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SEO companies sydney australia melbourne brisbane best search engine servicesOur direct ownership of high-traffic media websites means we deliver the best ROI of any search engine optimization companies in Australia. When you check our SEO testimonials you’ll gain confidence from the case studies below …

We have scores of case studies – it’s finding the time to write them down that’s the problem. Here at a glance (and sometimes published on some of our other websites) is a handful:

SEO Success with Traffic Graphs

Travel SEO

SEO for Furniture Sydney

Accommodation SEO

Typically we report to our clients as follows …


In this case the client had no rankings at all when they began with us in May 2012 – by early July we were able to report that not only had they begun ranking very strongly in June, but their rankings had further improved in July. Their business had suddenly become very busy!

make-up stands NOW #1 out of 37.1 million results – 1230 local monthly searches

acrylic displays NOW #4 was #10 on 14 June – 890 local monthly searches

acrylic display NOW #5 was #8 on 14 June – 3,600 local monthly searches

floor stands NOW #17 was “not seen first ten pages” out of 38.4 million results – 1,300 local searches per month

fashion retail display #1 and #2 out of 83.7 million results – but only 10 searches per month

retail display #9 out of 260 million results – needs its own page though – 2,400 local searches per month

fashion display #7 – 856 million results – 2,400 local searches

point of sale displays #10 out of 7.8 million results – 1,300 monthly searches (were #14 on 14th June)

point of sale display #30 out of 36.2 million results – 1,600 monthly searches

point of sale displays sydney #2 out of 521,000 results – but just 36 searches per month

window display – #4 out of 36.9 million results – 60,500 local searches per month (were #6 on 14 June)

display cabinets sydney #4 out of 253,000 results – 390 local searches per month

visual merchandising – #8 out of 9.3 million results – 8,100 monthly searches


boat windows – not seen 1st ten pages – 1,000 local searches

yacht windows – not seen 1st ten pages – but only 73 monthly searches

marine windows – not seen 1st ten pages – 1,000 monthly searches

boat windows sydney – not seen 1st ten pages – 28 local searches (one week later, ranking at #3 out of 6.4 million results – Ed.)

marine windows sydney – zero monthly searches

edge lit signs – page created 2 days ago – already at #23! – but only 110 local searches per month (one week later, up to #6 – Ed.)

acrylic signs – page created 2 days ago – ALSO #23 – but only 390 local searches per month

acrylic signage – page created 2 days ago – at #17 – only 140 searches per month

But together that’s now an extra 640 searches on the way to being seen for.


shop display – #20 out of 87.1 million results – 5,400 local searches per month

display stands – #70 out of 56.2 million searches – 9,900 local searches per month

Point of Sale – #77 out of 797 million results – 60,500 local searches per month

Point of Purchase – new page #94 out of 305 million results – 2,400 local searches per month

POS Displays – #9 out of 23.3 million results – 1,300 local searches per month

* rankings taken 12 July 2012 in Mona Vale, Sydney, in Safari on a Mac so may differ due to variations.

SEO sydney australia search engine optimisation companies melbourne brisbane

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