenter Stewart Dawes has been a keynote speaker at events such as the Advertising, Marketing and Media Summit 2013 presenting alongside the Australian directors of Facebook, Google, ANZ Bank and AFL Media.

Some Current Australian Government Social Media Profiles 2200+ likes Bathhurst 450+ likes

Allies / Cheerleaders








Becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist

Aug. 26, 2012 by

remedial massage melbourne, remedial massage australia, the health arts college melbourne, learn massage techniquesWith its origins firmly rooted in the ancient civilisations of China, India, Rome and Greece, remedial massage is the art of healing that strengthens and tones muscle function and connective tissue, while providing preventative therapy for soft tissue strains and injuries. Massaging the lymphatic and gastrointestinal systems to assist elimination processes, and optimise digestion.

Skilled practitioners take courses and undergo training to learn how to use specialised techniques in treating knotted, tense, or impaired muscles and tendons by physically stimulating the blood supply to the area. Pressure can be applied using finger, hands, forearms, knees and feet.

Strong and deep, gentle and shallow pressure is used in conjunction with oils (sometimes aromatic) to activate and support the body’s own repair mechanism. Residual toxins are released, the peripheral nervous system is calmed (easing pain and discomfort) and the entire muscular and skeletal system benefits from this holistic procedure.

All around the world, the restoration of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of millions of lives is repeatedly attributed to remedial massage.

In some Western societies, it was considered an alternative treatment for decades; particularly for sports injuries. Now, it is not only a standard element of Olympic athletes’ training programmes, it is regularly sought as treatment and relief from the negative impacts of ailments such as:

– headache and migraine

– neck and shoulder pain

– spinal discomfort and sciatica

– joint immobility

– stress and tiredness

– indigestion and constipation

– fibrositis, and

– arthritis.

As the aim of remedial massage is to identify and treat the cause, rather than simply alleviate the symptoms, its benefits are cumulative. So although a single massage will undoubtedly result in feelings of wellbeing, as part of a regular health programme with a qualified massage therapist will garner increased energy, improved vascular performance, quality sleep, and mental and physical flexibility.

By becoming a Remedial Massage Therapist with recognised qualifications, your skills and knowledge will measurably and holistically improve the quality of life for those seeking positive improvements to their health.

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Social Media in France ~ English Version

Jun. 13, 2012 by

To read the French version of this article click here: Social Media in France.

We are witnessing high growth in companies on social networks in France – despite a lack of skills internally. However, if more and more companies are in effect on these social networks, they are not necessarily active. Indeed, the study reveals that Cegos only two businesses would be considered truly “active” on its interactive profiles.

Three years ago, it was still unusual to see a French company on social media. Apart from the precursors of the phenomenon 2.0 for corporate communications, the media were seen as reserved for a pure person. Today, ten times more companies have entered the race for interactive communication and the phenomenon is still accelerating.

Facebook being the most popular platform, here is a ranking of the top 10 French companies on Facebook and their commitment rate:

Free Mobile : 4.1528%
Tahiti Tourisme France : 2.1871%
Renault 4 : 1.6968%
Avon France : 2.2906%
Alsace : 1.0753%
Vies de chats avec Whiskas : 1.0753%
NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto France : 1.0628%
Mercedes-Benz France : 1.0022%
Opel FRANCE : 0.9782%
Pâté Hénaff : 0.9509 %

The commitment rate is more relevant than the number of fans to a fan page because it reflects the real involvement of fans in relation to publications. It is calculated as follows:

Who says new medium, says new resources internally. It was then emerge a rise of “Community Managers”. 28% of French companies have created one or more positions dedicated to managing their social media. These are mainly large companies (57% of them) and banking and insurance sector (50%). It is still a small percentage, of the fact of outsourcing this function frequently with communications agencies specializing in digital communication.

And you, where are you in your transition to new technologies? Atomic Social Media can assist you to boost your online presence and engage with your customers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, we’d love to talk with you over coffee!

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Farmstays Australia vs Outback Travel ~ which gets more Searches?

May. 25, 2012 by

Client: Aussie Bush Adventures
Twitter: @aussiefarmstay – approaching 12,000 followers!

Oh the quandaries of search!

A website’s home-page has 20 times the authority with Google than any other page on the website, so … what do you choose as those crucial 3-4 words to rank high for?

Aussie Farmstays, AKA Aussie Bush Adventures, chose to put Outback Australia Adventure Tour ahead of Farmstay Holidays Sydney NSW as their preferred home-page page title.

But of course this meant, after a few months, that Google ranked them lower for ‘farm stay australia’ searches.

So it warranted us researching every phrase relating to their business, to find out which gum tree they should be most barking up.

australian farmstay – 880 monthly searches

australian farmstays – also 880 monthly searches

farmstay australia – 1900 monthly searches

farmstays australia – 1600 monthly searches

farm stay australia – 2400 monthly searches

farmstay sydney – 480 monthly searches

farmstay blue mountains – 170 monthly searches

guided tours australia – 720 monthly searches

australian holiday – 201,000 monthly searches

outback travel – 9900 monthly searches – not seen 1st ten pages – 27.4 million results.

outback tours – #22 – 6,600 monthly searches

tours sydney australia – #8 on Google out of 24 million results. 2,400 monthly searches.

Also offsite articles are very important such as:

Things To Do in Sydney

And even banners and links on pages such as Bliss in the Bush Cafe

And even the blog – sydney sightseeing bus #10 out of 317,000 results.

And finally, we’re seeking to rank any of these:

Things to do in Sydney

Blue Mountains Tours

Things to do in Australia

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